42 Nazi Leadership Portraits 1939

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John H.
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Post by John H. » 21 Jul 2003 19:22

excellent pictures

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Helly Angel
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Post by Helly Angel » 31 Jul 2003 02:57


Tremendo thread!

Woaoo!! THANKS!!!!

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Post by pennywise » 01 Aug 2003 15:45

Only one word:
GREAT !!!!

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Post by fdewaele » 01 Aug 2003 17:17

David Thompson wrote:Part 5

14. Minister Dr. Heinrich Lammers, Head of the Reich Chancellery

Could someone tell me which medal he wears round his neck?

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third reich leaders photos

Post by waffen » 04 Aug 2003 00:57

thanks david for the excelent photos,another great look into the reich!!!8)

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Post by laurens » 17 Aug 2003 11:01

Great pictures David, thanks for sharing


Demon of Night
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Post by Demon of Night » 25 Aug 2003 05:10

Those were awesome! Thanks for posting them!! I loved them! I'm dissapointed that there wasn't one of Heydrich, but that's alright! There was Himmler and Goebbels so I liked that! (Hehe, I liked Himmler's expression. Looks like he's getting his picture for his driver's license or something! Heh! I liked his hair that way! :D )

Great pics! I loved them all! Danke!

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Post by DieHundIstLoss » 01 Sep 2003 14:04

24. Minister Dr. Otto L.E. Meissner, Head of the Chancellery and, after the war, barber in Mayberry, North Carolina.

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Post by Donut » 01 Sep 2003 19:48

Great Gallery thx

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B-17s Over Dussau
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Post by B-17s Over Dussau » 03 Sep 2003 04:54

The Rubber Lion

MInister of War
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Post by DarExc » 24 Sep 2003 06:24

What about this Hitler guy everyones always talking about? Whats he look like? (end sarcasm)

Nice work man, I tried to see if I could put name to face on many of those guys but failed terribly, I'll learn someday :)

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Post by AgentBach » 26 Sep 2003 23:57

NietzscheMarlowe wrote:Himmler had such goofy hair! 8O

Rosenberg was very handsome. There are some great photos of him in the book "The Myth of the Master Race" by Robert Cecil; I wish I could scan them, but I have no scanner. :( Oh well, someday soon hopefully.


I agree about Rosenberg but the left half of his face in that portrait makes him look kind of sinister. :lol:

Phil Nix
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Post by Phil Nix » 31 Oct 2003 12:09

Here is Julius Dorpmuller Reichminister der Verkehr
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Post by agibaer » 16 Nov 2003 15:51

Thanx for the pics, very interesting. Hess really looks a bit insane :D

Kaan Caglar
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Post by Kaan Caglar » 27 Nov 2003 12:46

God can you belive that wierd face became the second(or third) man after Hitler???(Himmler)
Great Gallery by the way, i don't know what i'd do if i didn't find this forum somehow...

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