Werner Naumann

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Werner Naumann

Postby ohrdruf » 20 Aug 2009 20:08

Secretary of State at the Propaganda Ministry, and nominated by Hitler in his Testament of 29 April 1945 as the Propaganda Minister in Dönitz' Government, Dr Werner Naumann escaped from Berlin as part of the Bormann/Stumpfegger party which left the Reich Chancellery late on 1 May 1945. Instead of proceeding to Flensburg to join Dönitz he disappeared, and it has been generally accepted that he was then captured and interned by British forces.

The only Argentine author I have found who noticed Naumann is Jorge Camarasa: "Los Nazis en la Argentina", Editorial Legasa, Buenos Aires, ISBN 950-600-175-8, p.97 and 130., and Naumann is the highest ranking person in the Nazi hierarchy known to have come to Argentina immediately postwar. The manner in which he entered Argentina is not known.

In June 1947 a Buenos Aires publishing house, Dürer Verlag, owned by the former Nazi financier Ludwig Freude, began publishing a neo-Nazi magazine "Der Weg" which had been banned in Europe. It was financed by industrialists and German businessmen in Buenos Aires and German colonies in Misiones and Chaco provinces. This was investigated by Israeli agents, who noticed Naumann and reported him to the Wiesenthal Centre.

On his return to Germany in 1949 he was picked up by British forces in Germany, giving rise to the assumption that he had always been in Europe and had somehow managed to evade detection and internment.

In 1953 Dürer Verlag published his book "Nau Nau gefährdet das Empire" ("Nau Nau endangers the empire").

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