Salzburg, Austria, after the war

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Salzburg, Austria, after the war

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I have a few questions to see if anyone can shed any light on this for me...
I grew up in the Zell am See area (some of you would know this from band of brothers etc) and remember my time playing around in the woods where, every so often, we would find old German helmets etc that were abandoned after the war. The area around us was a particular treasure trove as it was directly on the main road which led to the main camps for dis-armorment so a lot was left on the way and never cleaned up.

However, there is one day that lies in my memory rather vividly and my curiosity of this is increasing. We found this old concrete water well/retainer which was no longer operational but seemed to be in a rather strange place (no housing around for a good 500-600 meters). We opened the (rather heavy) concrete lid of it and used our torches to have a look around the roughly 6meter wide by 7 meter long and 2 meter high structure. Note those estimates are from the surface.
Once inside our perspective changed. We found ourselves in a structure that went back approx 50 meters and had a stairwell going down by about 2o meters. It pays to add here that I was certain at the time that this was no bunker. There were no gun turrets/installations anywhere to be seen and there were no rooms branching off to the side. Just this ladder at the end with no coverable manhole (so there goes the theory of it being a water installation). There was also a crane like winch above the ladder.
In an act of stupidity we made our way down this ladder (which has rusted considerably). Once down we found ourselves in hallway like cave leading to 5 tunnels, almost like galleries, heading west towards the lake and main road (i know this from later on to which Ill get to). We found all kinds of stuff in there however were not willing to touch what seemed like weapon crates. Our parents had drilled that in enough that if we were to find anything of the kind to leave it alone. I clearly remember a number of propaganda materials and newspapers (very deteriorated) dated between 1938 to 1943 on one of about 4 clerk desks we passed. We ventured back there many times until one day a slip along the lake's main road exposed one of the galleries and everything was emptied overnight. I have looked through the net many times looking for a news article on this and even getting in touch with the local fire brigade and museums, all of whom have no idea what I am talking about. A final note is that discoveries like this are easily forgotten in the area.. people do not like talking about the past.

Why I write this? Does anyone know what this could have been? None of the galleries seemed to have an entrance to the road level and going by the installations in the concrete structure everything seems to have been loaded from the top..

There was a SS cavalry HQ down the road at Schloss Fischhorn but am unsure if I should make a connection to the two.

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