German movie 1944?

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German movie 1944?

Post by Matt » 05 Oct 2002 16:06

I remember a history channel program about a German movie made in 1944, I have forgotten the name (Karlsbad?) but they said the Germans used 100,000 troops as extras, and they were taken from the Eastern front. Surely sorely needed troops would not be taken for a movie, no matter how culturaly important?
Any information appreciated.


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Post by Marcus » 05 Oct 2002 16:13

That should be Kolberg, finished in 1945.


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Post by HJ Division Grenadier » 05 Oct 2002 18:00

Correct. I actually watched some of it today.
Troops were requested from the Kreigsmarine to be extras by Goebles, Doenitz refused this request, so Goebles went straight to Hitler and made the request and got his way.

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