Napoleon II 1940.

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Napoleon II 1940.

Post by tigre » 10 Aug 2020 04:43

Hello to all :D; something about it......................................

Napoleon II's return to Paris in 1940.

Francisco Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1811-1832) was the only son of the Emperor Napoleon I and the Empress Maria Luisa of Austria; born in Paris on March 20, 1811 and died in Vienna on July 22, 1832 (tuberculosis and according to other theories poisoned when he was 21 years old). He was brought in 1814 from his native Paris to Vienna by his mother and raised in the Austrian court. After Waterloo his father abdicated in his favor and he was appointed as Napoleon II, although he never took charge. Prince Imperial, King of Rome and Duke of Reichstadt since 1818. On December 15, 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered the remains of Napoleon II to be transferred from Vienna to the Dome des Invalides in Paris with honors of head of state.

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