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Georges JEROME
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Stosstruppe AH

Post by Georges JEROME » 07 Jun 2003 10:13

add following members of Stosstruppe AH (all holders of the Blood Order)

- Kastner Florian
- Briemann wilhelm
- Krug Werner
- Dietl Emil
- Dirr Wilhelm
- Engelbrechten Julius Karl von
- Feichtmayr Josef and Otto
- Lindner qalbert
- Fischer Berchtold and Fritz
- Frosch Johann
- Fuchs Ludwig
- Gesselbrecht Friedrich
- Haug Hans
- Hirschberg Paul
- Kaiser Michael
- Kallenbach Hans
- Lutz Franz
- Mahr Hans
- Schmied Ludwig
- Schneider Edmund
- Schön Johann
- Schultes Hans
- Schwerdtel
- Wegelin Hans
- Steinbinder Michael
- Haggenmüller Hans
- Fleischmann Josef
- Fuchs Wilhelm


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Michael Miller
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F o b k e

Post by Michael Miller » 07 Jun 2003 15:52

Thank you, AnDie! Very helpful details.

~ Mike

Wilfried Abenaschon
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Post by Wilfried Abenaschon » 08 Jun 2003 11:39


And what about Julius Schaub? What was his SS number?


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Post by Simon » 08 Jun 2003 13:08

Julius Schaub, born 20.8.1898
SS-Obergruppenführer (24.6.1943)


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Bernd R
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Re: Stosstrupp AH

Post by Bernd R » 26 Dec 2008 18:57

updated list - Stoßtrupp Hitler , -> Blood Order recipients

additionally used the preliminary list in the Political awards sticky ... 9#p1182559


Joseph Berchtold / Führer STH
Julius Schreck / Deputy Führer STH
Wilhelm Briemann jr.
Hans Bunge
Emil Dietl
Wilhelm Dirr
Julius Karl von Engelbrechten
Josef Feichtmayr
Otto Feichtmayr
Karl Fiehler
Otto Fiehler (Brother of Karl Fiehler)
Werner Fiehler
Berthold Fischer
Fritz Fischer
Josef Fleischmann
Hermann Fobke (26 June 1934)
Johann Frosch
Ludwig Fuchs
Wilhelm Fuchs
Friedrich Gi[e?]sselbrecht
Josef Gerum
Ulrich Graf
Hans Haggenmüller
Karl Hauenstein
Hans Haug
Erhard Heiden
Walther Hewel
Paul Hirschberg
Gerhard Hoff
Karl Hutter
Michael Wilhelm Kaiser
Hans Kallenbach / Zugführer STH
Florian Kastner
Heinrich von Knobloch / Zugführer STH
Werner Krug
Hans Eduard Krüger
Karl Laforce (KIA 09.11.1923)
Wilhelm Laforce
Albert Lindner
Franz Lutz
Hans Mahr
Emil Maurice
Julius Schaub
Ludwig Schmied
Edmund Schneider
Johann Schön
Hans Schultes
Fritz Schwerdtel
Michael Steinbinder
Christian Weber
Hans Wegelein
Johann Wegelein


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Bernd R
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Re: Stosstrupp AH

Post by Bernd R » 26 Dec 2008 19:40

Thanks for any add & corr to the above updated list ! That would be 52 who received the Blood Order. Are those marked blue or red confirmed ?
If award dates are known or who was KIA on Nov 9th at the Feldherrnhalle additions are much appreciated.


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