Hans Eberhard Maikowski - HELP Please

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Hans Eberhard Maikowski - HELP Please

Post by WAR LORD » 09 Sep 2019 10:09

Maikowski, Hans Eberhard
23 February 1908 - 31 January 1933.
can anyone please help, I am looking for his Party Number

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Re: Hans Eberhard Maikowski - HELP Please

Post by Erich2019 » 12 Sep 2019 03:14

Like Horst Wessel, a low ranking SA-Sturmführer and future Martyr for the cause, I highly doubt he was a party member!


Br. James
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Re: Hans Eberhard Maikowski - HELP Please

Post by Br. James » 19 Sep 2019 19:19

Sorry but I have no information as to Hans Maikowski's NSDAP Membership Number. As stated by Ken Jasper elsewhere here on Axis History Forum, Makiowski "Joined the SA in February 1926," at age 18, and as was the case with many early members of the SA as well as other uniformed organizations, he may not have joined the NSDAP since he would have had to pay dues to two different organizational strictures -- the SA and the NSDAP. Horst Wessel, on the other hand, joined both the NSDAP and the SA on the same day -- December 7, 1926 -- and Wessel held NSDAP Membership Number 48434.

Br. James

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