Feldzeitungen der Ostfront

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Feldzeitungen der Ostfront

Post by joeyangel » 28 Jan 2005 00:01

Does anyone have any information on - or scans of - any German field-published newspapers? I'm mainly interested in images of papers published on the Eastern Front, although it's fairly easy to see why so few examples survived the war.

I've scoured the web and found a few small images of Ost-Front, Die Front, and Feldzeitung der Moselarmee to name a few. If there are any full-page scans, or scans of a paper's masthead, I'd love to see them. My thanks in advance.

- Joe

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Re: Feldzeitungen der Ostfront

Post by pintere » 22 Oct 2023 03:03

Quite a few field-published newspapers still survive from the Eastern front. It seems like each German field army had a newspaper published for it. Here's a list of known field army newspapers that still survive along with their corresponding army and links to a catalogue which indicates where surviving copies can be found.

1. Panzerarmee - Panzer Voran https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... &view=full

2. Panzerarmee - Armee Zeitung https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... irect=true

3. Panzerarmee - Panzerfaust: Feldzeitung für die Soldaten einer Panzerarmee https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... &view=full

4. Panzerarmee - Raupe und Rad https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... &view=full

2. Armee - Der Sieg https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... &view=full

4. Armee - Der Stoßtrupp https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... view=brief

9. Armee - Der Durchbruch: Soldatenzeitung der Ostfront https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... irect=true

16. Armee - Feldzeitung einer Armee an der Ostfront https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... view=brief

17. Armee - Schwert im Osten https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... view=brief

18. Armee - Die Front : Nachrichtenblatt unserer Armee https://zdb-katalog.de/title.xhtml?idn= ... ll#DE-101a

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