The death of Lutze

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Dwight Pruitt
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The death of Lutze

Post by Dwight Pruitt » 30 Aug 2002 00:13

Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I like what I see. Good informative posts and a lack of flame wars.

Anyway I've been a student of the SA for quite some time. I've read that the death of Stabschef Viktor Lutze and his daughter was due to a automobile accident. Author Brian L. Davis claims in "Flags of the Third Reich," that Lutze's death was due to a partisan ambush which was covered up by the authorities.

Which is the truth?


Mark Costa
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Post by Mark Costa » 30 Aug 2002 02:14

He was definately killed in a car accident on May 3, 1943. There is conflicting stories as to who was driving the car and where Lutze was sitting. One version has Lutze sitting next to the driver and another has him in the back seat with his daughter but with his son driving and the chauffer in the right front passenger seat. So take your pick. Also he was suppossedly on an illegal black market run. In any case the car rolled and the daugher was killed instantly. Lutze survived, was operated on but died during the operation.

Mark Costa

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