Georg Joel

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Georg Joel

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 29 Sep 2020 20:28

Hi all,

Deputy of Carl Röver, he was still in function after his death (15 may 42).

After the war he was taken as a prisoner by the Britishs. He spent only 1 month in jail.

He kept on doing politics and became a big guy in post war political life in the land of Oldenburg.

He never criticized the nazi era.

It is hardly imaginable that he was not interrogated by the British services.

Where could we find that please ?

Georges JEROME
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Re: Georg Joel

Post by Georges JEROME » 29 Sep 2020 23:38

At the beginning of May 1945 Joel briefly belonged to the Dönitz government before he was arrested on the 27th of the month and interned in the Esterwegen and Rotenburg camps. On July 5, 1946, he was released from internment for health reasons. In the denazification process in 1950, he was classified in Group III (Minderbelaste = minor charges) and sentenced on June 16, 1949 to two years in prison by the Bielefeld Court of Justice, although the internment period was taken into account.
the C.I.C. was interested by political men which commited war crimes or where involved in murder of pilots, soldiers.
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Re: Georg Joel

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 03 Oct 2020 05:33

You are right Georges, but it is almost certain that he was interrogated by the British services during his jail time. Any idea where to look for these interrogations ?

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Re: Georg Joel

Post by goofy » 03 Feb 2021 20:31

A photo of Joel.
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Re: Georg Joel

Post by Michael Miller » 05 Feb 2021 03:06

My and Andreas Schulz's biographical sketch of Georg Joel, from Gauleiter: The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party and Their Deputies, Volume 2 (R. James Bender Publishing, 2017).

Georg Karl Joel
Acting Gauleiter of Gau Weser-Ems der NSDAP

* 08.08.1898 in Wilhelmshaven.
† 10.10.1981 in Rastede/Kreis Ammerland/Nieddersachsen.

NSDAP-Nr.: 15.490 (Joined 00.00.1922; Party banned, 09.11.1923-16.02.1925; Reenrolled 00.08.1925)

01.05.1917 Rekrut
00.00.191_ Gefreiter (?)
ca. 1918 Unteroffizier
ca. 1919 Reichsbahnobersekretär
00.08.1932-00.05.1945 Stellvertretender Gauleiter der NSDAP
[00.00.1933] Reichsbahninspektor
09.11.1937 SA-Brigadeführer
ca. 1939 Befehlsleiter der NSDAP
26.04.1945-05.05.1945 Gauleiter (m.d.W.d.G.b.) der NSDAP

ca. 1904-ca. 1908 Volksschule in Wilhelmshaven.
ca. 1908-00.00.1914 Oberrealschule in Wilhelmshaven (through Obersekunda).
00.00.1914-00.00.1914 Worked for one month as a laborer in the Marineartilleriedepot (naval artillery depot) in Wilhelmshaven.
00.11.1914-00.04.1917 Served an apprenticeship with the groβherzoglich Oldenburgische Staatseisenbahn (Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railways).
01.05.1917-00.12.1918 War service with Feldartillerie-Regiment 62.
00.12.1918 (?)-00.00.193_ Employed as an Eisenbahnbeamter im mittleren gehobenen Dienst (medium-level civil servant of the railway service).
00.00.1920-ca. 1922 Member of the Deutschvölkischer Schutz- und Trutzbund.
Ca. 1922-00.00.1922(?) Member of the Deutsch-Völkische Freiheitspartei.
00.00.1922 Joined the NSDAP.
00.00.192_-00.00.192_ Member of the nationalist and paramilitary Wehrverband “Wehrwolf”.
06.04.1925 Cofounder of the Ortsgruppe Oldenburg der NSDAP, initially serving as Zellenleiter, then as an Ortsgruppen Pressewart, Schriftwart, Kassierer (treasurer), and Beamten-Gaupressewart.
12.08.1925 Reenrolled in the NSDAP.
00.11.1930-00.03.1933 Stadtrat in Oldenburg.
17.05.1931-00.05.1933 Member of the Oldenburgischer Landtag.
16.06.1932-06.05.1933 Präsident of the Oldenburgischer Landtag.
00.08.1932-00.05.1945 Stellvertretender Gauleiter of Gau Weser-Ems der NSDAP. Succeeded Heinz Spangemacher.
00.03.1933-05.05.1933 Staatskommissar z.b.V. in Oldenburg.
06.05.1933-08.05.1945 Ministerpräsident of the Freistaat Oldenburg.
15.05.1933-08.05.1945 Oldenburgischer Minister des Innern, des Auswärtigen, des Handels und des Verkehrs (Minister of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Traffic in Oldenburg).
00.00.1933-08.05.1945(?) Member of the Kulturrat (cultural council) of the Deutschen Auslands-Institut in Stuttgart.
29.03.1933-08.05.1945 Member of the Reichstag (Wahlkreis 14, Weser-Ems).
00.00.1937-00.00.1937 Überleitungskommissar zur Durchführung des Gesetzes vom 26.01.1937 betreffs “Gross-Hamburg und andere Gebietsbereinigungen: bei der Zusammenlegung der bisherigen Jadestädte Wilhelmshaven und Rüstringen (Transition Commissioner for the Execution of the Law of 26.01.1937 regarding the Clearing of “Greater Hamburg and Other Areas”).
00.00.1937-30.01.1939 Gaupersonalamtsleiter of the Gauleitung Weser-Ems der NSDAP.
09.11.1937-08.05.1945 Assigned as an SA-Führer z.V. to the staff of SA-Gruppe Nordsee.
00.00.1938-00.00.19__ Ehrenamtlicher Bezirksführer (honorary district leader) of the Landesverband für Kriegsgräberfürsorge.
01.09.1939-00.11.1942 Reichsverteidigungsreferent in Gau Weser-Ems and member of the Verteidigungsausschuss of Wehrkreis XI.
ca. 1939-00.00.19__ Brief Wehrmacht service as a reserve officer.
00.11.1943-00.05.1945 Gaupersonalamtsleiter of the Gauleitung Weser-Ems der NSDAP.
26.04.1945-05.05.1945 Gauleiter (m.d.W.d.G.b.) of Gau Weser-Ems der NSDAP. He briefly administered the Gau, then being overrun and occupied by the British Army, after Gauleiter Paul Wegener departed Bremen for Flensburg.
30.04.1945-00.05.1945 Briefly served in the short-lived Reich cabinet of Groβadmiral Karl Dönitz in Flensburg.

Postwar Prosecution & Activities
27.05.1945-05.07.1946 Arrested by British authorities, then held in the internment camps at Esterwegen and Rotenburg. Released on health grounds, 05.07.1946.
16.06.1949 Following lengthy de-Nazification proceedings, finally placed in de-Nazification Gruppe III, and sentenced by the Spruchgericht in Bielefeld to two years’ imprisonment (with partial credit granted for time he’d served during internment).
16.04.1950 Began employment as a sales representative in Oldenburg.
00.00.1955 Resumed his political career by joining the nationalist Deutsche Reichspartei (DRP).
06.05.1955-05.05.1959 Member of the Landtag for Niedersachsen (representing the DRP, and acting, from 05.11.1957 to
02.06.1958, as Gast der FDP-GB/BHE-Fraktion).
00.05.1955-00.10.1957 Speaker for the DRP in the Landtag of Niedersachsen.
00.00.1956-00.00.19__ Stadtrat and Ratsherr of Oldenburg.
00.00.1957-00.10.1957 Member of the Parteivorstand der DRP.
00.00.1957 Bundestag candidate for the DRP (representing Wahlkreis 30; Landesliste Niedersachsen).
00.06.1958-05.05.1959 Speaker for the DRP in the Landtag of Niedersachsen.
00.00.1958-00.00.1959 Member of the Parteivorstand der DRP.
00.00.1961 Appointed as Stellvertretender Vorsitzender of the Landesverband Niedersachsen der DRP.
00.00.1963-00.00.1964 Member of the Parteivorstand der DRP (dissolved in 1964 and reincarnated as the
Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD). He later became a member of the Vorstand der NPD, editor of the party’s newspaper, Deutsche Nachrichten, and from 1967, owner of the NPD publishing house, Deutsche Nachrichten GmbH.
1979/1980 Fought against the installation of a commemorative plaque on the site of the former Nazi concentration
camp at Esterwegen.

Decorations & Awards
00.00.1918 1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse
00.00.1918 Verwundetenabzeichen, 1918 in Schwarz
ca. 1934 Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges 1914-1918 mit Schwertern
30.01.1943 Ehrenzeichen für deutsche Volkspflege 3. Stufe
ca. 1934 Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP
00.00.194_ Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Silber
00.00.194_ Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Bronze
00.00.193_ Ehrenwinkel für alte Kämpfer

* Parents:
- Father: Karl Friedrich Joel (*09.08.1862 in Varel/Oldenburg), a shipyard locksmith.
- Mother: Helene Joel, née Behrens (*23.10.1864 in Hooksiel).
* Religion: Lutheran until 00.00.193_, then declared himself gottgläubig.
* Married on 18.10.1925 to Hertha Marie Katharina Einst (*19.01.1901, †18.09.1979). Five children resulted from this marriage, including three sons (Kl., *06.05.1929; G., *28.08.1930; and Ka., *29.03.1933) and two daughters (F., *18.09.1937 and E., *11.10.1938).

Bundesarchiv, Berlin-Lichterfelde (former Berlin Document Center): Personalunterlagen von SA-Angehörigen: SA-Personalakte of
Georg Joel.
Lilla, Joachim & Schulz, Andreas: Statisten in Uniform. Die Mitglieder des Reichstags 1933-1945. Droste Verlag, 2004.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Re: Georg Joel

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 23 Feb 2021 02:46

Thank you Mike, great job ! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the photo goofy. :milsmile:

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