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von stauffenberg
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Reply Wanderbund?
I saw a documentary once that traced the origins of nazism back to a "back to the earth" kind of movement in early 20th century germany. I thought it was called wanderbund but my internet searches come up blank. I think I saw it on "The Nazis a Warning from History". Am I right? Can someone help me out here?

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(8/10/00 3:03:29 am)
Reply Wandervogel
von stauffenberg-

I believe that what you are thinking of is "Wandervogel." This German youth movement of the turn of the (last) century was an informal hiking and camping society founded by Herman Hoffmann in 1890 and formalized in 1901 by Karl Fischer, a teacher. The Wandervogel numbers peaked at about 23,000 members and dwindled at the start of the Great War. After that time, the movement was a negligible social force among German youth.

The Wandervogel developed their own form of greeting, "Heil", however this form of greeting was quite common at the time and should not be construed as a forerunner of the Nazi party greeting. From what I have read about the movement (not much), the Wandervogel were apparently quite interested in Nordic and folk mythology and could be perceived as free spirits, similar to the hippy movement of the late 1960s. I do not feel that the Wandervogel were spiritual predecessors of either the Nazi party in general or the Hitler Youth in particular. However, if (in your search) you find information to the contrary I would be pleased to be corrected. Sorry that I cannot provide you with any authoritative (or with any unauthoritative, for that matter) websites on this subject.

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