Gauleiter Albert Hoffmann

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Gauleiter Albert Hoffmann

Post by HM » 21 Jul 2021 19:58

Who can shed some light on the following:

Albert Hoffmann was:
26.01.1943 - 17.04.1944 beauftragt mit der Wahrnehmung der Geschäfte des Gauleiters des Gaus Westfalen-Süd(Bochum) der NSDAP(mit dem Rang eines Stellvertretender Gauleiters)
17.04.1944 - 13.04.1945 Gauleiter des Gaus Westfalen-Süd(Bochum)
03.05.1944 offiziell bestätigt als Gauleiter durch Reichsleiter Ley

However here’s a copy of a newspaper article dated 23.06.1943. It announces him being given the rang of Gauleiter. Does this mean he became a “full Gauleiter” 22.06.1943 but still only “beauftragter” Gauleiter until 17.04.44 which seems odd?
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Re: Gauleiter Albert Hoffmann

Post by GregSingh » 22 Jul 2021 10:54

According to press reports he received a rank of a Gauleiter der NSDAP in June 1943.


In April 1944 he became officially a Gauleiter des Gaues Westfalen-Süd.

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Br. James
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Re: Gauleiter Albert Hoffmann

Post by Br. James » 22 Jul 2021 14:50

As I understand the history, Gauleiter Paul Giesler of Westfalen-Süd was transferred to Gau Munich-Oberbayern as Acting Gauleiter shortly after Adolf Wagner had his debilitating stroke in November of 1942. At that time, Albert Hoffmann became Acting Gauleiter of Westfalen-Süd. When Wagner died in April of 1944, Giesler became Gauleiter of Munich-Oberbayern and Hoffmann became Gauleiter of Westfalen-Süd till war's end.

Br. James

Mark Costa
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Re: Gauleiter Albert Hoffmann

Post by Mark Costa » 22 Jul 2021 17:33

Hoffmann was a Deputy Gauleiter when he took over as "Acting Gauleiter" of Westfalen-Sud. On June 22, 1943 he was promoted to Gauleiter but attached to the Party Chancellery. This was a way to give him the rank of Gauleiter yet hold him in reserve should Bormann wish to place him somewhere else later on. Then he was officially promoted to Gauleiter of Westfalen-Sud permanently in April 1944. Bormann actually used this system before when he made Hartmann Lauterbacher a Deputy Gauleiter in 1940 attached to the Party Chancellery wihout being appointed to any Gau. Of course Lauterbacher was then made a Gauleiter later. Hoffmann remember, was a former staff member for Bormann before being made DG for Bracht. Both of these men were in the Bormann camp. Bormann's move for Lauterbacher was a way to prepare for his promotion to Gauleiter at a time when the HJ was going through a leadership change to both the Reichsjugendfuhrer and Stabfuhrer positions. By doing this Bormann lost out in appointing Lauterbacher as Reichsjugendfuhrer -- Axmann, who became RJF, hated Bormann and was a Goebbels man.

Mark Costa

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