Adolf Müller

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Adolf Müller

Post by jeffhan373 » 23 May 2019 18:34

The man wearing a Deutsche Jaegerschaft uniform in this photo is Adolf Müller, not often seen in photos. (In the few photos I've seen of him, he is wearing civilian attire.) Müller was the owner of the Müller printing firm in Munich, which did all the printing (or sub-contracted it out) for the NSDAP and the Eher Verlag - the VB, IB, Mein Kampf, etc.

Müller and Hitler went very far back; Hitler was a big fan of his. In December 1924, Mueller picked up the Nazi leader at Landsberg Prison after his release, and drove him back to Munich. Hitler claimed that Müller had taught him how to drive, but, if this was true, I have never seen any evidence that the Führer ever drove himself anywhere. Hitler was also quite bemused about Müller's ability to father illegitimate children all over Germany. Given Müller's physical appearance, this may well have been quite an accomplishment. Adolf Müller committed suicide in American captivity in the summer of 1945.

Does anyone have a source on uniforms and insignia of the Deutsche Jaegerschaft?
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