Did Martin Bormann survive the war?

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Re: Did Martin Bormann survive the war?

Post by Max » 11 Jul 2022 14:14

Bormann and Mengele headed f or Asunción, Paraguay, because
Bormann was ill. His health became worse, and a doctor was called.
Doctor Otto Biss, a resident of Asunción, examined Bormann and
Mengele. He observed that Bormann had a scar on his f orehead
and that, other than a recurrence of his gastritis, he was in good
health. This is how it was established that Bormann was in Paraguay,
https://doczz.net/doc/495615/martin-bor ... tfire-list
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Re: Did Martin Bormann survive the war?

Post by Sid Guttridge » 12 Jul 2022 06:55

Hi Max,


The first report is just another rehash of earlier versions of the same story in 1993, all of which seem to be syndications based on the same press conference, not an actual sight of the document concerned. This time Bliss is called Biss and there are some other altered details. As it says itself, it is from before DNA work established that the skull found in Berlin was Bormann's. Furthermore, once again, it gives us no way of tracing this claimed document. If we can't even prove the claimed document exists and haven't got its text, we can't even begin to examine its accuracy.

Manning was a journalist and political speech writer, not a historian. His theory was, "the alleged Bormann skull is that of a grisly stand-in, a substitute whose teeth and entire dental structure had been carefully prepared over a period of time on an inmate of Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen who looked almost like the Reichsleiter." and "the Berlin skull is from a body placed in the location of the freight yards on April 30, 1945, by an SS Gestapo team....". However, he was writing in 1981, before the advent of DNA testing, in a period when such a claim was difficult to check. DNA testing since has shown that the skull was undoubtedly Bormann's. If Manning was demonstrably so badly wrong on something as fundamental as this, how much else of what he wrote is to be trusted?



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Re: Did Martin Bormann survive the war?

Post by VanillaNuns » 05 Oct 2022 01:59

Check out the 4 videos from reputable historian Dr Mark Felton on YouTube. He makes a compelling case that Bormann did survive and lived in Paraguay.

Details and video links here: 😎


Not sure why this topic wasn't placed in one of the biographical sub forums, but I stumbled across it anyway a few months back.

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Re: Did Martin Bormann survive the war?

Post by JD » 30 Oct 2022 14:27

I think you'll find that Mark Felton is... how shall I put this? Not quite from the top shelf.

Bormann's DNA was checked against that of his son and it was a match.

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