Tea with Nostradamus

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Tea with Nostradamus

Post by gotham » 26 Mar 2004 06:59

Hi guys,
Lets see what Nostradamus(The great seer of bygone centuries) had to say about the Fuhrer.
Nostradamus, after successfully predicting the coming of the first anti christ i.e Napolean Bonaparte gave his vivid account of his second anti christ .He stated he would be called Hister(Though many argue that he was not refering to hitler). But faithful followers of Nostradamus believe that Nostradamus always wrote in puzzles expecting the reader to sort out what the hell he was talking out.
The problem being that Nostradamus spoke and wrote in not regular french but Corsiacn french but which is not hardly spoken these days.
What Nostradamus actually meant was "Hitler on the Hister".Ironically Hister is the old name of the river Rhine besides which Hitler spent his childhood and developed his eccentric plans. This is what Followers of Nostradamus believe is called Classic double interpretation.
Further Nostradamus states that "Hister will seduce millions with his tongue,conquer under a ruthless army and ride under the symbol of the cross which will be turned tipsy turvy(i dont need to tell its the Swastika he's reffering).He concludes adruptly with his death
We are forced to think that he probably left one world as Fuhrer of the Third reich to take over as Fuhrer of hell under the personal guidance of Lucius himself.


(P.S- Tell me what u think about this )

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Post by Marcus » 26 Mar 2004 16:52

This is the third time you've posted that here.


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