A visit to Rominten Reichsjägerhof and Jagdschloss

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Re: A visit to Rominten Reichsjägerhof and Jagdschloss

Post by Maurice Laarman » 08 Oct 2019 19:08

It seems that are are plans to rebuild Rominten. No idea if this will be materialized, but who knows what the future would bring.. The last update was in 2017, what I saw on below link:

http://kaliningrad-domizil.ru/portal/ma ... hsjgerhof/

And photos of the current situation: http://www.ostpreussen-entdecken.de/ , and the remark that it will not be rebuild at this moment.

Some more photos taken in 2016 showing some work going on: https://www.newkaliningrad.ru/news/comm ... -foto.html

Perhaps one of our Russian speaking members could follow it and keep us updated?

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