martin borman & spies

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martin borman & spies

Post by bruce » 03 Sep 2002 02:54

im reading a book about mr. borman and his possible co operation with soviet spies "Verter", and "Lucy"...
is that true? did he really supply soviets with information?
and one more thing...did he really die at the of the war or did he escape?

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Post by DarExc » 03 Sep 2002 03:51

His remains were found in Berlin in the 70's and it is asumed he was killed shortly after fleeing the bunker. As for him spying for the soviets I don't think so but do not know to much about the guy.

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Post by Durand » 03 Sep 2002 14:40


Martin Bormann did not escape from Berlin in 1945. His remains were discovered in 1972 at a construction site in Berlin near to where Bormann was last seen alive in 1945. In 1998, the remains were positively identified through DNA anaylsis as those of Martin Bormann. The German government ordered the remains to be cremated and the German navy dumped the ashes somewhere in the Baltic Sea in mid-August 1999. This extreme measure was taken to prevent neo-Nazis from making Bormann's grave into a shrine or place of pilgrimage as they had with the grave of Rudolf Hess. The total cost to the German government was DM 5600.

With regard to allegations that Bormann was spying on behalf of the Soviets, it seems highly unlikely. If he had been a spy, he would probably have been spirited out of Berlin by the Soviets in the last days of the war. It is not a good policy to let one's high level spies twist in the wind. It also seems likely that the Soviets would have trumpeted Bormann after the war has an intelligence success (and as an example of the failure of fascism) or that more information would have come to light after the fall of the Soviet Union. Despite the popular notion of big government and conspiracies, most really good secrets will out.


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Stalin Spy Martin Bormann?

Post by Heraklit » 03 Sep 2002 17:52

For those who read German and are interested in the arguments supporting the idea that former Reichsleiter Martin Bormann was a Soviet agent, see the very interesting study by the Styrian (Austrian) author Hugo Manfred Beer entitled Moskaus As im Kampf der Geheimdienste: die Rolle Martin Bormanns in der deutschen Führungsspitze. Verlag Hohe Warte, Franz v. Bebenburg KG, 1987. ISBN 3-88202-331-7.

Beer’s arguments are interesting but far from conclusive. The publisher thoughtfully added a few dissenting as well as supporting comments as an addendum.

Among Beer’s interesting tidbits is the contention (quoting Pavel Havelka) that the Czech president Eduard Benesch was personally told by Josef Stalin that Bormann was one of his spys.

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