July 3, 1944

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July 3, 1944

Post by Globalization41 » 06 Aug 2019 11:49

7/3/1944, British Troops in Normandy Patrol Odon River; Germans Nervous, Rustle of Leaves Draws Violent Reaction

Map, Fortress Europe, July 1944, WikipediaMap, Normandy Beachhead, Ibiblio, HyperWar [40 German Tanks KOed]

7/3/1944; State of Siege Declared in Copenhagen Due to Strike; Danish Radio Warns, Population in Precarious Situation

7/3/1944, Berlin Reports Allies on the Move in Tilly Sector; Russians Using 80 Divisions in Drive on Central Eastern Front

7/3/1944, Red Army Columns Threatening Minsk with Encirclement; Street Fighting Reported in Borisov & Slutsk

Map, Borisov, GoogleMap, Slutsk, Google7/3/1944, Swedes Say Strike in Copenhagen Becoming Extremely Serious

7/3/1944, U.S. 5th Army (on Italian West Coast) 20 Miles from Port Leghorn; British 8th Army Overtakes Lake Trasimeno

Map, Port Leghorn Italy, GoogleMap, Lake Trasimeno, GoogleMap, Guardistallo, Google [Germans Stage Executions]

7/3/1944, Japanese Launch New Offensive North from Canton China Designed to Link with Forces Driving South

Map, Canton, GoogleMap, Japanese 1944 China Offensive Plan, WikipediaMap, Japanese Empire, Cambridge

7/3/1944, Germans Increase Tempo & Intensity of Small-Scale Counterattacks Against British Bridgehead on River Odon

7/3/1944, MacArthur Lists Japanese Losses for June, 247 Planes; 5 Destroyers; 14 Supply & Transport Ships; 95 Barges

7/3/1944; Invasion of Japan on Hold for Fall & Consolidation of Saipan, from Where Green Light Will Be On for Big Blows

7/3/1944, U.S. Advance Patrols Forge Ahead One Mile on Jungle Slopes of Mt. Tapotchau Saipan; 6,015 Japanese Buried

7/3/1944, Baby's Cry Saves 25 Civilians from Grenade by U.S. Infantry Clearing Japanese Defensive Dugouts on Saipan

7/3/1944, British & Indian Troops Fight Retreating Japs as Allies Close in on Japanese Supply Intersection at Ukhrul

Map, Ukhrul India, GoogleChina Burma India Roundup, 6/22/1944, Japan Awaits More Visits from B-29 Superforts

7/3/1944, Danes Strike Against Nazis in Copenhagen; Many Casualties in Street Battles as Germans Rush to Quell Riots

7/3/1944, Allied Bombers & Fighters Attempt to Quarantine Normandy Battle Area; 200 German Fighters Sighted Daily

7/3/1944, Red Army Pursuing German Retreat to Minsk, Borisov Falls; Germans Abandon Slutsk After Heavy Fighting


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July 3, 1944

Post by Globalization41 » 08 Aug 2019 12:25

7/3/1944, Germans Report Allies Massing Troop Concentrations Near St. Lo; British Renew Fierce Assault on Road to Caen

Map, Normandy Beachhead, Ibiblio, HypeWar7/3/1944, Allies Announce Liberation of Cherbourg Peninsula Complete

7/3/1944, Gen. Stilwell's Troops in Mogaung Sector Rout Crack Jap Vets of Malaya & ChinaMap, Mogaung Burma, Google

7/3/1944, Remnants of Japanese Forces from Kohima & North of Imphal Reinforce Entrenched Jap Stronghold at Ukhrul

Map, Kohima India, GoogleMap, Imphal India … … 7/3/1944, Allied Columns Converge on Jap Hill-Top Base at Ukhrul

7/3/1944, Hitler's War Machine Running Low on Oil; Targeting Refineries Vindicated as Allied Bomber Assaults Peak

7/3/1944, Finnish P.M. Prof. Linkomies Vows to Fight Side-by-Side with Germany Against Capitulation to Soviet Union

Map, Finland, Google … … 7/3/1944, Soviet Mobile Artillery Now Shelling German Defenses Guarding Approaches to Minsk

Map, Eastern Front, Wikipedia7/3/1944, Nearly 200,000 German Troops (Holding Minsk) Cut Off & Trapped by Red Army

7/3/1944, Spitfires & Typhoons Out of Normandy Reduce German Gun Positions; U.S. Troops Gathering N.W. of St. Lo

Photo, British Spitfire Fighter, WikipediaPhoto, British Fighter Typhoon Undergoing Maint. Turnaround, Wikipedia

7/3/1944, Germans Commit Reserves for Counterattacks in Normandy from Strategic Pool Intended for Russian Front

7/3/1944, Employers Now Must Hire Through War Manpower Commission Labor Control; Stops Job Shopping by Young Men

7/3/1944, White Sox & Yankees Exchange Gifts Before 35,984 at New York; Both Teams Lose 9th-Inning Leads to Errors

7/3/1944, Cubs (28,307) & Yanks Draw Largest Crowds at Major Leagues' Eight Doubleheaders; 30,561 More than Last Sun.

7/3/1944, Americans Continue Wartime Spending Spree; $31,700,000,000 Spent in Six Months on Merchandise

7/3/1944, Army Air Corps Lieut. Ben Hogan Ties McSpaden at Edgewater Golf Meet; Playoff MondayEdgewater Golf Club

7/3/1944, Schnitts Sweep Doubleheader from Minneapolis at Milwaukee; Doris Tetzlaff Hits Bases-Loaded HR in Game Two

7/3/1944, Conference Speaker at Lahor Says India Will Never Concede to a Pakistan [Pure Land]Map, Lahor, Google


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July 3, 1944

Post by Globalization41 » 12 Aug 2019 19:11

7/3/1944, Strategic R.A.F. Night Bombers Used in Daylight Raids to Suppress German Armored Units at Villers Bocage

Map, Villers-Bocage (Normandy) France, Google7/3/1944, Berlin Says Two German Generals Killed on Western Front

7/3/1944, Churchill to Speak About Damage from Nazi Robot Bombs; Public Nervous; Robot Plane Launches Increasing

7/3/1944, Liberators & Forts Attack Flying-Bomb Launching Platforms at Pas de CalaisMap, Pas de Calais, Google

Stolkholm Says Nazis Building Bomb-Carrying Robot (Pilotless) Planes; Hundreds Produced in Factories, 1/8/1944

12 Hours of Strange Lights in Skies of S. England Signify Attack by Nazi Robot (Not "Human") Flying Bombs, 6/17/1944

7/3/1944; Robot Hang-Out, News Photo of Captured Rocket-Launch PlatformsCutaway, Nazi V-1 Rocket, Wikipedia

7/3/1944, Thousands of Kill-or-Be-Killed Commando Cells (Formed from Escaped Prisoners) Roam Heart of Germany

U.S. State Dept. Publication Says 3,000,000 Jews Missing from Europe; 5,000,000 Facing Extermination, 4/6/1944

7/3/1944, Nazis Kill Jews in Mass Extermination Camps at Auschwitz & Birkenau Using Poison Powder During "Bathing"

Aerial Recon Photo, Auschwitz, WikipediaPhoto, Arrivals, WikipediaMap, Auschwitz/Birkenau Poland, Google

7/3/1944, Conflagration from Accidental Petrol Fire at Uluberia India Leaves 52 DeadMap, Uluberia, Google

Violent Explosions at Bombay Docks Result from Ship & Ammunition Fire, 4/15/1944Map, Bombay India, Google

Fire from Two Explosions at Bombay Docks Bought Under Control After 12 Hours; Thousands Homeless, 4/16/1944

Many Fire Fighters Lost in Explosion at Bombay Docks; Onlookers Caught Unawares by Second Explosion, 4/17,1944

Demolition of Unsafe Buildings in Progress; Bombay Officials Say No Ammunition Now Near Site of Fire, 4/17/1944

Cotton Cargo Caught Fire on Liberty Ship Also Carrying TNT Just Before April Explosions at Bombay, 5/21/1944

7/3/1944, U.S. Troops at Balleroy Return Captive German Nurses During CeasefireMap, Balleroy France, Google

7/3/1944, U.S. First Army Opens Sudden Offensive Southward from Cherbourg P.; Fighting Intense, Part 1Part 2


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July 3, 1944

Post by Globalization41 » 11 Nov 2019 15:13

7/3/1944, General MacArthur's Headquarters Issues Sunday's G.H.C. Communique[Maps Follow]

Map, Pacific Theater, Emerson KentMap, Timor, Google [Medium Units Bombed Dili Aerodrome in Bad Weather]

Aussie & Dutch Commandos Stash Ammo in Hills of Portuguese Timor Near Dili & Harass Japanese Occupiers, 12/31/1942

Aussies Ambush Japanese Landings (Feb. '42) at Dili Timor; Left-Behind Commandos Wage Guerilla Warfare, 1/1/1943

Map, Taloeti Bay Ceram Island, Google ["Our Air Patrols Bombed Enemy Installations at Taloeti Bay"]

Wonderful Ceram Island; Beach Alive with Hermit Crabs, 4/25/1919Photo, Mudskipper (Periophthalmus), Wikipedia

Map, Watoebela Island Group, Google [Air Patrols "Strafed a Coastal Vessel in the Watoebela Island Group"]

Map, Maluku Islands (Spice Islands), West of New Guinea, Shows Waoebela Archipelago & Ceram Island, Wikipedia

Map, Noemfoor Island, Google [Enemy Bivouac & Supply Dumps Bombed in Bad Weather Leaving Fires & Explosions]

Map; Kamiri, Noemfoor Island New Guinea; Google ["Heavy, Medium, & Light Bombers" Struck Kamiri & Namber]

U.S. Troops Crush Resistance on Wakde Is., Japs Refuse to Surrender; Kamiri Bombed, 5/22/1944Map, Wakde, Google

Map, Mapia Island, Google ["Air Patrols Bombed Installations at Mapia Island (125 Miles North of Maniguari)"]

Satellite View; Namber, Noemfoor Island New Guinea; GoogleMap; Maniguari, Western New Guinea; Google

Map, Wardo Village (Biak Island), Google ["Our Fighter Patrols on Armed Reconnaissance Attacked Wardo Village"]

Satellite View, Korim (Biak Island), Google [Bivouacs Along Escape Routes from Wardo to Korim Bay Attacked]

Map, Wewak to Aitape, Google ["Medium Units, Attack Planes, & Fighters" Bombed & Strafed Enemy Installations]

Map, New Guinea, Ibiblio, HyperWar ["Naval Patrols" Shelled Barges & Enemy Coastal Positions from Aitape to Wewak]

Map, Sonsorol Island, Google ["Our Air Patrols Sank a Small Cargo Vessel & Destroyed or Damaged Four Barges"]

Map, Palau, Google [Sonsoral Island 150 Miles S.W. of Palau]Map, Peleliu Palau, Google [25 Miles S.W. of Palau]

Map, Ngulu Island, Google [Installations Attacked by Air Patrols]Map, Pacific Area, Ibiblio, HyperWar

Map, New Ireland (New Guinea), Google ["Air Patrols Bombed Kavieng & Enemy Supply Areas on the S.W. Coast"]

Map, New Britain, Japanese Positions, Wikipedia [Medium & Light Units Struck Enemy Defenses with 83 Tons of Bombs]

Map, New Britain, GoogleMap, Japanese Positions on Rabaul, Ibiblio, Hyperwar [Air Patrols Damage Pier in N.E.]

Map, Bouganville Island, Ibiblio, HyperWar ["Our Torpedo Bombers & Fighters Attacked Targets of Opportunity"]

7/3/1944, Danish Continue Strike in Copenhagen; Danes Want Removal of Danish Nazi "Schalburg Corps" from Denmark

7/3/1944, British Double-Decker Bus Driver Dodges Head-on 2,000-Pound Robot Rocket-Bomb with Last-Second Turn

7/3/1944, U.S. Military Aircraft Production Checks in at 8,049 Warplanes for June; Lowest Total Since September

7/3/1944, Statue of Freedom Atop U.S. Capitol & Iron Dome to Get Cleaned; Cost $40,000Photo, Freedom, Wikipedia

7/3/1944, Survey of U.S. Army Generals Includes 74 Native Pennsylvanians Headed by Gen. George C. Marshall

7/3/1944; Sgt. Russell Moser Went Ashore on Normandy, but Did Not See Resistance Until Second Morning of Landing

Map; Moser's Home Town, Birdsboro Pa.; Google [Moser Saw Swamps at First & Later MG Nests & Snipers Everywhere]

7/3/1944, Leroy (Satchel) Paige Whiffs 15 Before 14,000 at N.Y. but Gets Loss; Cubans Edge K.C. Monarchs 3-2 in 11

Edge of Twilight Creeping Up on Glorious Career of Kansas City Monarch Pitcher Satchel Paige, 7/10/1943

Indians Top A's Twice; Paige Wins 1st Big-League Game, Doby HR; Bob Rush Goes 13 for Cubs Against Braves, 7/16/1948

Famous Satchel Paige (9ip,0r,5h) Dazzles Chicago with Old-Time Brilliance; Tribe Back in 1st, 8/14/1948, Part 1Part 2

Cleveland Wins 5-0; Satchel Paige (1k,0w) Scatters Five Singles Before Turn-Away Crowd of 51,013 at Chicago; 8/14/1948

Satchel Paige Blanks White Sox 1-0 Before Record Crowd of 78,832; Paige Draws 201,829 Fans in Three Starts, 8/21/1948

Boxscores; Paige Fans Five White Sox, Walks One, & Tosses Three Hitter; Time of Game 1:50; Doby RBI, 8/21/1948

Durable Satchel Paige (7h,9k,2w) Tames Tigers 1-0 in 12 Innings; St. Louis Browns Win on Nieman Single, 8/7/1952

Browns Sweep Chisox in St. Louis; Neiman HR wins Opener; Paige (8h,4w,5k) Whitewashes Sox in Nightcap, 9/21/1952

7/3/1944, Liberator Pilot Lt. Edward Massino Returns Safely to Milwaukee After 30 Dangerous Missions Out of England

7/3/1944, Former Milwaukee Policeman William Kassulke Wounded Presumably in France; Last Heard from in England

7/3/1944, Three Men from Milwaukee Missing; Bensman (Navy), Hankin (B-24 Germany), Golembiewski (Over Poland)

7/3/1944, Capt. Schwade Returns to Milwaukee After Serving Two Years in Evacuation Hospitals from Africa to France

7/3/1944; Milwaukee Men Killed in Action, Infantryman Robert Liebold (Aitape) & Fighter Pilot John Hustis (Over France)

7/3/1944, Stalin Announces Capture of Minsk by 1st White Russian Army; German Collapse Opens Road to Warsaw

Map, Fortress Europe, WikipediaMap, Eastern Front, Soviet Summer Offensive of '44, WikipediaMap, Minsk, Google

7/3/1944, Many Milwaukee Parents Will See Servicemen Sons Home on Short Leaves for Tuesday's 4th-of-July Holiday


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