Coup against Hitler in '38

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Coup against Hitler in '38

Post by General » 15 Feb 2004 17:17

I read a Dutch book (Beroep: Meesterspion; Het geheime leven van Prins Bernard - Philip Droge) about Prince Bernard, the husband of former Queen Juliana of The Netherlands. Bernard von Lippe-Biesterfeld was a German and he married with Princess Juliana in 1937. Before his marriage he was member of the NSDAP and SS (between '34 and '36) and worked at the NW7 department of I.G. Farben. Official this was the statistics department, but in reality it was the trade intelligence department. His brother Aschwinn was part of the Brandenburg Division and worked also for the Abwehr under command of Canaris.

According to the book German officiers were planning (summer 1938) a coup against Hitler in September 1938. The coup is organised by Canaris, General Beck, General Halder, State-secretary Von Weiszacker (is he family of the former German Bundespresident?), diplomat Goerdeler and Colonel Oster. To get support from foreign countries Beck informed the British government, there was even a conversation between Churchill and someone close to Canaris. The book is suggesting that Bernard's brother Aschwinn was involved in this coup, he and Bernard visited King George in the summer of 1938. Tried Aschwinn to get support for the coup from the British during this visit?

According to the book these plans were revealed in Neurenberg (by general Halder?) and are also in the book Gesprache mit Halder from Friedrich Lenz.

More info about Bernard: ... etherlands

I was not aware of these plans for a coup. I found already some info in this old topic: ... =coup+1938

Anyone more info about this possible link between Aschwinn (and Bernard?) and the coup?

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