Hindenburg as Reichs President

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Hindenburg as Reichs President

Post by YM » 23 May 2005 17:48

Paul von Hindenburg's election as Reichs President in 1925 over
the moderate Catholic Center party candidate Wilhelm Marx
frightened those who supported the Weimar republican system,
primarily the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Catholic Center,
and German Democartic Party. Since it was known he was
a monarchist, they feared he would try to undermine
parliamentary democracy. I read recently that in the period
before the economic crisis created by the Depression, he
used the emergency Presidential Decree powers of
Article 48 of the Weimar constitution less than his
predecessor, SPD President Friedrich Ebert. Did Hindenburg
make all efforts to respect the Republican system, at least
before the final crisis of 1932-3?

Mad Zeppelin
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Post by Mad Zeppelin » 28 May 2005 16:35

Hindenburg was a monarchist, he was councelled by monarchists, and his aims were monarchistic. But... - the monarchists didn't have the majority in the Reichstag nor any chance ever to gain it. Initially, that kept them rather quiet and most people are led to think that Hindenburg respected the Weimar constitution and republic. But in 1930, after Stresemann's death (1929) and the resigning of Müller's cabinett, the monarchists decided to stage their "coup", - to return to "imperial" times by means of authoritarian governments backed by article 48 (emergency degree by the Reichspräsident) against the parliament. That was still in the first period of Hindenburgs service as Reichspräsident.
However, there were some flaws in the monarchists plans: a) They didn't have a presentable monarch (the Hohenzollern were out by general public disgust with their conduct). b) Their plans would not be tolerated by the democratic parties.
This changed when the economic crisis and the maneuvres of the monarchists led to an increase of votes for right and left wing extremists. Now, for fear of Hitler, the democrats came to support Hindenburg's second election, while the only monarchistic party, the DNVP, backed Hitler. So, the monarchists' plot had led to utter destabilization and to a reversal of the political situation, but had not succeeded with its goal.
To Hindenburg's credit it can be stated that he disliked and distrusted Hitler and several times refused to deal with him. He was only finally tricked into accepting Hitler by von Papen who - in a situation were the monarchists' plan seemed to have already failed - promised the old man that his cabinett (only 3 Nazis but 8 conservatives to outvote them) - and only his cabinett - would be able to pass the laws required to return to the "good old times". And in fact, the new gouvernment very soon passed the "Ermächtigungsgesetzt" through the Reichtag - which gave Reichskanzler Hitler all the power he needed to transform Germany into a terroristic state within 12 months.

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Re: Hindenburg as Reichs President

Post by tigre » 02 Dec 2019 02:53

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