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Bad Tolz

Post by Ezboard » 29 Sep 2002 14:42

Axel Morisson
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(10/13/00 10:58:30 pm)
Reply Bad Tolz
Is the old SS officer school Bad Tolz still standing? What happend to it after the war? It is open for visitors?

Marcus Wendel
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(10/16/00 11:50:00 am)
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Bad Tölz was taken over by the US Army after the war and they continued to use it until a few years ago.


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(12/3/00 2:38:43 am)
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Having served in US Army housing during the 1970s I saw many units listed as confinscated housing! These were units used by the SS and other WW II German Officals that remainded under US Army control, so that the history of these units would not be played up, if returned to German control. IN the 1940s these would have been far better units than were available in the area.

Geoff Walden
(12/5/00 10:23:25 am)
Reply Bad Toelz Junkerschule now
The US Army used the former SS-Junkerschule at Bad Toelz as an NCO academy until about 1995. It was then turned back over to the German government.

As of summer 2000, the facility stands empty, although certain local German clubs do use parts of it for meetings. The main Junkerschule buildings (and the courtyard) are locked up. There is some sort of construction going on, but I don't know what they are doing. I fear, like other such sites, that they will probably tear it down.

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