POW Camps in the Middle East

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Re: POW Camps in the Middle East

Post by GracieS » 24 Nov 2021 17:33

neuro wrote:
12 Mar 2012 22:29
Hi my father was posted to POW camp 380 in Eygpt in 1948 and had his portrait painted by H. Preiss an inmate of the camp - does anyone have information about this artist. Thanks
Hi - I don't have any information for you, but I'd love to speak to you in regards to any information you've already found!

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Re: POW Camps in the Middle East

Post by wbfamily » 15 Dec 2022 06:23

GracieS wrote:
24 Nov 2021 17:24
wbfamily wrote:
09 May 2015 20:39
Skyderick wrote:There was a POW camp in Palestine, located on the hilltop of Latrun. Many German and Italian soldiers captured in North Africa were held there in 1942. There were separate sections for foreign citizens suspected of collaboration with the enemy and for Jewish and Arab militants respectively.
I have a list of a couple of hundred German POWs interned in this camp, in case anyone's looking for a name. The majority seems to consist of Air Force members.
My Opa was held in N. Africa. His name is Walter Beynun. He was an artist as well and would trade his paintings for cigarettes.
Hi! I would love to speak to you about your grandfather if possible!
I'm so sorry it took so long for me to see your reply. I would love to speak to you.

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