In Bed With Hitler...Woof! Woof!

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In Bed With Hitler...Woof! Woof!

Post by Geli » 20 Jul 2002 14:51

Does anyone know if Hitler slept with his dog? No, I'm not talking about bestiality. Lots of normal people fall asleep with a cuddly cat or dog at their side. I'm wondering if Hitler was a pets-ON-the-furniture kind of person or a pets-OFF-the furniture kind of person.

Also, how many dogs did he have and what breeds were they? I'm aware of Blondi, the Aslatian (sp?), but didn't he have other dogs too? Eva's home movies show lots of dogs.

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Post by Phaethon » 20 Jul 2002 16:08

Foxl (occasionally Fuchsl) was a white terrier which is said to have 'deserted' from the enemy and was adopted by Hitler at the front. Foxl went missing during one of the unit's many moves (maybe he went back to the English, perhaps he was a spy :wink: ) ... nz-04.html :
.... he's passionately fond of animals. One off the Party friends had the lucky idea of us giving him a dog for his birthday in 1920. He rather thought a Deutscher Schaeferhund would be the thing and we bought one remarkable for size rather than for breed .... Hitler was awfully pleased with it. But the dog was ill ..... and died. So early next year somebody else sent him a young Wolfshund. Hitler fell in love with him, and they became inseparable companions. When, later on, he got more dogs, (they are still living at his country place), this one remained his prime favorite. He kept him ten years or more and then some enemy managed to poison him - some Communist belike. He must have known that to kill Hitler's dog would hit him harder than any political revenge ....
p. 111, Heinz, "Germany's Hitler".

Prinz was an Alsation that Hitler had around 1926-7, it was whilst walking Prinz that he met Maria (Mitzi) Reiter. Hitler would attempt to impress Mitzi with his masculine forcefulness by beating Prinz for disobedience (Hayman, "Hitler & Geli").

Hitler did enjoy training his dogs, showing off their obedience to 'friends' and visitors and beating them when they disobeyed. Their subordination and submission would have been a major part of his reason for having them. I would imagine, but haven't found any direct witness statements, that Hitler would have been an 'off the furniture' dog keeper, using any such trangressions as an opportunity to exert his authority with the dog-whip he frequently carried.

Blondi was Hitler's last pet (apart from Eva Braun herself). An Alsation or German Shepherd (it's unlikely Hitler would have used the term Alsation) whom he used to test the cyanide capsules given to him by Himmler. According to Find-a-grave ( ... GRid=11366) Blondi was partially cremated alongside Mr & Mrs Hitler.


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