Reichsleiter Wilhelm Grimm

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Reichsleiter Wilhelm Grimm

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Mark Costa
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(4/11/00 7:46:52 pm)
Reply Reichsleiter Wilhelm Grimm
Who can tell me about this guy. He was one of the top leaders of the Reich but there is literally nothing on him anywhere. Why was he promoted to Reichsleiter and what was his status during the war --- as he seems to have dropped out of site. Does anyone have any photos of him??

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(4/14/00 7:00:09 pm)
Reply Wilhelm Grimm

This is what I have on Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm Grimm

Born 31.12.89 Hof,
Died 7.44

Oberfuhrer 16.10.33,
Brigadefuhrer 24.2.3,
Gruppenfuhrer 27.1.34

Assoc. judge on party supreme court 1932-1945,
Reichsleiter and chief of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Party Court, 1933-July 1944
Entered military service in August 1941.
Died while on an official trip in July 1944.

I hope that helps,

Doug Batson

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