Charles Lindbergh and the Göring's Sword

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von thoma
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Charles Lindbergh and the Göring's Sword

Post by von thoma » 17 Feb 2013 19:35

Does anyone know if Charles Lindbergh was really flattered with this sword ?
Thanks !
Lindbergh and Göring.jpg
The Göring Wedding Sword.

Photo: and -
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Lynn R
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Re: Charles Lindbergh and the Göring's Sword

Post by Lynn R » 17 Feb 2013 21:27

This photo is from Lindbergh's 1936 trip to Germany. He is looking at one of Göring's ceremonial swords but it was not a gift to him.

The photo was published in the September 11, 1939 issue of LIFE magazine as part of a profile of Göring.

In 1938, at a dinner party at the American Embassy in Berlin during Lindbergh's third and final visit to Germany before the war, Göring surprised Lindbergh, and the US diplomatic staff, by presenting him with the Service Cross of the German Eagle, in recognition of his contributions to aviation and on behalf of Hitler. Lindbergh's wife later characterized the award as "an albatross" because Lindbergh was vehemently criticized in the US for accepting it.

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