Kirchensteuer in WWII

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Kirchensteuer in WWII

Post by K.Kocjancic » 27 Feb 2004 20:21

How much money was gathered with this church-tax and send to Vatican? I read somewhere that final money transaction between Third Reich and Vatican was in Dec. 1944.

Any comments?


Karl da Kraut
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Post by Karl da Kraut » 27 Feb 2004 20:54

The Kirchensteuer is enforced by state authorities and transferred to the Landeskirchen (Protestant churches) res. dioceses (Catholic Church) IN GERMANY. I can't imagine it was different before 1945. AFAIK the Kirchesteuer is regulated by Art. 140 GG, which is nothing but the transscription of Art. 137 of the Weimar Constitution. [The 1933 Reichskonkordat between Germany and the Vatican did not include Kirchensteuer matters.]

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