Which Battle is important for your Nation?

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Post by johnny_bi » 17 Apr 2005 04:55

Well, I can not talk for all Romanians, but the most traumatised is the battle of Stalingrad, actually Don river's bend... Even during the communist regim, it was very known... I remember my grandfather explaining me about being encircled, frost bites, etc... After the war, when asking for a veteran pension, the communist authorities told him that "you fought against our Soviet brothers and you dare to subscript for a pension!!!! You were a voluntier (actually he was a conscript and he had no choice) for the war against the Soviet Union!!!".

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Post by wlvanbesien » 17 Apr 2005 06:08

Here in the US the only battles you hear about are:
Iwo Jima (been in the newspaper a lot recently -- 60th anniversary)
Battle of the Bulge

Occasionally you'll hear about:
Kasserine Pass
Market Garden
Battle of Britain

The war in Russia is essentially a footnote in history textbooks. Most people know nothing about it.

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Re: Battles of Tali-Ihantala

Post by Topspeed » 17 Apr 2005 10:11

Vesa wrote:In Finland, imho.
Tali-Ihantala, the largest battle ever fought in the Nordic countries.
I still think that the battle fought at Raatteentie is still the most decisive. There 19 000 - 23 000 soviets fell when trying to liberate finns from democracy. 800 finns also died.

Why is it important ?

Because during Winter War soviets were still trying to level Finland, but in 1944 Soviets had also something else on their mind at least from August 1944 onwards.
Also finns proved to themselves that they may not be defeated that easily.

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Post by A C » 21 Apr 2005 04:30

I think the most important Battle for the US was Pearl Harbor. There are a lot of reasons for a lot of other battles to be listed highly, but this is the one that got us into the war. It moblized the American people, and provided them with the determination to win the war.

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Yamamoto had pretty well planned

Post by MARABA » 21 Apr 2005 09:32

[Yamamoto had pretty well planned out the Pearl
Harbor attack by 1937. I had understood that it was mostly planned
by Minoru Genda (under Yamamoto's supervision) in the summer of 1941.
He also said that Yamamoto was very pro-war where I had understood
that Yamamoto felt going to war against the US was very foolish

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Post by weiss » 22 Apr 2005 06:37

Before 'Saving Private Ryan', I would say the most famous WW2 battles for americans was either the Battle of the Bulge, Midway, Pearl Harbor or Iwo Jima. All had very popular movies made about them and american memory, sadly, seems to be largely guided by cinema over the years. This will probably only increase as the surviving WW2 generation dies out and our public school system continues to spiral...

However, after 'Saving Private Ryan' came out, as well as the popular 'Band of Brothers' series, the most famous WW2 battle for americans, especially younger americans, is probably D-Day and the whole Normandy campaign in general.

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by nebelwerferXXX » 27 Aug 2010 10:25

For the Philippines:
---the defense of Bataan
---the battle for Leyte Gulf
---the battle of the Philippine Sea
---the Liberation of the Philippines
---the battle for Manila
---the execution of Yamashita

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by Baltasar » 27 Aug 2010 11:50

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by Auseklis » 27 Aug 2010 13:00

For me from Hannover (I give a damn on Germany):


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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by Tim Smith » 27 Aug 2010 17:21

This thread is meant to be about WW2 battles only.....not battles generally. Otherwise I'd be going on about how the Battle of Hastings was Britain's most decisive battle....

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by JamesL » 27 Aug 2010 17:39

My first choices - Pearl Harbor and Normandy

Second - Monte Cassino, the Battle of the Bulge

Third - Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima

Fourth - the loss of the Phillipines

In school we also studied the Battle of Britain and Stalingrad.

Honorable mention - Remagen, Coventry, Rotterdam, Warsaw

We never really studied great sea battles.

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by Michate » 27 Aug 2010 22:26

Salus Teutoburgensis, 9 a.d.
Lech Field, 955 a.d.
Leipzig, 1813

Verdun, 1916
Stalingrad, 1942-43

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by Kingfish » 28 Aug 2010 00:56

I'm going to say the opening scene in 2001: a space odyssey when the one ape clubs the other over the head with a bone.

You know, the beginning of all wars.

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by CJK1990 » 29 Aug 2010 01:44

I'm surprised Midway hasn't been mentioned for the U.S. It was a great victory that marked the turning point for the Pacific war, just like Stalingrad and El Alamein was the turning point in the European and North African war.

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Re: Which Battle is important for your Nation?

Post by eethomasf32 » 01 Sep 2010 13:43

since no austrian has poted by now, i would say (because it's about ww2 and we were intergrated in the wehrmacht) Stalingrad is the most common known battle and the airwar over germany (...austria...), but for people who are interested in history maybe the battle for vienna.
Can't really judge the one's who only know history from american films, but i can tell from some classmates that they think that ww2 was actually d day and stalingard and nothing else,that the germans just somehow where "there" :lol:
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