Did Hitler ever use the term "master race" in public speeches?

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Did Hitler ever use the term "master race" in public speeches?

Postby James Paul » 06 Oct 2017 17:55

Did the Nazis publicly declare their desire to create a master race? Did Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, etc, ever publicly use the term "master race" in speeches?

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Re: Did Hitler ever use the term "master race" in public speeches?

Postby wm » 10 Oct 2017 20:24

The term can't be found in Mein Kampf, The Second Book, The Goebbels Diaries, or The Myth of the XX Century.
Maybe in Rauschning's Conversations with Hitler (which has been shown to be a fake).

According to Rosenberg the goal wasn't to create a race (the highest and best - Nordic race always existed - or at least some remnants of it), but to strengthen the Nordic blood in Germans (it seems only some of them were fully Nordic) by a proper upbringing and education of the youth, and by forbidding blood polluting marriages with the lesser races (Scandinavians were very desirable because very Nordic).
Properly nurtured Nordic blood was capable to overcome the lesser blood in people, and it wasn't that hard even:
This last measure will also automatically push those racial elements into the foreground which are organically most of all capable of serving the supreme value of our people.
One needs only to allow a few companies of our Wehrmacht or the S.A. to march by, in order to see these heroic forces coming out from the subconscious. But in order to protect them from another stab in the back, we must insure that they are kept pure.
The Myth of the Twentieth Century

It should mentioned it wasn't about some magic properties of the new and improved Germans. The ultimate qualities of the Aryans/Teutons/Nordics were "willingness to devote all faculties to the service of the community" (Hitler), love and honor (Rosenberg).

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