Which Battle is important for your Nation?

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Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by JensC » 01 Apr 2005 00:42

I find it interesting that different Nations remember very different battles of WW2. For example I never heared of the Battle for Hürtgen Forest before I found some posts about it on this Forum. It seems to me that this battle in America is wiedly know (at least by the ones who are interested in WW2). Another example would be the Battle of the Buldge, it seems to me that this last big offensive in the West is very popular under American History Buffs, unlike Germany where it is "one of those last idiotic offensives...".

The most known Battle in Germany is certanly Stalingrad, the big defeat.
I would say after Stalingrad comes the Air War over Germany, especially the bombardment of the cities.
Then perhaps Normany, mainly because of the many American Movies.
At least that's my impression, other Germans might think different.

So what battles are popular in your country? Which ones are relativly unkown?

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Erik E
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Post by Erik E » 01 Apr 2005 02:29

In Norway I guess the most famous battle is the sinking of the cruiser Blücher on the 9th April 1940.
More or less everything else seems to be forgotten....
Well many know of the fightings around Narvik, but this is definately not as famous as Blücher...

For battles outside Norway, I guess the D-day rates high on the "known" list among Norwegians!


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Michael Emrys
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Post by Michael Emrys » 01 Apr 2005 02:56

The sinking of the Blücher was an important event that helped the Allied cause in more than one way.

Some of the more important battles in the imagination of the American public occurred in the Pacific. Chief among these are the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima.

Other battles that are known about in the US, but not so well, are the Battle of Britain and Stalingrad and the campaign in North Africa. Of course, it was only in the latter that US forces were involved.

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Post by Kissa » 01 Apr 2005 07:34

Winter War in general is the battle/war the Finnish majority knows the most. We don't get teached much about the continuation war in schools, especially not about the offensive phase in 1941.

Of Winter War the battle of "Raatteen tie" is the most known, but many people have no idea where it took place or even what happened there.

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Post by szopen » 01 Apr 2005 13:28

For battle no one probably knows outside Poland.. Lenino. Westerplatte.

And then, Tobruk, Monte Cassino, Narvik.

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Post by sylvieK4 » 01 Apr 2005 13:41

The battle at Bzura was also significant, but apparently not so well known outside Poland.

For the USA, Wake Island was important for morale. Although it is not wholly "unknown", it doesn't seem to get a lot of popular attention these days.

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Post by zstar » 01 Apr 2005 15:46

The Battle of Shanghai which was the first real all out war against Japanese forces.China used its most best German trained units to send a message to the great powers in America and Europe and even though Shanghai was lost it resulted in 100.000 dead Chinese and 60.000 dead which sent a message that Chinese will never surrender until the last man.

Delta Tank
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Post by Delta Tank » 01 Apr 2005 16:14

To all,

I will put in my two cents on this topic:

ETO: D-Day, 6 June 1944
Battle of the Bulge

MTO: Capture of Sicily

PTO: Midway
Leyte Gulf/Return to the Phillipines
Iwo Jima


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Post by Acolyte » 01 Apr 2005 16:52

The siege of Budapest, obviously.

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Post by Igorn » 01 Apr 2005 17:56

In Russia, I would rank as follows:

1. Stalingrad Battle
2. Moscow Battle
3. Kursk Battle
4. Bagration operation

Best Regards from Moscow,

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Post by beauregard61 » 01 Apr 2005 18:44

I think that El Alamein with a strong connection to Rommel is also relative well remembered in Germany. Rommel and the Afrikakorps were remembered as representatives of a rather fair and common war in a sharp contrast to the daylike war crimes which were commited at the eastern front.
But perhaps this is more true regarding the first decades after the war than today.

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Post by Gertjan » 01 Apr 2005 19:12

For the Netherlands:

1940 The defense of the Grebbeberg, the Waalbrug in Rotterdam and Kornwerderzand, the actions against the 7. Flieger division and 22. Luftlande division (which had an impact on the transport capacity of the Luftwaffe during the rest of the war)

1944 Operation "Market-Garden", because it caused the division into the liberated south and occupied North, which suffered during the winter of 1944/1945.



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Lupo Solitario
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Post by Lupo Solitario » 01 Apr 2005 19:17

In italy...the destruction of ARMIR in 1943, I believe

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Post by Stéphane » 01 Apr 2005 20:56

I think these are little known to most Canadians these days but I'd say Dieppe, Normandy and The Scheldt.

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Post by Delta Tank » 01 Apr 2005 21:25

Stephane wrote:
I think these are little known to most Canadians these days but I'd say Dieppe, Normandy and The Scheldt.
I find it very sad that in small country (population wise) that most Canadians would not know these battles! The tough combat of The Scheldt has to rank high on the list of difficult operations in World War II.


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