German Military funerals - rules & traditions?

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German Military funerals - rules & traditions?

Post by richcarrick » 26 Dec 2019 11:15


can anyone tell me about the rules, regulations and traditions of a funeral for a fallen soldier in the Third Reich? I am aware that perhaps many bodies were buried where they fell, but I have photographic proof of a funeral in Germany for numerous fallen men, with a full military band, chaplain, senior officers - the works.

The only tradition I'm aware of is the playing of 'ich hatte eine kameraden' by the band... ideally I'd like some books or articles to read. I've already searched this forum and not found much, and google isn't much help with only one or two articles on modern German funerals

I guess by extension, I'd also like to know about burials in wartime Germany in general...

many thanks in advance!

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