Waffen-SS barracks

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Waffen-SS barracks

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Reply Waffen-SS barracks
Is any former Waffen-SS barracks still in use?

Geoff Walden
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Reply Re: Waffen-SS barracks - YES
Yes, a couple that I know of --

Lichterfelde Kaserne, Berlin - barracks of the Leibstandarte. After the war is was US Army Andrews Barracks, now used as a German government documents center.

SS Kaserne in Nuernberg - built for the SS contingent for the annual Reichsparteitag rallies. After the war it was US Army Merrell Barracks, now used by the German government.

The kaserne for SS-Standarte Deutschland in Munich is also now a German government facility.

There are photos of the first two on the Third Reich in Ruins homepage, http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Barra ... hruins.htm

Geoff Walden

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