Did Hitler meet Stalin?

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Did Hitler meet Stalin?

Post by Ezboard » 29 Sep 2002 13:23

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(8/14/00 3:46:21 pm)
Reply Did Hitler meet Stalin?

On a recent show on the Discovery channel a british historian (Ericson ?) said that Stalin might have met Hitler in person in the spring of -41.
This theory was totaly new to me, does anybody know any details or sources?

Gary Komar
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(8/26/00 8:15:19 pm)
Reply Did Hitler Meet Stalin
Ericson is probably John Erickson who wrote about Stalin's war with Germany in "The Road to Stalingrad" (London: 1975) and "The Road to Berlin" (London: 1983).

Given his personality, it is very unlikely Hitler met Stalin in 1941, even secretly. After Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov's dismal visit to Berlin in the fall of 1940, when they failed to agree on respective spheres of influence, Hitler pushed to have the plans completed for the invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa).

Hitler was determined to crush the Soviet Union militarily, not to establish dialogue with Stalin.

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