July 14, 1943

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July 14, 1943

Post by Globalization41 » 05 Aug 2018 16:08

7/14/1943, German Kursk Offensive Weakens at Orel End of Salient; Russians Repel 36 Panzer Attacks in Belgorod Sector

Map, Eastern Front, Summer of '43, Emerson Kent [Big Tank Battles, Heavy Losses, Russians Recapture Two Villages]

7/14/1943, Allied Troops on Sicily 30 Miles Inland; 3,000 Ships Supporting Invasion Forces; Axis Launch Seven Counterattacks

7/14/1943, One Hundred Liberators Raid Toe of Italy—Rail Yards, Fuel Dumps, & Ports Bombed; Axis Resupply Convoy Smashed

Map, Fortress Europe, Summer of '43, Wikipedia [Forts Bomb Messina, Fighters Strafe Traffic; 11 Allied, 28 Axis Planes Lost]

7/14/1943, Allied Warships Sink Four Jap Ships in Solomons; Japanese Garrisons on Munda Under Seige; Five Zeroes Downed

Map, Pacific Theater, 1943, Army History [U.S. Troops Destroyed Jap Garrison at Enogai Inlet Six Miles North of Munda]

7/14/1943, Merchant Seamen's Casualty List Issued Tuesday Includes 34 Men from New South Wales Missing & Presumed Dead

7/14/1943 (From June 10), Elite Nazi S.S. Execution Squads Encounter Fierce Resistance from Jews in Warsaw Ghetto

Cardinal Hinsley in London Denounces Nazi Plan in Poland for Wholesale Extermination of Europe's Jews, 3/11/1943

Underground Agents in Poland Witness Nazi Atrocities Against Jews, 4/22/1943

7/14/1943, German Attacks & Russian Counterattacks on Kursk Front Follow in Rapid Succession; Most Violent Battles of War

7/14/1943, Allies Demand Unconditional Surrender from Italy; Axis Counterattacks in Sicily Seem Aimed at Gaining Time

7/14/1943, Germans Shoot 50 Hostages in N.W. Yugoslavia as Reprisal for Rail & Train Sabotage; Serbs Kill 60 Italian Fascists

7/14/1943, War Correspondent Visits Nigeria After 14 Months in Russia; African Villages Isolated; Clipper Stalls During Storm

7/14/1943, Second Ship Will Go to Japan to Exchange Allied Prisoners with Japanese Who Wish to Return to Japan from U.S.

7/14/1943, Standings, National League, American League, American Association, International League, Pacific Coast League

7/14/1943, Britain Experiences Baby Boom; Most Births in 15 Years; Boys Born Average 1,070 per 1,000 Girls Born

7/14/1943, U.S. 10th Air Force Heavy Bombers Deliver 12 Tons of Explosives on Jap Railroad Installations at Ywataung Burma

Map, Japanese Empire, Cambridge [Allied Fighters Strafed & Bombed Jap Supply & Troop Bases in Burma Throughout Day]

7/14/1943, Over 10,000 Japanese Troops Attack Chinese Positions N.E. of Lingchwan in S.E. Shansi Province

7/14/1943, U.S. Troops (Supported by Divebombers & Warships) Close in on Jap Garrison at Munda; Jap Planes Raid Rendova

7/14/1943, Noon Communique from Algiers Radio Reports Battle of Sicily Getting More Intense; U.S. Forces Advance from Gela

7/14/1943, British 8th Army Drives Up Sicilian Coast Against Strong Resistance; R.A.F. Bombs Turin (N. Italy) in Bad Weather

7/14/1943, Furious Fighting in Belgorod Sector; Berlin Says Russians Strongly Counterattacking Flanks of German Spearheads


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July 14, 1943

Post by Globalization41 » 25 Aug 2018 15:54

7/14/1943, Continuous Allied Landings on S.E. Sicily Allow Gen. Patton's Army to Expand Bridgeheads at Licata & Gela

Map, Sicily, 1943, Emerson Kent [British 8th Army Held Up by Heavy Fighting on Slopes of Hills W. of Syracuse]

7/14/1943; Heavy Allied Air Attacks Deliver Explosions on Salamaua Buildings, but Smoke Prevents Damage Assessment

Map; Salamaua New Guinea, Google [One Allied Plane from Salamaua Raid Ditched at Sea, Crew Believed Saved]

7/14/1943, Allied Patrols Probe Japanese New Guinea Defenses in Mubo; Sharp Clashes Reported Near Bitoi-Buigap Creek

Map, Salamaua New Guinea, Shows Mubo Area & Bitio River, Wikipedia [Japs Put Up Intense A.A. Fire at Salamaua]

7/14/1943, Manilla Radio Schedule; News in English—8:am, in Japanese—Noon, in Tagalog & Spanish—19:30; Music—10:am

7/14/1943, Japanese Torpedo-Attack Flotilla Engages Strong Enemy Fleet Off Colombangra Isle Says Imperial HQ

Satellite View; Kolombangara Island, Solomon Islands; Google [Nippon Air Naval Units Sank Six Landing Barges Near Rendova]

7/14/1943, U.S. Navy P.T. Boats (Fast Launches Armed with Torpedoes, Depth Charges & A.A. Guns) Defend Panama Canal

Map, Panama Canal, Google [Crews of U.S. Patrol Torpedo (P.T.) Boats Often Recruited from Yachtsmen & Fishermen]

Completion of Panama Canal Will Decrease Chances of South Pacific Evolving into Japanese Lake, 3/19/1912

Germany Declares War on Russia & Invades Belgium, British Cruiser Sinks German Liner Laying Mines, 8/7/1914

Facts About British Navy, Dreadnoughts Carry 800 Projectiles at 242 Tons, 8/29/1914 [B-52 Payload Equals 35 Tons]

Panama Canal & International Trade, Atlantic to Pacific Coast Sailing Time Cut in Half; 12/5/1914, Part 1

Panama Canal & International Trade, Atlantic to Pacific Coast Sailing Time Cut in Half; 12/5/1914, Part 2

Germans Launch Fresh Onslaught in Belgium, Many Troops Pour into Firing Line; British Battleships Patrol Pacific, 12/5/1914

7/14/1943, Photo, Stalin Greets Mr. Joseph E. Davies (Former U.S. Ambassador to U.S.S.R.) at Kremlin

Political Commissars in U.S.S.R. Buoy Up Morale of Red Army by Example & Exhortation During Critical Periods, 5/18/1943

Goebbles' Propaganda Machine Indoctrinates German Soldiers with Idea that Russians Shoot Prisoners, 5/19/1943

Red Army Under Stalin Adopts Czarist Traditions; Old Slogans of Communism Fall into Disuse, 5/20/1943

7/14/1943, Baseball Standings, Cardinals 48-24; Brooklyn 47-34; Pittsburgh 38-35; Cincinnati 39-37; Phillies 34-42

7/14/1943, U-Boat Captain (Left Behind During Emergency Dive) Arrives in Brazil with Survivors on Lifeboat from Allied Ship

7/14/1943, Liberators Rain Bombs & Incendiaries for Three Hours on Jap Airfield & Town at Rabaul in Pre-Dawn Raid on Mon.

Map, Rabul New Guinea, Google [B-24 Liberator Payload—Five Tons; Vietnam Era F-4 Fighter-Bomber Payload—Eight Tons]


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July 14, 1943

Post by Globalization41 » 31 Aug 2018 04:24

7/14/1943, Russians Capture Line of German Trenches on Orel-Kursk Front; Nazis Kill 6,000 at Krasnodar with Poison Gas

Map, Eastern Front, Summer of '43, Emerson Kent [Germans Launch Attacks in Orel Sector with Weaker Forces]

Map, Krasnodar Russia, Google [Soviet Commission Investigates Nazi Atrocities Committed During Occupation of Krasnodar]

Germans Expand Bridgeheads on Don; Main Railway Link Between Stalingrad & Krasnodar Threatened, 7/28/1942

Soviets Claim Huge German Concentration Slowed While Driving on Stalingrad; Berlin Says Krasnodar Surrounded, 7/30/1942

Map, Southwest Russia, 1942, Summer & Fall, German Army Offensive Closes in Stalingrad, Emerson Kent

Axis Forces Capture Krasnodar & Advance to Foothills of Caucasus; Russian Gunners Slow Stalingrad Offensive, 8/11/1942

Russians Evacuate Krasnodar After Furious Fighting; Reds in Foothills Harass Germans in Valleys, 8/20/1942

Hitler Has Managed to Seize Only Small Part of Soviet Oil Refining Capacity, 12/29/1942

Map, Southwest Russia, Soviet Winter Offensive, 1942, Emerson Kent

Soviets Preparing New Blows Against Axis Pocket Trapped in Stalingrad; Germans Falling Back Rapidly in Caucasus, 1/8/1943

Russians Fight Way to Maikop Oilfields & Threaten Refining Center at Krasnodar; Germans Staging Orderly Retreat, 2/1/1943

Goering on Radio Says Hitler Misjudged Russia's Strength & Spirit; German Wall Protects Europe from Bolshevism, 2/1/1943

Australian Sister Elizabeth Kenny Guest of Honor at Party for Child Polio Sufferers Given by F.D.R. on His Birthday, 2/1/1943

German Rearguards Hold Krasnodar & Novorossisk While Troops in Caucasus Escape Westward to Crimea, 2/4/1943

Map, Novorossisk Russia, Google [Heavy Shelling from Soviet Black Sea Fleet Punishes Retreating Germans]

Germans Evacuating Caucasus Refugees Through Krasnodar Bridgehead Across Kerch Strait into Crimea, 2/5/1943

Map, Southwest Russia, Soviet Winter Offensive, 1942-1943, Emerson Kent

German Caucasus Stronghold in Krasnodar Falls After Soviet Troops Storm City Under Terrific Barrage, 2/15/1943

7/14/1943, Allied Pilots in Sicily Take Heavy Toll of Axis Convoys While U.S Troops Fight Off Panzer Attacks Near Gela

Map, Sicily, 1943, Emerson Kent

7/14/1943, Three of Seven Spitfire Pilots Still Missing After Being Shot Down by Jap Planes Near Darwin

Map, Darwin Australia, Google [Flt.-Lt. Makin's Chute Snagged, but He Climbed Back into Cockpit & Crash Landed in Trees]

7/14/1943, Pacific Coast League Standings, L.A. Angels 64-24; S.F. Seals 51-35; Portland Beavers 45-42; S.D. Padres 43-46

7/14/1943, Ferocious Battle Initiated by German Armies Assaulting Fortified Reds at Kursk Could Decide Mastery of Europe


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July 14, 1943

Post by Globalization41 » 20 Sep 2018 03:21

7/14/1943, Violent Battle Raging E. of Belgorod as Soviet Tanks Smash Repeated Panzer Attacks; Germans Fall Back at Orel

Map, Eastern Front, Summer of '43, Emerson Kent

Berlin Claims Capture of Belgorod; Russians Begin New Attacks in Vast Salient North of Kharkov, 3/20/1943

7/14/1943, Labor Strike at Marrickville War Plant Spreads; Dispute Began in May When Ten Workers Refused to Join Union

Map, Marrickville Australia, Google

7/14/1943, Spain Subsidizes Building of Six Cargo Ships for Fruit Trade; Small Spanish Merchant Fleet Old & Slow

Franco's Fascists Hold Two-Thirds of Spain; Nationalists Want Unity by Disruption of Political Trafficking, 4/27/1938, Part 1

Franco's Fascists Hold Two-Thirds of Spain; Nationalists Want Unity by Disruption of Political Trafficking, 4/27/1938, Part 2

Franco Enters Madrid; Streets Ablaze with Colors of New Spain; Germans & Italians to Participate in Victory Parade, 5/20/1939

Hitler Sees Laval in France & Meets Franco on Spanish Frontier; Vichy Bans Jews in Syria from G'ovt & Media Jobs, 10/25/1940

7/14/1943; Gunner Brian McConnel of Coolangatta Wounded in Both Hands in Raid Over France, but Still Radios Info to Pilot

Map, Coolangatta Australia, Google

7/14/1943; Spitfires, Mustangs, & Bostons Damage Industrial Targets, Locomotives, Barges, & Minesweepers in N. Europe

Photo, Boston Bomber, WikipediaPhoto, Pilot & Parked Spitfire, WikipediaPhoto, Mustang & Spitfire, Norwegianspitfire

7/14/1943, Economic Conditions Improve in Philippines; New Factories Built in 1942 Ensure More Consumer Goods

7/14/1943, Berlin Radio Reports Counterattack by Axis Units in Sicily Prevented Junction of U.S. & British Troops East of Gela

Map, Sicily, 1943, Emerson Kent [Allied Tanks Moving Inland from Coastal Towns; Canadian & British Divisions Link in S.E.]

7/14/1943, U.S. Subs in Pacific Sink 10 Japanese Vessels & Damage Four; 263 Jap Ships Now Sunk or Damaged by U.S. Subs

7/14/1943, R.A.A.F. Sgt.-Pilot C. Dickson Arrives in Britain for New Assignment & Writes Letter to Parents in Kempsey

Map, Kempsey Australia, Google [Sgt. Dickson Toured London During Leave & Later Met His Mother's Cousin in Scotland]

7/14/1943, Bobby Doerr Takes Charge of All-Star Game With Three-Run HR; A.L. Tops N.L. 5-3 Before 31,938 at Shibe Park

7/14/1943, Pilgrims from All Corners of Asia Gather for Annual Feast of Flowers at Monastery in N.E. Ethnological Tibet

Tibet IDs Supreme Ruler, 8/18/1937, Part 1Tibet IDs Supreme Ruler, Part 2Tibet IDs Supreme Ruler, Part 3

Tibet Is Last Unrifled Treasure Chest of the World, 9/9/1939Map, Tibet China, Wikipedia

7/14/1943, Underground Press in Netherlands Accuses Nazi Invaders of Portraying Forced Labor as Educational


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July 14, 1943

Post by Globalization41 » 02 Nov 2018 19:26

7/14/1943, Battle of Kursk Reaches Turning Point; German Pressure on Northern End of Salient Dies Out Completely

Map, Eastern Front, Summer of '43, Emerson Kent [Russian Counterattacks Point to Full-Scale Counter-Offensive]

7/14/1943, Day Raids Against Europe Resume; Massed Formations of Forts Engage German Fighters Over France, Part 1

7/14/1943, Day Raids Against Europe Resume; Massed Formations of Forts Engage German Fighters Over France, Part 2

7/14/1943, R.C.A.F. & R.A.F. Stage Heavy Night Attack on Rhineland City of Aachen; Seven Canadian Bombers Lost

Map Aachen Germany, Google [Only 17th Raid of War on Aachen; 20 R.A.F. Planes Lost; Textile & Tire Plants Targeted]

7/14/1943, Berlin Reports Axis Forces in Sicily Engaged in Fierce Fighting with Allied Paratroops in S.E. Mountains

Map, Sicily, Emerson Kent [Allied Shock Troops Attempting to Relieve Paratroopers]Map, Fortress Europe, Wikipedia

7/14/1943, Isolated Japanese Defenders at Munda Fighting Desperately Against Tightening Ring of U.S. Troops, Part 1

7/14/1943, Isolated Japanese Defenders at Munda Fighting Desperately Against Tightening Ring of U.S. Troops, Part 2

Map, Munda Campaign, Ibiblio, HyperWar [Japanese Resistance Stiffens on Munda Despite Allied Air & Ground Assaults]

7/14/1943, Jap Navy Shows Grim Determination in Defending Solomons as U.S. Forces Press N.W. Toward New Britain, Part 1

7/14/1943, Jap Navy Shows Grim Determination in Defending Solomons as U.S. Forces Press N.W. Toward New Britain, Part 2

Map, New Britain, Ibiblio, HyperWarMap, Japanese Empire, CambridgeMap, New Guinea, Texas U.

Map, Pacific Theater, 1943, Army HistoryChinese Armies Turn Back Japanese Spring Offensives, 7/12/1943, CBI-Life

Showdown in the Pacific, Allies Launch Solomons Offensive, New Guinea Will Be Tough Going, 9/5/1942

7/14/1943, General MacArthur Issues Today's Pacific War Communique [Maps & Related Links Follow]

Map, Salamaua New Guinea, Google [Daylight Raid by Allied Planes Resulted in Considerable Damage at Salamaua]

Satellite View, Langgur Airport Kia Islands, Google [Allied Medium Bombers Raided Langgoer Aerodrome in Kia Islands]

Satellite View, Dobo Airport Aru Islands, Google [Medium Units Bombed Japanese Aerodrome in Aroe Islands After Midnight]

Beaufighters Strafe Japanese Transports; Decks Laden with Troops; But Ships May Have Reached Dobo, 3/17/1943

Satellite View, Saidor New Guinea, Google [Heavy Unit on Recon Near Saidor Sunk Two Jap Barges (Another Barge Beached)]

Satellite View, Bena Bena New Guinea, Google [17 Jap Bombers Escorted by 15 Fighters Attacked Bena Bena Area]

Map, Lae N. Guinea, Google [Heavies Dropped Bombs & Incendiaries at Lae on Jap Aerodrome, Dispersal Areas, & Buildings]

Allied Planes Shoot Down 89 Zeros Covering Japanese Convoy of Reinforcements to Lae, 1/11/1943

Large Japanese Convoy Spotted off New Guinea; Allied Bombers Marshalling for Attack, 3/3/1943CBI Roundup, 5/13,1943

Allied Bomber Formations Pin Down Japanese Air Base at Lae While Jap Convoy in Bismarck Sea Hammered, 3/5/1943

Map, Straits Between New Guinea & New Britain, Ibiblio, HyperWarWWII Abbreaviations & Codewords, Ibiblio, HyperWar

Allied Recons Show 14 Jap Destroyers Concentrated in Rabaul Harbor New Britain, 7/1/1943Map, Rabaul, Google

Map, Salamaua/Huon Gulf Area, Ibiblio, HyperWar [Medium Bombers Hit Salamaua, McDonald's Junction, & Jap A.A. Guns]

Map, Shows McDonald's Junction at Base of Salamaua Peninsula, Google Books, from Wings of Destiney by Charles Page

Photo, B-25 Medium Bomber, Boeing [Smoke from Bombs Obscured Targets at Salamaua, One Plane Ditched at Sea]

Map, Eastern New Guinea & New Britain (Shows Wau), Google [Three Jap Float Planes Raided Wau]

Capt. Winning Silences Jap Snipers Near Wau, 5/22/1943Photo, Capt. Winning, WikipediaMap, Battle for Wau, Traces

Map, Bouganville, Ibiblio, HyperWar [Heavy Units Bombed Jap Aerodrome at Ballale Near Buin-Faisi Bouganville at Night]

Map, Solomon Islands, Wikipedia [High Explosives & Fragmentation Bombs Used in Above Mentioned Raid on Ballale]

Six Jap Bombers Downed, 4/20/1943Long Air Missions in Pacific, 4/20/1943Yamamoto Killed in Action, 5/22/1943

Map, New Georgia, Ibiblio, HyperWar [One Jap Aircraft Raided Rendova; Previous Shoot-Downs of Jap Planes Verified]

Map, Munda Airfield, Ibiblio, HyperWar [Torpedo- & Divebombers Attacked Jap A.A. Positions & Bivouac Areas at Munda]

Satellite View, Langsdale Point New Georgia, Google [Allied Fighters Intercepted Zeros & Divebombers Over Langsdale Point]

Map, Shows Inogai Inlet New Georgia, Ibiblio, HyperWar [Allies Captured Equipment & Killed 150 Enemy in Battle at Inogai]

Satellite View, Vila Kolombangara, Google [Heavies Hit Jap Airstrip at Vila After Dark]Nav Chart for Vila, Smithsonian

Map; Vangunu Island, Solomon Islands; Google [Surface Craft & Shore Parties Destroyed Three Barges with 150 Jap Troops]

Map, Kula Gulf, Wikipedia [Japanese Resupply Task Force Bound for Munda Intercepted by U.S. Navy in Kula Gulf]

7/14/1943, Pittsburgh Draft Boards Nos. 6, 7, & 9 Issue List of Tuesday's Selectees Inducted into Armed Services

7/14/1943, By Lolita Carden of Berkeley Public Library; Many Physicists Busy Researching Atomic Energy, Radio Activity, etc.

Physicist Einstein Suggests Mass Contains Nearly Limitless Latent Energy, 12/8/1922, Part-1Limitless Latent Energy, Part 2

7/14/1943, War Workers Needed Immediately to Build Cargo Ships for U.S.; Plenty of Housing Available Next to Shipyard

Map, Pittsburgh Pa., GoogleMap, Berkeley Ca., GoogleMap, Tampa Florida, Google [Workers Needed in Shipyards]

7/14/1943, Two Norfork Policemen Killed During Gunbattle with Robbers Looting Drug Store; Cash Register Rifled

Map, Norfork Va., Google [Officers Answered Call at 5:05am & Both Later Found at Scene with Revolvers Empty]

7/14/1943, Doerr HR Decides All-Star Game for A.L.; Leonard & Newhowser Limit N.L.; DiMaggio Homers for Nationals, Part 1

7/14/1943, Doerr HR Decides All-Star Game for A.L.; Leonard & Newhowser Limit N.L.; DiMaggio Homers for Nationals, Part 2

7/14/1943, Berkeley Postal Receipts for First Six Months of Year Reach All-Time High of $499,033.29 Declares Postmaster


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July 14, 1943

Post by Globalization41 » 16 Nov 2018 14:55

7/14/1943, Fresh British Landings Near Catania Sicily Threaten Axis Supply Lines from Messina, Part 1Landings, Part 2

Map, Sicily, WikipediaMap, Sicily, Emerson Kent [Axis Forces in Sicily Cutoff From Resupply Except Through Messina]

7/14/1943, Axis Supply-Line Chokepoint (at Messina) Out of Montgomery's Reach; Capture Premature Due to Topography

7/14/1943, Germans Introduce Powerful Mobile Cannon on Eastern Front; Caterpillar Traction, Thick Frontal Armor

Photo, Ferdinand, Panzerjager (Tank Hunter), World War PhotosPhoto, Ferdinand, Panzerjager, World War Photos

7/14/1943, Maine (& U.S.) War Bonds Sales Decline Due to June 15 Income Tax PaymentsMap, Augusta Maine, Google

7/14/1943, Ex-Screen Actor & U.S. Navy Seaman Henry Fonda Sued for Child Support; Complainant Wants $2,000 Monthly

7/14/1943, Canning Center Users at Mexico (Maine) H.S. Must Leave Contents of One Can Per Five for School Lunch Program

Map, Mexico Maine, Google ... Film Star Henry Fonda Joins Navy at Lowest Rating; Tyrone Power Joins Marines, 9/6/1942

7/14/1943, Mason County Cherry Growers Meet; Pickers Getting 10-15¢ Per Basket; No Action Taken on Pirating of Pickers

Map, Mason Co. Michigan, Google [Timely Harvest of Cherries Expected After Mexican Pickers Finish Sugar Beet Fields]

7/14/1943; Babe Ruth Nursing Sore Shin from Charity Baseball Game in Boston, but Elated After 69 Golf Score at North Hills

Map, Douglaston Golf Course (North Hills in 1943) New York, GooglePhoto, Douglaston Golf Course Clubhouse, Wikipedia

Play-by-Play, World Series, Game Two; Boston's [Babe] Ruth Hurls 14 Innings Against Brooklyn, 10/9/1916, Part 1Part 2

A.L. Final Standings, 10/5/1916 [Philadelphia A's 36-117, Worst Record of Modern Era]N.L. Final Standings, 10/6/1916

Boston Fans Baseball Mad as World Series Approaches, Betting Is Ten to Six Red Sox Win Opener, 10/6/1916

War Industry in North Results in Mass Migration from Alabama; Business Offers Incentives Due to Labor Shortage, 10/7/1916

German Sub U-53 Anchors at Newport R.I.; U-Boat Captain Hans Roses, Crew 35, Guns Mounted Fore & Aft, 10/7/1916

Several U-Boats Raid British Shipping in Atlantic Off New England Coast, 10/9/1916P.C.L. Standings, 10/9/1916

German U-Boat Pays Brief Call to Newport; Several Ships Sunk +3 Miles Offshore Afterward, 10/9/1916, Part 1Part 2

Map, Newport Rhode Island, Google [U.S. Steamer Kansan (Hauling Steel to Genoa Italy) Delayed Until OKed by U-Boat]

U-Boats Send Stocks Down, Wild Selling at Open, 10/9/1916Map, Genoa Italy, Google … … New Sub-Surface Boat, 5/9/1903

Photo, New Premier of Japan Count Terauchi, Former War Minister & Governor-General of Korea, 10/9/1916

World Series, Myers HR in 1st Only Score Off Ruth (14ip,6h), Game Two, Boxscore, 10/9/1916Play-by-Play, 10/9/1916

Ruth Wins 2-1; Gainer's Pinch Single in Boston's 14th Just Before Darkness KOs Brooklyn After Walk & Bunt, 10/9/1916

Frank Chance Provides Commentary from Visalia Telegraph Report of Boston's World Series Win Over Brooklyn, 10/9/1916

Map, Visalia California, Google [Frank Chance Pointed Out Dodgers "Missed a Bet" by Not Walking Gainer to Set Up DP]

Babe Ruth Shatters All World Series HR Records; Hoyt (9ip,14h) Gets Win; Yanks Even Series at 2-2 in St. Louis, 10/7/1926

Babe Ruth (3HR,4rbi,2w,4r) Leaves St. Louis Rooters Speechless; World Series, Game Four, Boxscore, 10/7/1926

7/14/1943, Martinique Joins Anti-Axis Lineup; French National Committee of Liberation To Assume Control from Vichy

Map, Martinique, GoogleVolcanic Activity & Earthquakes Interrupt Communications from Island of Martinique, 5/8/1902

Mexico City Suffers Severe Earthquake Shock Lasting 1.5 Minutes, 4/19/1902Map, Mexico City, Google

Earthquakes Strike Guatemala; Towns of Quesaltenango & Amatitlan Wiped Out, 4/21/1902

Map, Quetzaltenango Guatemala, GoogleMap, Amatitlán Guatemala, GoogleMap, Mt. Pelee, Wikipedia

Most Towns in W. Guatemala Destroyed by Quake; Some Telegraph Lines Open, Nearby Volcanos Active, 4/23/1902

Steamship Newport Arrives in S.F. With Accounts of Earthquake in Guatemala; Thousands Homeless, 5/9/1902

British Steamer Roddam Survives Volcano; Seriously Burned Capt. Freeman Reports St. Pierre Demolished, 5/9/1902

Volcanic Eruption Obliterates St. Pierre Martinique & Towns Within Shadow of Mt. Pelee, 5/11/1902

Estimated 30,000 Persons Perish in St. Pierre; Relief Expedition Finds Iron Columns Bent Toward Sea, 5/11/1902

Noxious Gas Wave Followed by Sheet of Fire Swept Down Mt. Pelee; Orchards & Towns Burst into Flame, 6/21/1902

Story of Steamship Roddam's Escape from Volcanic Explosion at St. Pierre; Wall of Fire, 28 of 44 Crew Killed; 8/14/1902

Volcanos Make Cold Weather, 3/29/1924Photo, St. Pierre, RedditPhoto, St. Pierre, Wikipedia

7/14/1943, Sunflower Ordnance Workers at De Soto Kansas Recieve Medical Care at Plant Hospital ... Map, De Soto, Google

7/14/1943, Harvesters Move into N.W. Kansas; Weather Favorable, but Fields Dry; Growers Urgently Need 200 Grain Cars

7/14/1943, U.S. Bombers Harass Supply Ships Attempting to Reach Japanese Base at KiskaMap, Kiska Island, Alaska

Japs Defend Every Inch of Soggy Ground on Attu Island Alaska; Group of U.S. Fighter Planes Crash in Fog, 5/24/1943

Map, Battle of Attu, Wikipedia [U.S. Infantry Advanced Only Three Miles in Three Days After Landing at Massacre Bay]

Map, Attu Island, Google [U.S. Troops Faced Rain, MGs, Mortar Fire, & Jap Snipers While Pinned Down in Cold Foxholes]


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July 14, 1943

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7/14/1943, Will World Police (& Stalin) Defend Rights of Minorities Within Boundaries of Post-War Association of States?

7/14/1943, Germans Concentrate Firepower on Narrow Southern End of Orel-Belgorod Front in Hopes of Breakthrough

7/14/1943, Reds Launch Counterattacks in Belgorod Sector; Russians Shell German Blockhouses Near Leningrad, Part 1

7/14/1943, Reds Launch Counterattacks in Belgorod Sector; Russians Shell German Blockhouses Near Leningrad, Part 2

Map, Eastern Front, Emerson KentSatellite View, Leningrad, Google [Links Relating to Leningrad Follow]

Factory Sirens Sound Throughout Russia During Lenin's Funeral; Petrograd Renamed Leningrad, 1/29/1924

Novalist Fanny Hurst Tours Leningrad & Russia; Rule of Czar Replaced by Tyranny of "Ignorant Peasants", 10/25/1924

Shopping Difficult in Leningrad; Supply Never Equals Demand; Ex-Judge for Czar Sells Cigarettes on Street, 10/23/1929

Economic Conditions Improving in Leningrad, 6/29/1933U.S. Unemployment Continues to Increase, 9/26/1933

Russian Chess Standard High; 17-Year Old Moscow Chess Champ Smislov Tops Alatortzeff in Leningrad, 3/18/1939

11th All-Soviet Chess Championship, Leningrad, Tournament Final Standings, Bottvinik (12.5/17) Edges Kotov, 8/12/1939

Neat Finish by Leningrad Chess Champ Toulsch Against Vasilieff, 10/14/1939N.F.L. Results & Standings, 11/20/1939

Russian Troops March into Finland to Secure Improved Defensive Position for Leningrad Against Imperialists, 12/1/1939

Leningrad Report Reveals Left-Wing Finnish Manifesto Calling for Redistribution of Land from Wealthy to Poor, 12/15/1939

Finnish Communist Manifesto Opposes Polish Gentry, Swedish Bankers, & Anti-Soviet Nest in Capitalist Finland; 1/9/1940

Diplomates Suspect Hitler Believes Stalin's Objective of Protecting Leningrad Has Been Achieved in Finn War, 3/9/1940

Map, Finland, 1939-1940, Ibiblio, HyperWar ... Map 2Map 3Map 4Nazi Invaders Drive Across Norway, 4/17/1940

Nazi-Soviet War Preparations Beyond Bluffing Stage Say Turks; Troops Jam Rails from Leningrad to Moscow, 6/21/1941

German Advance on Leningrad Continues Without Halt; Russians Still Hold N. Estonia; Gigantic Struggle Looming, 7/17/1941

Leningrad Cut Off from Russia Except by River Neva; Finns & Germans Increase Pressure, Fierce Battles Raging, 9/5/1941

Leningrad Position Critical, Germans Continue Violent Attacks, Inferno of Artillery Duels, Russian Morale Holds, 9/8/1941

Counterattacks by Russian Troops on Leningrad Front Stall Germans; Moscow Announces Evacuation of Kiev, 9/23/1941

Blizzard Rages in Leningrad; German Army Closing in on Moscow Yard-by-Yard, Rain Squalls Hamper Air Ops; 10/25/1941


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July 14, 1943

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7/14/1943, War Mobilization Director Announces Review of Gasoline & Oil Situation Due to Expanding Military Requirements

7/14/1943, Rose Mary Sowanick of Brackenridge Joins Women's Army CorpsMap, Brackenridge Pennsylvania, Google

Woman in One Year Logs 1,157 Lunches Made; 2,259 Rooms Dusted; 1,236 Articles Mended; 44 Days Sick, Etc., 5/9/1901

7/14/1943, Fire Destroys Altman Feed Mill at Irwin; $200,000 Damage, 150 Workers IdleMap, Irwin Pa., Google

7/14/1943, Denaturalization Hearing Continues for Pittsburgh Downtown Merchant; Wolter Rooted for Germany in 1939

7/14/1943, Moscow Relaxes State of Siege Declared in October 1941 as German Army Swept to Gates of Russian Capital

Map, Eastern Front, 1941, WikipediaMap, Moscow Front, 1941, Wikipedia [Links Relating to Moscow Follow]

Moscow Calm Despite German Blitz; Political Commissars Assigned to Army, 7/19/1941N.F.L. Season Opens, 9/8/1941

Stopping Nazis at Smolensk Assures Moscow Safety, 9/12/1941 … … Lambeau's Packers Limit Lions, 9/15/1941, Part 1Part 2

Grid Cards & Rams to Meet in Chicago, 9/16/1941 … … Dodgers Win Marathon Duel at Cincinnati, 9/16/1941, Part-1Part-2

N.F.L. Cleveland Rams Edge Chicago Cardinals, 9/17/1941Green Bay Packers Reach 33-Player Limit, 9/17/1941

Moscow Prepares for Action by Jettisoning Everything Not Useful, 9/19/1941G.B. Ground Attack Defeats Rams, 9/22/1941

50 Soviet Divisions Trapped East of Kiev, 9/24/1941Nazi Occupiers Shoot Scores of Communists & Jews, 9/24/1941

Moscow Reports Heavy Snow; Germans Face Muddy Roads, 9/25/1941Rival Bears in Green Bay for Big Game, 9/28/1941

N.F.L. Dodgers Outlast Eagles 24-13; Lions-Cards Deadlock, 9/28/1941Bears Defend N.F.L. Crown 25-17 at G.B., 9/29/1941

Churchill Reviews War Situation in Speech to House of Commons; U.S. & U.K. Missions Now in Moscow, 10/2/1941

Germans May Drive on Moscow; Stalin to Fight to End, 10/3/1941N.F.L. Bears Pound Out 48-21 Win Over Rams, 10/4/1941

Germans Open All-Out Offensive on Road to Moscow; Soviets Ambush S.S. Position, Luftwaffe Strafes Trains, 10/8/1941

Hitler's Armies Converging on Soviet Capital; Threat to Moscow Exceedingly Grave; Snow Begins Falling, 10/11/1941

Jubilant Hitler HQ Says Reds Encircled Along Sea of Azov; Women & Children Evacuating Moscow, 10/12/1941, Part 1Part 2

German Panzer Divisions Thrust Toward Moscow, 10/13/1941Grid Giants & Bears Remain Unbeaten, 10/13/1941

Desperate Battles W. of Moscow; Elite Nazi S.S. Storm Troops (Drawn from Leningrad) Join Fight for Soviet Capital, 10/20/1941

State of Siege Declared for Moscow by Order of Stalin, 10/20/1941Mighty Chicago Bears Steamroll Detroit Lions, 10/20/1941

Furious Panzer Assaults Approach Moscow; Red Star Reports Situation Alarming & Serious in Southern Russia, 10/27/1941

Germans Stuck in Mud W. of Moscow, 10/27/1941Victories by Green Bay & Bears Set Up Showdown Next Week, 10/27/1941

Churchill & F.D.R. Condemn Nazi Mass Executions in Occupied Europe, 10/27/1941F.D.R. Wants End of Hitler, 10/27/1941

German Double Drive Increasingly Menaces Moscow, 11/3/1941 … … Packers Upset Chicago Bears, 11/3/1941, Part 1Part 2

Stalin Speaks in Moscow, No Mercy for German Occupiers; Enemy "Civilization" Slaughters Our Peasants, 11/8/1941

Bad Weather N.W. of Moscow, Soviets Dig In; Yalta Falls to Germans, 11/10/1941Giants Tame Lions, 11/10/1941

Berlin Reports German Advance of 2.5 Miles on Moscow Front, 11/17/1941Steelers Finally Win One, 11/17/1941

Red Army in Defense of Moscow Yields Inch-by-Inch to Germans, 11/24/1941Bears & G.B. Heading for Deadlock, 11/24/1941

Big Tank Battles W. of Moscow; Russians Recapture Rostov, 12/1/1941Green Bay Clinches Tie in N.F.L. West, 12/1/1941

Forward German Troops on Moscow Front Able to See Center of Capital with Aid of Good Field Glasses, 12/3/1941

U.S. Suffers Heavy Losses from Japanese Air Raid Against Hawaii, 12/8/1941, Part 1Part 2 … … Japan, 1923 to 1936

Storming Moscow Requires Utmost Brutality; German Lines Stretched, 12/8/1941Bears & G.B. End Tied in West, 12/8/1941

Hitler Puts Moscow Offensive on Weather Hold; Oil Freezes in Vehicles; Troops Must Take Cover, 12/8/1941, Part-1Part-2

Nazis Routed on Moscow Front, 12/15/1941, Part 1Part 2 ... … Bears Drub Packers for Shot at N.F.L. Title, 12/15/1941

Hitler Fires Brauchitsch as Nazis Stall Before Moscow, 12/22/1941Part 2 … … Bears Top Giants for N.F.L. Title, 12/22/1941

7/14/1943, Radio Algiers Urges Frenchmen to Hit the Streets at 7:45pm & Celebrate Last Bastille Day Under Nazi Oppression


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July 14, 1943

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7/14/1943, Observers Believe Axis Forces on Sicily Must Fight (Only Retreat Through Messina)Map, Messina, Google

7/14/1943, Truman Committee OKs U.S. Navy's New Carrier-Based F6F FighterPhoto, Hellcat F6F Fighter, Wikipedia

7/14/1943, Labor Draft Bill Reaches F.D.R.'s Desk for Study as Officials Show Increasing Worry over Manpower Shortage

7/14/1943, Three Cargo Ships to Be Launched at Tampa's Shipyards; Parade & Band; Radio Coverage of Ceremonies

Map, Tampa, Google7/14/1943, French Radio Stations in N.W. Africa Broadcast Bastille Day Greetings to French People

7/14/1943, Argentina Bans Activities by Local German Societies Aiding AxisMap, Buenos Aires Argentina, Google

7/14/1943, Eighth A.F. in London Announces Court Martial Conviction for Drunken Soldier Discussing New Combat Plane

7/14/1943, Crippled Flying Fortress Limps Back to Base from N.W. Germany After Losing Nose to German Fighter Swarm

Photo, B-17 Battle Damage, WikipediaPhoto, B-17 Formation, WikipediaPhoto, B-17s Encounter Heavy Flak, Wikipedia

7/14/1943, War Production Board Wants Mass Production of Cheap (Instead of Fancy) Clothing to Avoid Textile Shortages

Logistics in World War II, Army HistoryEmployment of Women in WWII, S.S.A.Map, St. Petersburg Florida, Google

7/14/1943, Eliza Rocky of St. Petersburg Fined $50 for Selling Drinks of Gin (for 50¢) at Her Home Without Proper License

7/14/1943, Army Extends After-Induction Furloughs to 21 Days; Marine Corps Stays at 14; Navy Inductees Get Seven Days

7/14/1943, Kansas Senator Capper Believes Republicans Will Gain in '44 Elections Because Voters Want Less Gov't Control

7/14/1943, Eggs May Soon Be Rationed Due to Increased Consumption; Milk Distributers Now Handling Twice as Many Eggs

7/14/1943, Mysterious Miss Thompson (Unknown to Hollywood Sources) Sues Actor Henry Fonda; Fonda Somewhere at Sea

7/14/1943, Kansas Dept. of Civil Service Taking Applications for Clerks & Law Enforcement InspectorsMap, Kansas, Google

7/14/1943, Australia's Explosive Factories Practice Rigid Safety; No Smoking, Handle with Care, Safer than Coalmining

7/14/1943, Allied Bombers & Fighters Spread Flaming Path of Destruction Across Sicily & Surrounding Waters

7/14/1943, Cadets at Olathe Naval Air Station Augment Kansas Farmers Harvesting Wheat ... Map, Olathe Kansas, Google

7/14/1943, Joe Berry Posts Ninth-Straight Victory as Milwaukee Wins Dazzling Duel with Rally in 9th Against Louisville

7/14/1943, Standings, American Association7/14/1943, Clyde McCullough of Chicago Cubs Called to Army for Induction

Phils Capture Twin Bill, but Cubs' Catcher Clyde McCullough Steals Show with Three Consecutive HRs in Opener, 7/27/1942

7/14/1943; Private Eugene Bains from Somewhere Overseas Orders Cemetery Headstone for: Adolf Hitler, Berlin Germany

7/14/1943, British 8th Army Secures East Coast of Sicily; Crack Hermann Goering Division Making Determined Resistance


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July 15, 1943

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7/15/1943, German Assault in Kursk Battle Stalls After Heavy Losses; Tank Battles Continue on Vast Scale in Belgorod Sector

7/15/1943, Map, Eastern Front7/15/1943, Red Army Steadily Wearing Down Von Kluge's Forces; Kursk Battle Not Yet Over

7/15/1943, Russians Use Tank Reinforcements in Counterattacks on S. Flank of Kursk Salient; Fierce Back-&-Forth Fighting

7/15/1943, Hitler's Summer Offensive Makes Only Small (but Costly) Gains After Absorbing Massive Soviet Winter Offensives

7/15/1943, German Advance in Kursk Sector Slowed by Heavy Rain; Russians Break Through Near OrelBattle of Kharkov

7/15/1943, Axis Bulgaria; Strategic Crossroads; Pro-Soviet PopulousBulgaria Joins Axis, 3/6/1941Map, Bulgaria, Google

7/15/1943, Latest New Zealand War Causality List; Pvt. Angus J. Morrison of Oamaru Killed in ActionMap, Oamaru, Google

7/15/1943, U.S. Solomons Offensive Dents Japanese Pacific Defensive Line, Part 1Part 2 … … Map, Pacific, Army History

7/15/1943, Japanese Resistance on Munda Stiffens as Allied Forces in N. Georgia & Solomons Close InMap, Munda, Google

7/15/1943, Tojo Returns to Tokyo After Tour of Empire & Gives Speech; Unity of Billion Asians Assures Victory, Part 1Part 2

7/15/1943, Australian Scientific Council Issues Bulletin (Along with Guide) Identifying Poisonous Fish in Pacific War Regions

7/15/1943, Manila's July Rations Held Up Until New Addresses & Births Updated, Part 1Part 2 … … Map, Manila P.I., Google

7/15/1943, N.Z. Army's Newly Formed Construction Unit Will Maintain Battlefield Supply Lines & Infrastructure at Home Bases

7/15/1943, Big R.A.F. Night Raid Hits Aachen Industrial & Mining Districts; 20 Bombers LostMap, Aachen Germany, Google

7/15/1943, Map, S.E. Sicily7/15/1943, Axis Radios Say Allies Reach Augusta While Fresh Allied Troops Land Near Catania

7/15/1943, Berlin Reports Allied Troops Within Six Miles of Catania; Radio Algiers States Axis Columns Observed Moving South

7/15/1943, Map, SicilyMap, Fortress Europe, WikipediaMap, Algiers, Google7/15/1943, Japs ID 31,800 British POWs

7/15/1943; Bastille Day Forbidden in German-Occupied France, but Tearful Celebrations Held in London & All French Colonies

7/15/1943, U.K. Home Secretary Says It's Tragic for Ireland to Remain Neutral During Cause of LibertyMap, Ireland, Google

7/15/1943, Baseball's Most-Traded Pitcher Bobo Newsome Dealt to Browns; Rickey Backs Leo Durocher in Dodger Family Feud

Tiger Sluggers & Newsom Crush Reds 7-2 Before 31,793 Stricken Cincinnatians, 10/3/1940World Series Opener, 10/3/1940

Newsom Dazzles Reds with Three-Hitter; 55,189 Detroit Fans See Game, 10/7/1940Tigers Take 3-2 Series Lead, 10/7/1940

Cincinnati Suffers Many Happy Hangovers; Reds Win World Series Deciding Game 2-1; Derringer Outduels Newsom, 10/9/1940


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