Travel Tips wanted, Erwin Rommel and Bavaria

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Travel Tips wanted, Erwin Rommel and Bavaria

Post by Moltke44 » 29 Jun 2012 15:32

I was hoping someone could direct or advise me on some Bavarian traveling. Next summer I hope to be staying in Munich for a few days, and while there I had hoped that I would be able to take a day to travel around Stuttgart and the region to visit some of the various Erwin Rommel historical sites including his grave at Herrlingen. I'm having trouble finding direct directions and also just wanted to see if people could list some sites (museums?) that I might have missed or are not commonly known. I like to know exactly where I'm going :) I read years ago about how it was sometimes possible to even meet or run into Manfred Rommel but I'm guessing due to his health this is no longer ever the case? Any thoughts?

If you have the time, I also wondered if anyone had visited any Bismarck Towers that might be in the South-Central region of Bavaria. Always wanted to visit at least one. Much appreciated,


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Re: Travel Tips wanted, Erwin Rommel and Bavaria

Post by stephane1256 » 18 Oct 2019 12:33

Hello There,

Bavaria is one of the most popular and most scenic travel destinations in Germany. For many, Bavaria means sausage, beer, and lederhosen, and although you’ll find all of that on your vacation, this part of Germany has much more to offer.

If you want to escape the crowds and experience the down-to-earth Gemüetlichkeit Bavaria is famous for, make sure to spend time in some rural villages along the way. One of the most popular regions is the beautiful Allgäu. Stop in a town you never heard of before, head to a Gasthaus (restaurant) for some Bavarian fare, buy some goodies in a local store, and take a hike in the surrounding area.

Beer fest thousand oaks

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Re: Travel Tips wanted, Erwin Rommel and Bavaria

Post by SteveJeffson » 31 Oct 2019 02:39

Good luck.

Top things to do in Munich:
- Marienplatz: Central square & landmark buildings
- Nymphenburg Palace: Regal 18th-century palace & coach
- Munich Residenz: Museum complex in an old royal...

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