Translation needed

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mick murray
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Translation needed

Post by mick murray » 19 Sep 2019 16:37

Hi, recently acquired this letter and have decided to find out about the sender, however I have no ability to read the name or address, I do have understanding of Feld post number, I would appreciate any help with translating the envelope.

Thanks, Mick
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Re: Translation needed

Post by Mirabell » 20 Sep 2019 00:36

here is a line by line translation with some explanatory words:
Frau = Mrs.
Babette Holler same name
Schmiede-Geschaeft = 1) The smith’s working place (Maybe a blacksmith’s
working place) or
2) a store where professionals, like the blacksmith or others
can buy tools and material.
(“ schmieden”, means making something out of metal (to forge).
In Schirnsdorf No 33 = in Schirnsdorf No. 33 = indicating place and the number of the house
Post Muehlhausen Oberfranken = Post Office Muehlhausen, Upper Franconia
In (Bayern) = in Bavaria
“Post Muehlhausen” indicates that Schirnsdorf did not have its own post office. The mail was sent to Muehlhausen and from there it was delivered to the towns and villages belonging to the established district. "
The sender is Uffz. Holler. Uffz.= Unteroffizier, meaning lit. "under officer" or "below an officer . I believe it is equal to the rank of
sergeant, historically also noted as corporal. Not my strength but I think it is correct.

Best regards,
Mirabell (also new)

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Re: Translation needed

Post by GregSingh » 20 Sep 2019 01:34


Here is how I see it:

Babette Holler


in Schirnsdorf No 33
Post Mühlhausen Oberfranken
in (Bayern)

Abs(ender) Uffz. Holler Konrad Feldpost No 16434
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