Heavy and long-range bombers of the allies - exact losses

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Heavy and long-range bombers of the allies - exact losses

Post by BIGpanzer » 16 Jan 2006 10:25

Does anybody have info about exact losses of heavy and long-range bombers of USA, UK and USSR during WWII (on each type of model)?

Best regards, BP
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Jon G.
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Post by Jon G. » 16 Jan 2006 10:40

BIGpanzer - while only I'm indirectly addressing your inquiry, the Official Bomber Command site is a good place to start your searches.

For example, according to this site, 3,345 out of 7,373 Lancasters delivered were lost on operations.

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Post by Hop » 16 Jan 2006 11:06

There's a more detailed breakdown for British bombers at http://www.lancaster-archive.com/bc-stats.html

Overall figures for US bombers can be found at: http://www.maxwell.af.mil/au/afhra/wwwr ... tions.html but I don't think they provide losses per model, just per category.

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Post by Gunfighter28 » 16 Jan 2006 11:55

The best information concerning Bomber Command losses to be found in a book would be "Bomber Command War Diaries" by Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everitt

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Post by BIGpanzer » 16 Jan 2006 20:09

Thanks a lot, friends for the interesting links!
I will try to find something in addition by myself and post the info here. It will be perfect to discuss here the exact losses of all main types of heavy and long-range bombers, were used by the Allies: how much were lost in action, which operation was the most hard for each type of bomber, how much flights were made by each type of the bomber, % of their losses and so on. Please, any info is welcome!

Lets discuss, for example, the following types of bombers: British heavy Avro Lancaster and medium Vickers Wellington, US heavy Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, heavy Boeing B-29 Superfortress and medium Martin B-26 Marauder, Soviet heavy Petlyakov Pe-8 and long-range medium Iljushin DB-3F (Il-4).


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Michael Emrys
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Post by Michael Emrys » 17 Jan 2006 01:53

Do you mean to omit the B-24 Liberator long-range heavy bomber? And the B-26 is a medium bomber, not heavy. As is the Wellington. While we're on the British side, you have left out the Stirling, Halifax, and Manchester.


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Post by BIGpanzer » 17 Jan 2006 11:51

Hi, Michael!
Yes, I know, of course :)
But I mentioned only several models as example :)

Also it is possible to discuss the losses of Soviet long-range bomber Yer-2.

At the moment I am searching the info about Avro Lancaster

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Michael Emrys
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Post by Michael Emrys » 17 Jan 2006 12:12

BIGpanzer wrote:Hi, Michael!
Yes, I know, of course :)
But I mentioned only several models as example :)

Okay. :)

At the moment I am searching the info about Avro Lancaster

I anticipate you will do your usual thorough job.



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British heavy bomber Avro Lancaster

Post by BIGpanzer » 03 Feb 2006 20:45

Some info about the best British heavy bomber Avro Lancaster I could find (I mean losses mainly). 7378 were produced in October 1941-February 1946.
Defensive armament – 8-10x7.69 or 2x12.7 + 6x7.69 (Mk.VII, Mk.X), up to 6400-10000 kg of bombs.
Specifications for Lancaster I: empty weight 12.1 t; full weight 31.1 t; dimensions 21.1x31 m; speed 338-462 km/h; 4x1640 hp engines; altitude 7.5 km; range with 5.5 t of bombs 2800 km; crew 7 men.

There were a lot of modifications, including transport and anti-submarine, but the main bomber modifications were as the following:
Lancaster I (engines Merlin XX, 22, 24) – 896 copies by Avro (including 243 made from Avro 679 Manchester details), 944 copies by Metropolitan-Vickers (including 57 made from Avro 679 Manchester details), 535 copies by Vickers-Armstrong, 150 copies by Austin Motors and 919 copies by Armstrong-Whitworth.
Lancaster II (engines Hercules IV, XIV) – 300 copies by Armstrong-Whitworth
Lancaster III (engines Merlin 28, 38, 224; enlarged canopy of bombardier) – 2774 copies by Avro, 136 copies by Metropolitan-Vickers, 110 copies by Armstrong-Whitworth.
Lancaster VI (engines Merlin 85, 87) – 2 copies of modified Lancaster I and 7 copies of modified Lancaster III without front and upper turrets, equipped with improved radar and radio-frequency interference equipment.
Lancaster VII (Lancaster III with upper turret Martin for 2x12.7mm) – 180 copies by Austin Motors
Lancaster X (Canadian Lancaster III with engines Merlin 38, 224 and upper turret for 2x12.7, also differ equipment) – 430 copies by canadian Victory Aircraft Ltd.

Also many special bomber modifications were produced – for heavy 3632 kg, 5448 kg and 9988 kg (Grand Slam - the most heavy WWII bomb) bombs, for bouncing cylindrical bombs of Wallis-type (dambusting raids), with radar H2S, etc. For example, 33 copies of Lancaster I Special were produced for carrying super heavy Grand Slam bomb (enlarge bomb bay without doors), tropical variants Lancaster F.E. Mk.I for Australia and New Zealand (didn't see action during WWII).

Main operations: night massive bombing of Germany, Italy, France since March 1942 as the main British heavy bomber, day massive bombing of Germany since September 1944, damage (raids from Soviet Arkhangelsk, 15.09.1944 and 28.10.1944) and destruction (raid from Scotland, 12.11.1944) of German battleship "Tirpitz" with 5-t "Tall Boy" bombs, bombing of German missile scientific centre at Penemunde in August 1944, bombing Hitler's residence in Bavarian Alps in spring 1945.
The most famous use of the Lancaster was probably the 1943 mission, codenamed Operation "Chastise", to destroy the dams of the Ruhr Valley using special drum shaped bouncing bombs designed by Barnes Wallis, and carried by modified Mk. IIIs (nevertheless, 8 from 19 Lancasters were shot down).

Lancasters were very good heavy bombers despite the fact that their predecessor Avro 679 Manchester had two unreliable engines Rolls-Royce Vulture (1160 hp each). Lancasters with much more better engines Merlin had excellent bomb capacity, good flight performance, powerful armament and high endurance.

Early models of Lancaster suffered from unreliable wing construction (several accidents happened during manoeuvring when wingtips were broken by airflow), later wings were improved. Also upper gunners quite often damaged tail units by MG fire so the special restrictors for turrets were installed.

More than 156000 combat flights were made by Lancasters, they dropped 618350 t of high-explosive and 51.000.000 fire bombs. 57 squadrons of RAF were equipped with Lancasters.

They were used by UK and Australia, USSR repaired and reequipped two damaged Lancasters (one was used as transport plane in 16th squadron of White Sea flotilla AF and another as transport plane in 70th transport regiment of North Navy AF).

Losses of Avro Lancaster:
Probably, 3249 Lancasters were lost in action (almost half of the used Lancasters!). One of the first heavy loss took place on 17 April 1942 near Augsburg when 7 from 12 Lancasters were shot down by German fighters and AA fire (that was day raid without fighters support against submarine shipyard). Only 35 Lancasters completed more than 100 successful operations. The greatest survivor completed 139 operations and survived the war, to be scrapped in 1947. According to RAF statistics for 1943 one Short S.29 Stirling was lost for every 49 t of dropped bombs, one Handley Page Hp.57 Halifax was lost for every 56 t of dropped bombs and one Avro 683 Lancaster was lost for every 132 t of dropped bombs!

There are 16 known Avro Lancasters remaining in the world, two of which remain in airworthy condition.

Michael Emrys wrote:
I anticipate you will do your usual thorough job.

I am trying :)

Losses in 1942 with the date, place and tactical numbers of Lancasters:

“This obtained from www.lancaster-archive.com and is copyrighted by L.T. Wright of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, November 2008. Any reproduction or use without permission either printed or electronic is strictly prohibited”

20/03/42 Gardening L7570
24/03/42 Gardening R5493
17/04/42 Augsburg L7536 L7548 L7565 L7573 R5506 R5510 R5513
27/04/42 Trondheim Fjord (Tirpitz) L7572
04/05/42 Stuttgart R5553
08/05/42 Warnemunde L7533 R5555 R5557 R5568
30/05/42 R5561
01/06/42 Essen R5544 R5564 R5571 R5844 R5562 R5613
03/06/42 Bremen R5627 R5847
05/06/42 Essen R5516
08/06/42 Essen R5495 R5640 R5659
11/06/42 Gardening R5621 R5636
14/06/42 Atlantic Convoy Escort R5858
20/06/42 Emden R5860
22/06/42 Emden R5517
25/06/42 Bremen R5620
27/06/42 Bremen R5615 R5675
03/07/42 Gardening R5488 R5663
08/07/42 Wilhelmshaven R5861
11/07/42 Danzig L7543 R5696
13/07/42 Duisburg R5558
23/07/42 Duisburg R5632 R5867
25/07/42 Gardening R5608
25/07/42 Duisburg R5619 R5683
26/07/42 Hamburg R5487 R5748
29/07/42 Saarbrucken R5728 R5737
04/08/42 Essen R5603 R5761
10/08/42 Gardening R5499
11/08/42 Mainz R5732 W4109
11/08/42 le Havre R5746
12/08/42 Mainz R5633 R5760
15/08/42 Dusseldorf R5678 R5735
16/08/43 Gardening R5509 R5616
17/08/42 Osnabruck R5639
24/08/42 Frankfurt R5537 R5610 R5623 R5662 R5684 W4105
27/08/42 Kassel R5664 W4124 W4129 W4139
28/08/42 Nuremberg L7567 R5502 R5742 R5897
31/07/42 Dusseldorf L7537 R5604
01/09/42 Saarbrucken R5741
02/09/42 Karlsruhe R5763 W4136
04/09/42 Bremen R5496 R5682 R5755
06/09/42 Duisburg R5752
09/09/42 Gardening R5628
10/09/42 Dusseldorf R5638 R5725 W4104 W4111
131/09/42 Bremen W4108 W4169
16/09/42 Essen L7571 R5681 R5890 W4138 W4173 W4178 W4179 W4186 W4765
18/09/42 Gardening R5689 R5899 W4177
19/09/42 Munich R5554 W4166 W4184
23/09/42 Wismar R5905 R5907 R5909 W4230
24/09/42 Gardening R5679 R5724
29/09/42 Gardening W4237
01/10/42 Wismar R5703 R5759 W4187
02/10/42 Krefeld W4238 W4768
05/10/42 Aachen R5701 W4102
06/10/42 Osnabruck R5903 W4188
10/10/42 Dusseldorf R5888
12/10/42 Wismar W4116
13/10/42 Kiel R5911 W4233
15/10/42 Cologne W4130 W4170 W4195 W4302 W471
17/10/42 Montchanin W474
22/10/42 Genoa W4278
24/10/42 Milan R5691 W4121 W4251 W4306
06/11/42 Genoa R5566 R5670 R5673
06/11/42 gardening W4246
07/11/42 Genoa L7546 R5916 W4265
09/11/42 Hamburg W4165 W4180W4194 W4247 W4307
10/11/42 Gardening W4244 W4262
22/11/42 Stuttgart ED311 W4107 W4273 W4304 W4360
25/11/42 Bad Zwischenhan R5694
25/11/42 Haselunne R5695
02/12/42 Frankfurt W4339
06/12/42 Mannheim ED322 R5859
08/12/42 Turin R5570
08/12/42 Gardening W4782
09/12/42 Turin W4168 W4250 W4764
17/12/42 Neustadt ED333 R5479
17/12/42 Cloppenburg ED349
17/12/42 Nienburg ED355 R5666 W4126
17/12/42 Diepholz W4155
17/12/42 Soltau W4266 W4382
17/12/42 Gardening W4319 W4786
20/12/42 Duisburg ED347 ED353 R5512 R5697 R5762 W4182 W4259 W4334
21/12/42 Munich W4185 R5574 R5699 R5914 W4125 W4191 W4234 W4787 W4820
31/12/42 Dusseldorf W4799

Losses in 1943:
03-04/01/43 Essen W4769 W4840 W4134
04-05/01/43 Essen W4274 W4796
08-09/01/43 Duisburg ED367 W4159 W4800
08-09/01/43 Minelaying W4176 W4277 W4371
09-10/01/43 Essen ED319 ED384 R5738
11-12/01/43 Essen W4369
12-13/01/43 Essen W4192
13-14/01/43 Essen R5680 W4261 W4338 W4843
16-17/01/43 Berlin ED332
17-18/01/43 Berlin ED316 ED318 ED388 ED436 ED444 ED471 R5575 R5630 R5843 R5900 W4157 W4321 W4368 W4372 W4378 W4379 W4761 W4767 W4772 W4816
21-22/01/43 Essen ED443 W4335 W4340 W4365
23-24/01/43 Dusseldorf ED386 W4308
26-27/01/43 Lorient W4837
27-28/01/43 Dusseldorf ED486 R5637 W4135 W4817
30-31/01/43 Hamburg ED428 ED447 ED477 ED481 W4189 W4826 W4835 W4853
02-03/02/43 Cologne ED440 ED488 W4819
03-04.02/43 Hamburg W4770
04-05/02/43 Turin ED352 ED527 W4118
07-08/02/43 Lorient ED309 ED359 W4832
11-12/02/43 Wilhelmshaven LM303 W4313 W4384
13-14/02/43 Lorient ED450 ED484 W4167 W4836
14-15/02/43 Milan ED37 L7547 W4362
16-17/02/43 Lorient ED374 ED380
18-19/02/43 Wilhelmshaven ED330 ED492 R5750 W4375
19-20/02/43 Wilhelmshaven ED485 ED525 ED529 R5743
25-26/02/43 Nuremberg ED356 ED387 ED495 ED520 ED526 W4886
26-27/02/43 CologneW4336 W4792 W4846
28/02-01/03/43 St Nazaire W4137 R5913
28/02-01/03/43 Minelaying ED467
01-02/03/43 Berlin ED423 ED490 ED592 R5894 W4361 W4825 W4829 W4880 W4920
02-03/03/43 Minelaying ED533
03-04/03/43 Hamburg ED365 R5731 W4788 W4855
04-05/03/43 Minelaying ED549 ED559
05-06/03/43 Essen ED431 LM304 W4847 W4918
08-09/03/43 Nuremburg W4896 W4903
09-10/03/43 Munich ED587 ED703 W4172 W4856 W4860
10-11/03/43 Minelaying ED305 W4841
11-12/03/43 Stuttgart ED313 ED523
12-13/03/43 Essen ED419 ED449 ED544 ED604 R5607 R5749 W4862 W4928
13-14/03/43 Minelaying ED494 W4201
22-23/03/43 St. Nazaire ED375 W4879
26-27/03/43 Duisburg ED354
27-28/03/43 Berlin W4322 W4839 W4895
28-29/03/42 St. Nazaire ED754
29-30/03/43 Berlin DS625 ED391 ED435 ED469 ED596 ED761 R5754 W4175 W4199 W4327 W4858 W4931
01/04/43 Emmerich ED626
02-03/04/43 St. Nazaire W4257
02-03/04/43 Minelaying ED482
03-04/04/43 Essen ED334 ED479 ED524 ED542 ED694 ED736 LM302 R5626 W4894
04-05/04/43 Kiel ED615 ED696 W4252 W4310 W4850
08-09/04/43 Duisburg ED351 ED568 ED590 ED622 W4156 W4785
09-10/04/43 Duisburg ED502 ED521 ED554 ED566 ED608 ED618 ED724 ED806 R5898
10-11/04/43 Frankfurt DS604 ED478 ED501 ED760 ED766
13-14/04/43 Spezia ED714 ED717 ED807 W4318 W4828
14-15/04/43 Stuttgart ED653 ED752 W4951
16-17/04/43 Pilsen ED379 ED427 ED441 ED563 ED564 ED651 ED691 ED711 ED780 ED784 ED800 R5484 R5622 W4317 W4331 W4848 W4854 W4930 W4942 W5484
18-19/04/43 Spezia W4849
20-21/04/43 Stettin ED312 ED326 ED557 ED614 ED620 ED709 ED770 ED818 W4254 W4325 W4330 W4795 W4956
22-23/04/43 Minelaying ED799
26-27/04/43 Duisburg DS609 W4140 W4171
27-28/04/43 Minelaying ED728
28-29/04/43 Minelaying ED325 ED408 ED733 LM313 W4898 W4945 W4954
30/04-01/05/43 Essen ED451 ED706 ED771 ED783 ED838 W4925
04-05/05/43 Dortmund ED390 ED715 ED776 ED830 ED835 ED877 ED880 R5629 W4784 W4818 W4863 W4888
12-13/05/43 Duisburg ED329 ED418 ED476 ED778 ED837 ED857 W4269 W4762 W4938 W4955
13-14/05/43 Bochum ED710 R5688 W4366
13-14/05/43 Pilsen ED452 ED543 ED589 ED667 ED693 R5611 W4110 W4305 W4944 W4981
16-17/05/43 Ruhr Dams ED864 ED865 ED887 ED910 ED925 ED927 ED934 ED937
20-21/05/43 Minelaying ED824
23-24/05/43 Dortmund ED707 ED723 ED775 ED813 ED970 W4861 W4919 W4984 W4986
25-26/05/43 Dusseldorf ED600 ED660 ED695 ED768 ED834 ED967 LM320 W4998 W5001
27-28/05/43 Essen DS655 ED504 ED804 ED821 W4842 W4943
29-30/05/43 Wuppertal DS616 DS627 ED759 ED996 EE123 R5677 W4838 W4985
11-12/06/43 Munster ED935 R5686
11-12/06/43 Dusseldorf DS647 DV157 ED304 ED357 ED522 ED537 ED786 ED914 ED976 ED978 W4373 W4791 W4960 W4983
12-13/06/43 Bochum DS652 ED429 ED472 ED558 ED584 ED603 ED668 ED816 ED828 ED916 ED987 W4316 W4329 W4989
14-15/06/43 Oberhausen DV160 ED396 ED432 ED434 ED453 ED612 ED649 ED810 ED973 ED980 EE167 LM324 LM329 R5551 W4936 W4949 W4992
16-17/06/43 Cologne ED487 ED497 ED553 ED629 ED737 ED785 ED840 ED863 ED907 ED945 EE122 EE140 W4332 W4789 W4901W5007
19-20/06/43 Minelaying DS668
21-22/06/43 Krefeld ED556 ED650 ED885 ED997 EE121 EE198 LM330 W4377 W4939
22-23/06/43 Mulheim ED599 ED692 ED699 ED773 ED928 EE166 LM325 W4982
24-25/06/43 Wuppertal ED595 ED712 ED781 ED858 EE127 LM327 W4311 W4320
25-26/06/43 Gardening DS663
25-26/06/43 Gelsenkirchen DS663 ED373 ED528 ED831 ED943 ED988 EE125 EE149 LM318 R5572 R5740 W4256 W4367 W4827 W4830
27-28/06/43 Minelayimg ED377
28-29/06/43 Cologne ED307 ED362 ED363 ED569 ED609 ED979 EE195 EE199 LM323
03-04/07/43 Cologne DS662 ED689 ED820 ED917 JA672 W4844 W4958 W5012
06-07/07/43 Minelaying W4363
08-09/07/43 Cologne ED360 ED369 ED663 ED697 ED720 ED923 ED947 R5573 W4275
09-10/07/43 Gelsenkirchen DV164 ED475 ED480 ED617 W4763
12-13/07/43 Turin DV156 DV181 ED331 ED412 ED531 ED561 ED726 ED769 ED861 ED919 EE183 JA676 LM311 LM328
13-14/07/43 Aachen DS660 DS690
15-16/07/43 Italy DV167 EE190 JA679
16-17/07/43 Cislago DV183 ED538
24-25/07/43 Hamburg ED389 ED878 JA866 W4987
25-26/07/43 Essen ED613 ED734 ED753 ED884 JA688 JA855
27-28/07/43 Hamburg ED303 ED708 EE142 EE169 EE178 JA709 JA863 R5687 W4946 W4962 W5003
29-30/07/43 Hamburg ED468 ED534 ED535 ED598 ED616 ED782 ED822 ED862 ED931 EE172 JA689 JA692
30-31/07/43 Remscheid DV197 JA895 R5665
02-03/08/43 Hamburg DS673 DS685 DS715 DV224 ED493 ED645 ED688 ED705 ED922 JA696 JA873 LM322 W4778 W5000
07-08/08/43 Milan DV196 DV223 LM339
09-10/08/43 Mannheim ED719 ED882 W4236
10-11/08/43 Nuremberg DS665 DV195 ED625 ED939 ED992 EE112 JA716 JA920 JA931
12-13/08/43 Milan ED320 ED361 JA682 JA844
14-15/08/43 Milan JA850
15-16/08/43 Turin DS684
15-16/08/43 Milan DV186 ED498 ED722 ED998 JA675 JA896 LM337 W5002
17-18/08/43 Peenemunde DS630 DS674 DS681 DV168 DV202 ED647 ED661 ED725 ED764 ED805 ED982 ED989 EE117 EE147 JA691 JA851 JA892 JA897 JA900 LM342 W4766 W4934 W4935
22-23/08/43 Leverkusen DV288 ED701 JA871
23-24/08/43 Berlin DS676 DS722 DV158 ED328 ED421 ED550 ED652 ED774 ED829 ED950 ED981 ED984 EE105 EE171 EE180 EE192 JA678 JA927 JB124 LM333
27-28/08/43 Nuremberg DS659 DV187 ED627 ED827 ED876 EE177 EE194 JA707 JA958 LM334 W4364W5008
30-31/08/43 Monchen-Gladbach ED551 ED972 EE181 JA710 JA936 JA937 W4120
31/08-01/09/43 Berlin DS677 DV185 DV241 ED409 ED646 ED665 ED986 EE115 JA848 JA916 JB132 JB146 JB150
03-04/09/43 Berlin DS658 DV155 DV237 ED385 ED410 ED541 ED659 ED755 ED832 EE132 EE138 JA681 JA713 JA854 JA893 JA914 JA929 JA930 JA966 JA969 JB126 JB149 W4961 W4988
05-06/09/43 Mannheim DV182 DV232 ED416 ED666 ED751 JA703 JA858 JA926 JB118 JB133 LM343 R5744 W4370 W4922
06-07/09/43 Munich ED392 ED819 ED926 ED975 ED990 JB177
14-15/09/43 Ladbergen (Dortmund-Ems Canal) JA981
15-16/09/43 Ladbergen (Dortmund-Ems Canal) EE130 EE144 JA874 JA898 JB144
16-17/09/43 Antheor Viaduct EE106
23-23/09/43 Hannover DS675 DV219 ED442 JA859 JB184 R5700 W4234 W4948
23-24/09/43 Mannheim DS714 DV174 DV201 DV233 DV225 DV271 ED415 ED702 ED868 ED883 EE135 JA708 JA852 JA875 JA977 JB152 JB301 LM336 W4923 W4991
27-28/09/43 Hannover DV221 ED314 ED372 ED875 EE189 JA680 JA704 JA849 JA861 JA919 JA965 JB120 LM345
29-30/09/43 Bochum ED648 ED904 ED983 EE118 JA910 JB187 JB225
29-30/09/43 Gardening JB143
01-02/10/43 Hagen ED348 EE110
02-03/10/43 Munich DV184 DV222 DV235 ED530 ED621 ED718 JA856 JB136 W4301
03-04/10/43 Kassel ED433 JA906 JA972 W4279
04-05/10/43 Frankfurt JA923 JB242 W4905
07-08/10/43 Stuttgart DS689 DS724 ED426 ED836 JA869
08-09/10/43 Hannover DS691 DV239 DV272 DV324 ED658 ED839 ED969 ED993 ED995 EE202 JA706 JA980 JB174 JB181 JB406 W4242
18-19/10/43 Hannover DS683 DS717 DS769 DV159 DV230 DV266 ED499 ED985 EE109 JA917 JB147 JB220 JB279 JB347 JB349 LM326 R5901 W4240 W4276
20-21/10/43 Leipzig DS725 ED358 ED555 ED881 EE114 EE184 JA701 JA714 JA907 JB154 JB175 JB234 JB275 JB348 LM312 LM341
22-23/10/43 Kassel DS778 DV162 DV226 DV243 ED366 ED483 ED630 EE175 EE196 JB148 JB237 JB276 JB287 JB376 JB413 JB416 LM314 W4357 W4927
22-23/10/43 Frankfurt JA717
03-04/11/43 Dusseldorf DS713 DS774 DV218 DV265 ED321 ED438 JB121 JB305 JB536 LM365 W4822
07-08/11/43 Minelaying DS825
10-11/11/43 Modane JB533
17-18/11/43 Ludwigshafen JB226
18-19/11/43 Berlin DS680 DS784 DV284 DV341 ED871 ED991 JA970 JB363 JB367 JB418 JB605 LM370
22-23/11/43 Berlin DS764 DS782 DV291 DV366 EE119 JA694 JB115 JB227 JB238 JB304 JB368 JB424 L7574 W4966
23-24/11/43 Berlin DS632 DV327 DV329 ED656 ED664 JA865 JA932 JA939 JA971 JB135 JB182 JB218 JB223 JB229 JB236 JB284 JB293 JB465 JB480 JB528 JB537 JB564 LL623 LL629 LM373 LM374 W4162 W4959
25-26/11/43 Frankfurt JB221
26-27/11/43 Berlin DS679 DS712 DS723 DS793 DS814 DV178 DV247 DV268 DV285 DV289 DV295 DV297 DV336 DV337 DV339 DV377 DV381DV387 DV388 ED370 ED393 ED417 ED809 ED873 EE111 EE168 JA913 JA961 JB235 JB303 JB350 JB354 JB362 JB423 JB458 JB459 JB464 JB485 JB527 JB538 JB554 JB592 JB597 LM362 LM379 W4198
02-03/12/43 Berlin DS738 DS770 DS851 DV296 DV325 DV332 DV334 ED601 ED777 ED874 EE170 EE179 JA697 JA700 JA847 JA864 JB128 JB145 JB179 JB190 JB285 JB371 JB372 JB400 JB401 JB403 JB463 JB472 JB478 JB529 JB608 JB611 LL618 LM301 LM316 LM363 LM364 W4337 W4881 W4999
03-04/12/43 Leipzig DS733 DS765 DV392 ED920 JA685 JB140 JB222 JB232 JB291 JB550
10-11/12/43 SOE ED825 ED886
16-17/12/43 Berlin DS737 DS762 DS779 DS831 DS832 DS837 DS835 DS846 DV173 DV238 DV283 DV293 DV299 DV300 DV342 ED411 ED951 EE141 EE150 EE188 JA853 JA867 JA963 JB117 JB119 JB176 JB216 JB219 JB243 JB282 JB344 JB369 JB373 JB477 JB481 JB482 JB531 JB543 JB545 JB552 JB560 JB596 JB638 JB639 JB656 JB657 JB658 JB670 JB674 JB678 JB704 JB715 LL676 LM332 LM385 LM389 LM424
20-21/12/43 Frankfurt DS704 DS716 DS758 DS817 DV217 DV234 DV331ED700 JA674 JB113 JB454 JB467 JB652 LL630 R5552 W4123
20-21/12/43 Liege DV398
23-24/12/43 Berlin DS773 DV188 DV343 ED420 ED445 ED713 ED730 ED913 ED999 JB233 JB594 JB711 JB730 JB735 LL671 LM421 ND327 R5669
29-30/12/43 Berlin DS718 DS821 DS834 DV375 DV399 ED547 JB298 JB407 JB487 JB607 JB668 LM371

Losses in 1944:
01-02/01/44 Berlin DS796 DV189 DV190 DV307 DV308 DV344 DV345 DV370 EE129 JA711 JA925 JA960 JB280 JB476 JB532 JB548 JB606 JB642 JB645 JB682 JB703 JB737 JB740 LM372 LM377 ND325 ND354 ND384 W4831 W4892 W4897
02-03/01/44 Berlin DS667 DS739 DS760 DV269 DV401 JA902 JB114 JB123 JB231 JB310 JB317 JB355 JB364 JB453 JB549 JB553 JB640 JB677 JB681 JB727 JB738 JB747 LL631 LM423 ND330 ND380 W4780
05-06/01/44 Stettin DV333 ED586 ED977 ED994 JB191 JB357 JB541 JB651 JB720 LM431 ME577 ND324 ND397 ND416
14-15/01/44 Braunschweig DS720 DS740 DS767 DS850 DV191 DV287 DV306 DV369 DV404 ED721 EE137 EE197 JA698 JA905 JA935 JA974 JA975 JB141 JB295 JB398 JB483 JB542 JB602 JB726 LL673 LL679 LL685 LL699 LM344 LM367 LM381 LM383 ME566 ME576 ME585 ND341 ND357 ND421 ND423 R5729 W4163
20-21/01/44 Berlin ED698 ED974 JB419 JB461 JB739 LL628 LL650 LM387 ND367 ND368 ND414 R5483 R5862 R5915
21-22/01/44 Magdeburg DS777 DS790 DS824 DS843 DV263 ED803 EE107 JA912 JB188 JB299 JB365 JB408 JB488 JB702 LL627 LL672 LL680 LL724 LM390 ND366 R5565 R5895 W4852
21-22/01/44 Berlin (Diversion) JB294
27-28/01/44 Berlin DS667 DS686 DS709 DS710 DS775 DS849 DV231 DV400 ED323 ED539 ED624 JA860 JB277 JB283 JB296 JB358 JB360 JB366 JB637 JB650 JB724 LL638 LL668 LL674 LL682 LL688 LL721 LL745 LM380 ME563 ME575 ME593 ND461 W4315 W4996
28-29/01/44 Berlin DS833 DV180 DV364 ED610 ED867 HK537 JA718 JA967 JB311 JB353 JB412 JB654 JB666 JB712 JB717 LL649 LM366 LM428 ND382 ND386
30-31/01/44 Berlin DS706 DS735 DV303 DV305 DV371 DV378 DV406 ED364 ED545 ED758 ED722 ED949 EE173 JA702 JA843 JA924 JA973 JB122 JB302 JB352 JB535 JB659 JB673 LL648 ME587 ND336 ND360 ND396 ND398 ND462 ND493 ND514 W4245
15-16/02/44 Berlin DS794 DV236 DV330 DV376 ED628 ED655 ED841 JA934 JB224 JB414 JB420 JB534 JB595 JB665 LL651 LL689 ME636 ND363 ND365 ND391 ND404 ND445 ND478 ND504 ND510 R5702 W4268 W4272
19-20/02/44 Leipzig DS736 DS776 DS788 DS823 DV220 DV267 DV338 DV386 EE126 HK538 JA862 JA921 JB468 JB469 JB530 JB609 JB610 JB710 JB745 LL632 LL681 LL719 LL720 LM382 LM384 LM461 ME588 ME589 ME591 ME627 ME630 ME633 ME637 ND334 ND358 ND408 ND410 ND448 ND470 ND503 ND505 ND516 ND532 ND569 ND571 R5739 W5010
20-21/02/44 Stuttgart ED654 JB312 LL729 LM447 LM456 ND338 ND345 ND419 ND498 ND563
24-25/02/44 Schweinfurt DS731 DS785 ED815 DS844 JB241 JB479 JB540 JB547 JB565 JB604 JB721 LL644 LL701 LL740 LL797 LM310 LM315 LM335 LM419 LM433 LM442 LM444 ME641 ND394 ND454 ND497 ND525 ND526 ND593
25-26/02/44 Augsburg DS791 DS845 DV274 DV294 ED383 ED942 JA941 JB742 LL746 LL775 LL791 ME582 ME632 ME639 ND417 ND520 ND595 W4815
01-02/03/44 Stuttgart ND446 ND561 ND566
10-11/03/44 Clermont-Ferrand ND513
15-16/03/44 Stuttgart DS771 DS829 DV194 ED606 HK540 JB361 JB474 LL637 LL653 LL693 LL718 LL828 LL852 LM392 ME558 ME573 ME622 ND393 ND447 ND474 ND530 ND557 ND576 ND583 ND637 ND681 ND708 W4355 W4833
18-19/03/44 Frankfurt DS629 ED308 EE191 JB300 JB744 LL640 LM306 LM464 ND596 ND686 ND705 ND727
22-23/03/44 Frankfurt DS741 DS766 DS797 DS815 DV384 JA964 JB151 JB563 JB599 JB648 JB731 LL647 LL684 LL717 LM422 LM430 ME578 ME666 ND329 ND351 ND518 ND523 ND536 ND538 ND645 ND649 ND672
24-25/03/44 Berlin DS664 DS678 DV328 DV397 ED317 ED731 HK539 JB129 JB359 JB539 JB667 JB671 LL625 LL694 LL730 LL886 LM393 LM441 LM469 LM471 LM490 ME635 ME640 ME665 ME672 ME680 ME684 ND401 ND439 ND440 ND457 ND463 ND565 ND581 ND597 ND620 ND641 ND642 ND650 ND657 ND671 ND704 ND710 ND788
26-27/03/44 Essen DS789 JB598 JB680 L7527 LL749 LL839 ND402 ND676
30-31/03/44 Nuremberg DS836 DS840 DS852 DV240 DV264 DV276 DV290 DV311 ED619 ED750 EE174 JB288 JB314 JB356 JB466 JB566 JB706 JB722 JB736 LL622 LL633 LL645 LL683 LL696 LL698 LL704 LL738 LL832 LL861 LM376 LM394 LM418 LM425 LM436 LM463 LM470 LM736 ME618 ME624 ME629 ME638 ME664 ME686 ME721 ND337 ND350 ND361 ND390 ND406 ND425 ND441 ND443 ND466 ND476 ND492 ND535 ND562 ND568 ND585 ND622 ND640 ND711 ND738 ND767 ND795 ND798 R5546 R5734 W4933 W5006 W5009
05-06/04/44 Toulouse ME685
09-10/04/44 Lille ND701
09-10/04/44 Villeneuve ME727
09-10/04/44 Minelaying JB600 JB709 JB725 JB734 ME663 ME688 ND420 ND625 ND675
10-11/04/44 Aulnoye DV288 EE200 JB732 LL830 LL836 ND586 ND636 ND844
10-11/04/44 Laon ED808
10-11/04/44 Tours DV198
11-12/04/44 Aachen EE116 JA695 JB470 LL639 LL784 LL899 ME572 ND389 ND395
18-19/04/44 Juvisy LM361 ND475
18-19/04/44 Rouen JB662 LL667 LL867 ME734
20-21/04/44 Cologne DS728 LL754 ME731 ND785
20-21/04/44 La Chapelle LL893 ND564 ND573 ND582 ND732 ND748 W4127
20-21/04/44 Ottignies ND826
22-23/04/44 Braunschweig JB567 LL883 LL892 LM476 ME724
22-23/04/44 Dusseldorf DS669 DS682 DS828 LL887 LL913 LM525 ME581 ME619 ME741 ND349 ND353 ND715 ND753 ND763 ND806
22-23/04/44 Laon JA933 JB684 ND508 ND592
24-25/04/44 Karlsruhe DS734 DV177 DV244 ED424 HK542 JB278 JB719 LL855 LM486 LM529 ME693 ND328 ND638 ND848
24-25/04/44 Munich DV394 JB556 LL848 LM359 LM445 ME717 ME723 ND469 ND500 ND537 ND876
26-27/04/44 Essen DS719 JB307 JB614 ND652 ND847 ND873
26-27/04/44 Schweinfurt JA928 JB562 JB601 JB679 LL860 LL904 LL908 LL919 LL920 LM526 ME631 ME669 ME679 ME730 ND400 ND499 ND687 ND786 ND789 ND850 ND853
27-28/04/44 Friedrichshafen DV192 JB676 LL750 LL801 LL805 LL903 LL906 LM493 LM523 ME720 ME736 ME738 ND364 ND409 ND759 ND781 ND796 ND803 ND823 ND825
27-28/04/44 Montzen JA976
30/04-01/05/44 Maintenon LM527
01-02/05/44 Chambly LL732 ME689 ND901
01-02/05/44 St.Ghislain KB711
03-04/05/44 Mailly-le-Camp DV275 DV281 ED870 EE148 EE185 JA901 JB134 JB402 JB405 JB741 JB748 LL743 LL753 LL787 LL826 LM317 LM417 LM437 LM458 LM467 LM480 LM514 LM515 LM516 LM531 ME564 ME586 ME643 ME673 ME697 ME703 ME728 ME740 ME749 ND411 ND468 ND556 ND575 ND630 ND706 ND860 ND905 ND953
03-04/05/44 Montdidier JA968 ND643 ND881 ND910
06-07/05/44 Aubigne ND783
06-07/05/44 Mantes-la-Jolie ND449 ND617
07-08/05/44 Nantes ED473
07-08/05/44 Salbris JB292 JB421 JB612 LL891 ND730 ND741 ND870
08-09/05/44 Brest ND818
08-09/05/44 Haine-St-Pierre ME620 ND347 ND587
09-10/05/44 Gennevilliers LM446 ND494 ND511 ND515 ND851
09-10/05/44 Mardyck JA918
10-11/05/44 Ghent KB704
10-11/05/44 Lille EE143 HK535 JB708 LL788 LL881 LL882 LM429 LM475 LM520 LM528 ND813 NN694
11-12/05/44 Bourg-Leopold LL792 LM454 LM478 ME737 ND580 ND951
11-12/05/44 Hasselt JB409 JB733 ME779 ND674 ND700
11-12/05/44 Leuven LL739 LL752 ND919 ND923
12-13/05/44 Hasselt ND924
12-13/05/44 Leuven KB710 KB713
15-16/05/44 Minelaying LL894 LL963 ME726
19-20/05/44 Amiens ND689
19-20/05/44 Le-Mans HK547 JB653 LL641 LL703 ND845
19-20/05/44 Mont de Couple ND736
19-20/05/44 Orleans ME775
19-20/05/44 Tours ND989
21-22/05/44 Duisburg DS633 DS781 DV309 DV365 DV395 ED657 JB217 JB672 LL695 LL793 LL851 LL951 LL960 LM319 LM513 LM539 ME571 ME580 ME677 ME722 ME797 ND559 ND579 ND588 ND754 ND804 ND819 ND956 ND964 ND976 NN695
21-22/05/44 Minelaying LL950 ND522 ND960
22-23/05/44 Braunschweig JB546 LL744 LL776 LM519 LM540 ME790 ND415 ND655 ND871 ND878 ND879 ND963 NE125 NE127
22-23/05/44 Dortmund DS759 KB717 LL723 LL857 LL946 LL954 LM395 LM487 LM542 ME670 ME687 ME690 ND629 ND745 ND762 ND768 NE114 NE118 NE134
24-25/05/44 Aachen DV389 JB313 KB706 LM120 ND526 ND624 ND816 ND955 NE171
27-28/05/44 Aachen DV282 JA712 LL652 LL810 LL916 LM521 ND362 ND679 ND802 ND908 ND925 ND985 ND996
27-28/05/44 Bourg-Leopold LM459
27-28/05/44 Merville LM545
27-28/05/44 Nantes LM549
27-28/05/44 Rennes ND814
28-29/05/44 Angers LM108
31/05-01/06/44 Maisy ME794 ND698
31/05-01/06/44 Tergnier LM427 NE143
31/05-01/06/44 Trappes LL782 LL936 LM121 ND926
02-03/06/44 Berneval ND456
02-03/06/44 Calais ND651
02-03/06/44 Trappes ND507
03-04/06/44 Calais ND841
05-06/06/44 Longues NE166
05-06/06/44 St-Pierre ND739 ND815 ND874
05-06/06/44 Special Duties(D-Day Support) LL833
06-07/06/44 Acheres ME556
06-07/06/44 Argentan ME579
06-07/06/44 Caen LL783 ND467 ND519 ND685
06-07/06/44 Coutances DS768 ND680 NE150
06-07/06/44 Lisieux LM533
06-07/06/44 Vire JB700 ME811NE173
07-08/06/44 Acheres LL643
07-08/06/44 Chevreusse HK548 HK552 LL864 ND760 ND761 ND790
07-08/06/44 Foret de Cerisy ME565
07-08/06/44 Massy-Palaiseau DS822 LLM575 LL727 LL781 LL945 LM491 LM534 ND765
07-08/06/44 Versailles DV367 LM126
08-09/06/44 Rennes LL841 LM840
09-10/06/44 Etampes JB714 ME678 ND533 ND764 NN697 PB121
10-11/06/44 Acheres L897 LM135 LM139 LM321 ME696 ND594 ND742
10-11/06/44 Dreux HK553 LM468 ME702 NE129 NE149 NE177
10-11/06/44 Orleans DV229
10-11/06/44 Versailles ND352
11-12/06/44 Evreux LL751
11-12/06/44 Nantes JB239
11-12/06/44 Tours ND344
12-13/06/44 Gelsenkirchen DS818 DV286 ED938 HK545 JA683 LL678 LL807 LL812 LM156 LM158 LM465 LM581 ME777 ME785 ND399 PA969 PA986
12-13/06/44 Cambrai DS688 DS726 DS772 KB714 KB726 KB731
14-15/06/44 Douai NE172
14-15/06/44 Le Havre LL889
15-16/06/44 Chatelleraut ME783
15-16/06/44 Lens JB455 JB728 JB729 ND343 ND502 PA987
15-16/06/44 Valenciennes DS816 HK550 LL690 LL888 ND744
16-17/06/44 Sterkrade KB728 KB734 LL747 LL773 LM134 LM173 LM474 ME810 ME840 PA997
17-18/06/44 Montdidier HK559
21-22/06/44 Scholven-Buer DV280 ED532 JB351 LL840 LL955 LL971 LM570 ME704 ND451
21-22/06/44 Wesseling DV360 ED859 JB180 JB526 LL808 LL900 L938 LL973 LL977 LM115 LM118 LM434 LM508 LM573 LM578 LM580 LM592 ME613 ME675 ME683 ME782 ME795 ME804 ME808 ME827 ME843 ME846 ND471 ND531 ND551 ND552 ND683 ND695 ND973 ND986 NE128 NE151 NN696
22/06/44 Mimoyecques LL838 LL917
22-23/06/44 Reims JB289 LM102 LM547 NE116
23-24/06/44 Coubronne JB230 ND590 ND734 ND766
23-24/06/44 L'Hey LM138
23-24/06/44 Saintes ME642 ND528
24/06/44 Les Hayons EE124
24/06/44 Wizernes DV403
24-25/06/44 Flers JB460
24-25/06/44 Pommerval LL975 LM572 ME628 ND721
24-25/06/44 Prouville LM572 ME628 ND751/JA899 LL853 LL970 LM450 LM518 LM571 LM574 LM597 ME798 ND729 ND948 ND987 NE124
24-25/06/44 Rimeaux LM179 ND920
27-28/06/44 Biennais NE145
27-28/06/44 Chateau Bernapre LM586
27-28/06/44 Marquise ME743
27-28/06/44 Vaires ME793 ND424
27-28/06/44 Vitry JB664 LL974
28-29/06/44 Blainville ND921
28-29/06/44 Metz PA980
29/06/44 Beauvoir LM205 ME701
29/06/44 Siracourt LL910 ME784 ND897
30/06-01/07/44 Villers-Bocage LL620 PB178
30/06-01/07/44 Vierzon DV301 ED814 JB462 JB743 LL863 LL958 LM621 ME616 ME774 ND459 ND842 ND952 ND975 PB126
02/07/44 Oisemont ND962
04-05/07/44 Criel LL785
04-05/07/44 Orleans LM229 LM532 ND627 NE174
04-05/07/44 St-Leu EE186 HK536 JB486 JB723 LM125 ME614 ME699 ME832 ME867 ND339 ND570 PB195
04-05/07/44 Villeneuve KB718 KB723 KB727 KB756 ND731 ND846
05-06/07/44 Wizernes LL890 ME621 ND895 NE169
06/07/44 Foret-du-Croc ND799
07/07/44 Caen LL850 LM112 ND678
07-08/07/44 St-Leu DV227 DV363 JA690 JA957 JB116 JB370 JB641 LL976 LM129 LM218 LM219 LM338 LM522 LM541 LM631 ME634 ME668 ME745 ME789 ME805 ME831 ME859 ME868 ND567 ND688 ND866 ND867 ND966 PA996 PB144 PB207 R5856
09/07/44 Lisieux R5625
12-13/07/44 Culmont LM221 LM638
12-13/07/44 Revigny ED562 JB644 LL796 LL896 LM388 LM647 ME674 ND859 ND990 ND993 PA999 PD202
14-15/07/44 Revigny LL837 ND621 ME755 ME773 ND994 NE136 PA984
15-16/07/44 Chalons LL827
15-16/07/44 Nevers ME807 ME851
15-16/07/44 Minelaying PB206
18/07/44 Colombelles ND517
18/07/44 Emieville LM616
18/07/44 Sannerville LM634
18-19/07/44 Scholven-Buer DV279 LL957 LM569 LM620 PB171
18-19/07/44 Aulnoye LL921 LL943
18-19/07/44 Revigny DV304 DV312 DV374 JB178 JB186 JB318 JB473 LL969 LM117 LM378 LM537 LM551 LM640 ME681 ME796 ME814 ME833 ND684 PB231 PB234 PB236 PB245 PD210 R5485
20/07/44 Foret-du-Croc ED908
20-21/07/44 Bottrop PB174
20-21/07/44 Homberg HK569 HK570 HK571 LL779 LL859 LM181 LM183 LM185 LM189 LM510 LM595 ME691 ME752 ME858 ND752 ND800 ND913 ND915 PA967 R5904 W4967
20-21/07/44 Courtrai LL862 LM101 LM106 LM119 LM136 LM633 ND413 ND654 PA979 PD205
23-24/07/44 Kiel DS692 JB417 LM174 LM488 ND614 ND931 PB208
23-24/07/44 Minelaying PB211
24-25/07/44 Stuttgart HK568 HK575 KB719 KB740 LL842 LL941 LM142 LM178 LM477 ND560 ND628 ND634 ND922 ND984 NE146 NE175 PA992 PB185 PB265
24-25/07/44 St-Cyr LM589
24-25/07/44 Donges LM643 PA968 PB294
25-26/07/44 Stuttgart JB649 LL915 LM386 ME694 ND903 ND935 PA972 PB250 PB252
25-26/07/44 Givors LM484 ND527 ND856 PB346
28-29/07/44 Hamburg DS634 JB707 KB759 LL687 LL725 PB114 PB212
28-29/07/44 Stuttgart DS813 JB701 L7576 LL692 LL799 LL846 LL895 LL905 LL962 LM107 LM171 LM206 LM210 LM452 LM455 LM462 LM536LM538 LM546 ME615 ME778 ME799 ME856 ME864 ND699 ND756 ND797 ND810 ND872 NE117 NE148 NE164 PA985 PB128 PB147 PB172 PB198 PB253 PB266 PD212
30/07/44 Amaye HK558 PB130
30/07/44 Caen LL733
30/07/44 Cahagnes NE121 PB304
30/07/44 Joigny-la-Roche ND954
30/07/44 Le Havre JB746
31/07/44 Rilly-la-Montage LM453 ME557
31/07/-01/08/44 Foret-de-Nippe LM585
02/08/44 Bois de Cassan ME853 ND346
03/08/44 Bois de Cassan LL716
03/08/44 Trossy LM163 ME568 ME839 PA162 PB125
04/08/44 Trossy ND811 PA983
05/08/44 Brest JB139
05/08/44 Pauilliac ME806
06/08/44 Bois de Cassan ND840 ND930 PB140 W4824
07-08/08/44 Battle Area ND460
07-08/08/44 Caen KB755
07-08/08/44 Fontenay LM292
07-08/08/44 Mare de Magne HK567 LM111 LM164 ND817
07-08/08/44 Rocquecourt NN700
07-08/08/44 Secqueville LL922 LM262 LM641 ME813
08-09/08/44 Lucheux LM166
09-10/08/44 Chatellerault LM435 ME866
10-11/08/44 Minelaying JB716
11/08/44 Lens LL697
11-12/08/44 Givors ND465
12-13/08/44 Braunschweig DV292 KB758 LM598 LM599 LM658 ME733 ME852 ME855 ND927 PB127 PB138 PB230 PB240 PB247 PB258 PD260
12-13/08/44 Russelsheim HK564 LM180 LM265 LM466 ME596 ME617 ND444 ND694 ND969 NE135 PB209 PD230 PD252
13/08/44 Bordeaux PD237
14/08/44 Brest ME757 ND854 PD222
14/08/44 Falaise DV278
14/08/44 Fontaine-le-Pin ND613 PB208
14/08/44 Deelen LM263 PB358
15/08/44 Deelen LM263 PB358
15/08/44 Soesterberg KB749
16-17/08/44 Kiel PB239
16-17/08/44 Stettin KB751 LL972 LM133 LM674 PA988
16-17/08/44 Minelaying NE167 PB384
18/08/44 Bordeaux LM269
18/08/44 l'Isle-Adam PB244 PB362
18/08/44 la Nieppe PB363
18/08/44 Wemars Cappel LM439
18-19/08/44 Bremen KB743
18-19/08/44 Harburg JB713
18-19/08/44 Sterkrade PB148
18-19/08/44 Ertvelde Rieme LM293
25/08/44 Vincly LL635 LM258
25-26/08/44 Darmstadt ED856 LM579 ND455 PA998 PB345 PB398 PD216
25-26/08/44 Russelsheim JB561 KB708 KB775 LL866 LM140 LM172 LM241 LM588 LM593 ME802 ME857 ND632 ND852 ND995 NN705 PA989 PB201 PD274
25-26/08/44 Brest NE123
26-27/08/44 Kiel HK556 HK560 HK604 LL728 LM127 LM168 LM225 LM230 LM622 ND355 ND693 ND950 NF952 PA971 PB180 PB302 PB400 W5005
26-27/08/44 Konigsberg LM232 ME650 ND807 PB292
26-27/08/44 Minelaying LM278 LM652 LM694 ME792 NE138
27/08/44 Mimoyecques KB724
28/08/44 Wemars Cappel PA991
28-29/08/44 Konigsberg ED588 LM222 NF921 PA994 PB436
29-30/08/44 Konigsberg JB593 LL790 LM237 LM267 LM583 LM656 ND331 ND982 PB249 PD258
29-30/08/44 Stettin ED327 EE193 HK594 KB709 LL757 LL947 LM116 LM128 LM184 LM479 ME592 ME718 ME742 ME800 NE131 NE144 PA163 PB131 PB143 PB202 PB365 PB379 PD261 PD273
29-30/08/44 Minelaying PD266
31/08/44 Agenville LM243 NE112 NE170 NF962
31/08/44 Raimbert ME676 PB176
02/09/44 Brest LM729
06/09/44 Emden PB466
06/09/44 Le Havre LL756 ND983
08/09/44 Le Havre HK579 LL677 PA970 PB123
11/09/44 Castrop-Rauxel PB184
11/09/44 Gelsenkirchen ND534 ND702
11/09/44 Kamen DS787
11-12/09/44 Darmstadt LL965 LM191 LM209 LM242 LM261 ND740 NF919 PB203 PB510 PB535 PD283 PD294
11-12/09/44 Minelaying LM268 LM511 ME838
12/09/44 Scholven-Buer PB401
12/09/44 Wanne-Eickel ND691 PA981 PB308
12-13/09/44 Stuttgart LL789 LM137 LM162 LM226 PB189 PD267 PD434
12-13/09/44 Frankfurt HK605 LL731 LM103 LM110 LM291 LM512 ME828 ME854 NE126 NF906 NF911NF958 NF965 NF974 PB193 PD262
14/09/44 Wilhelmshaven ND653
15-16/09/44 Kiel PB378 PB527
16-17/09/44 Moerdijk LM169 LM693
17/09/44 Boulogne LM675 PB430
18/09/44 Walcheren KB735
18-19/09/44 Bremerhaven LM683 NG126
19-20/09/44 Monchen-Gladbach PB405
19-20/09/44 Rheydt PB298 PB299 PB347 PB359
20/09/44 Calais LM277
23-24/09/44 Ladbergen LM212 LM223 LM309 LM718 ME700 ME732 ND868 ND988 NF923 PA974 PB409
23-24/09/44 Munster ED470 LL901 LL914 PD318
23-24/09/44 Neuss LM722 ME829 NF982 NG116 NN711 PB242
24/09/44 Calais DV171 LM109 LM264 LM636 NF914 PB177 PD235
26/09/44 Cap Gris Nez LM587 PB129
26-27/09/44 Karlsruhe ED602 LM239
27/09/44 Calais LM738
27-28/09/44 Kaiserslautern PB263
04/10/44 Bergen KB745
04-05/10/44 Minelaying PB235 PB412
05/10/44 Wilhelmshaven DV373
05-06/10/44 Saarbrucken LL758 ND904 PD344
06/10/44 Scholven-Buer ND453 PA964 PB241
06-07/10/44 Bremen LM375 ME667 PB353 PB429 PD214
06-07/10/44 Dortmund LL880 LM104
07/10/44 Emmerich LM735 PB254 PB407 PD239
07/10/44 Kembs Dam LM482 NG180
09-10/10/44 Bochum KB754
11/10/44 Breskens LL771
12/10/44 Wanne-Eickel ND880 PB474
14/10/44 Duisburg HK599 JB297 KB780 KB800 LL909 LL956 ME788 ND805 NE163 NF928 NF959 NG133 NG190 PD224 PD319
14-15/10/44 Braunschweig ME595
14-15/10/44 Duisburg LL774 LM165 LM596 ME748 PB357
15-16/10/44 Wilhelmshaven ME692 PD341
15-16/10/44 Minelaying LM208 NG143
18/10/44 Bonn HK544
19-20/10/44 Nuremburg LM715 PB425
19-20/10/44 Stuttgart LM283 ND755 NG176 NG192 PA993 PB152 PB175
21/10/44 Walcheren HK596
23/10/44 Essen KB776 LM691 ND812 PA174 PB351 PB467 PB531 PD331
23/10/44 Walcheren LM645 NF977 NF989 PD259
25/10/44 Essen KB737 PB276
26-27/10/44 Minelaying ND626
28/10/44 Cologne KB712 NF960 PB612
28/10/44 Walcheren HK602
28-29/10/44 Bergen ED860 LM271 LM746 ND332 ND902 PB519 PD326
29/10/44 Walcheren NPB630
29/10/44 Tirpitz NF920
31/10/44 Bottrop PD269
31/10-01/11/44 Cologne LL964 PB567
01/11/44 Homberg LM650 PB303 PB540 PD290
01-02/11/44 Oberhausen KB767 KB817
02/11/44 Homberg HK612 HK663 LL803 LM618 LM743 PB115
02-03/11/44 Dusseldorf DV396 KB782 LM122 NE115 PA171 PB385 PB413 PB486 PB639 PD199 PD255 PD338
04/11/44 Solingen HK658 HK689 ND917 NG219
04-05/11/44 Dortmund-Ems Canal NE133 PB192 PB370
04-05/11/44 Bochum KB742 LM290 ME835 ME865 NF936 NF986 PB154
05/11/44 Solingen NF916
06/11/44 Gelsenkirchen LM141 PB562 PB692
06-07/11/44 Koblenz HK621 HK644
06-07/11/44 Gravenhorst LL953 LM624 LM628 LM742 ND555 NF990 NG191 NG256 NN723 PB725 PD311
08/11/44 Homberg PD374
09/11/44 Wanne-Eickel LM731 NG239
11-12/11/44 Dortmund PD314
11-12/11/44 Harburg LL939 LM360 LM648 NF917 NN714 PB188 PB356 PB369 PB428 PB643
12/11/44 Tirpitz LM448
15/11/44 Dortmund HK595 NN706
16/11/44 Duren NF979 NG238 PB137 PB609 PB648
16/11/44 Heinsburg PB137
18-19/11/44 Wanne-Eickel PB197 PB541
20/11/44 Homberg HK622 LM286 ND911 PB520 PB689
21/11/44 Homberg LM684 NG121 PD265
21-22/11/44 Aschaffenburg PB469 NE141
21-22/11/44 Gravenhorst PB300 PB354
21-22/11/44 Minelaying NN745
22-23/11/44 Trondheim LL949 NG179
23/11/44 Gelsenkirchen HK683
26-27/11/44 Munich PB432 PB745 PD398
27/11/44 Cologne HK624 NN698
27-28/11/44 Freiburg NG200
29/11/44 Dortmund LM755 NF967 PB199 PB459 PB465 PD380
30/11-01/12/44 Osterfeld NF980 PD367
30/11-01/12/44 Duisburg KB788
02-03/12/44 Hagen KB766
03/12/44 Heimbach PB629
03/12/44 Urft Dam NG189 NN699
04/12/44 Oberhausen HK626 PA170
04-05/12/44 Karlsruhe LM176 ME318
04-05/12/44 Heilbronn LL968 LM259 LM751 ND932 NG145 PB281 PB672 PB740 PB742 PB751 PB765 PB792 PD373
05/12/44 Hamm NG305
05-06/12/44 Soest KB768
06-07/12/44 Osnabruck KB779
06-07/12/44 Giessen LL777 ME725 NG199 NG296 PB290 PB646 PD264 PD322
06-07/12/44 Leuna HK574 HK680 ND703 ND971 NG251 NG276
08/12/44 Urft Dam LM637
11/12/44 Heimbach PD263
11/12/44 Osterfeld NG350
12/12/44 Witten HK627 HK645 HK653 HK697 NG351 PB112 PB196 PB674 PB766
12-13/12/44 Essen ME649 ND342 NN743 PB453 PB542 PB554
15-16/12/44 Ludwigshafen NG294 PD201
15-16/12/44 Minelaying ND682
16/12/44 Siegen LL944
17-18/12/44 Ulm NG131 PB633 PB675
17-18/12/44 Munich LL847 LM626 LM676 LM729 NG302 PB355 PD215 SW245
18-19/12/44 Gdynia LM671 NG144 NN726 PB723
21-22/12/44 Politz ME561 NG258 PB289 PB461 PB533 PB649 PB688 PB691 PD213
22-23/12/44 Bingen PA977 PB113
22-23/12/44 Koblenz NG244 NG303
23/12/44 Trier HK664
23/12/44 Cologne PB120 PB141 PB371 PB523 PB558 PB678 PB683
24/12/44 Lohausen KB715 ND524
24-25/12/44 Bonn ND388 NG297 NG420 PB255 PB366 PD397 PD420
24-25/12/44 Cologne NF915
26/12/44 St-Vith PB237
27/12/44 Rheydt NN710
27-28/12/44 Opladen KB738 KB798
28-29/12/44 Bonn NN750 PB634
29-30/12/44 Scholven-Buer KB753 KB765 PB525 PD206
30-31/12/44 Vohwinkel NF926 NG330
31/12-01/01/45 Minelaying PB894
31/12-01/01/45 Osterfeld ME647 NG164 PB561 PB687
31/12-01/01/45 Horten PB134

Losses in 1945:
01/01/45 Ladbergen PA169 PD368 PD377 NG223 NG252
01-02/01/45 Vohwinkel ME321 ME850 NG332 PB768
01-02/01/45 Gravenhorst NF984 NG127
02-03/01/45 Nuremberg KB700 LM687 ND635 NG362 NG421 PB477 PB515 PB518 PB635 PB823
03/01/45 Dortmund NF964
04-05/01/45 Royan ME300 ND473 ND728 PB348 PB617 PB695 PD292
05/01/45 Ludwigshafen HK603 L923
05-06/01/45 Hannover JB603 KB722 NG331 PB343 PB526 PB528 PB564
05-06/01/45 Houffalize NE168 PA165
06-07/01/45 Neuss LM187
06-07/01/45 Hanau KB821PB228
06-07/01/45 Minelaying NF939 PB637
07-08/01/45 Munich JB286 JB661 LL961 ND957 NF999 NG290 NG363 NN766 PA173 PB173 PB229 PB397 PB586 PB724 PB851 PD317
12/01/45 Bergen NF992 NG257 PD233
13/01/45 Saarbrucken HK686
13/01/45 Politz PB842 PB880
14-15/01/45 Leuna KB769 KB799 KB806 LL959 LM234 LM714 LM720 ND822 NG193 NN722 PA160 PB122 PD388
16-17/01/45 Brux LM472
16-17/01/45 Zeitz KB850 LM213 ME296 NE130 NG335 NN712 PA189 PB402 PD257 PD309
16-17/01/45 Wanne-Eickel NG147 PB761 PB906
22-23/01/45 Duisburg NG185 PB636
28/01/45 Cologne HK618 LM281PD296
28-29/01/45 Stuttgart KB770 ND970 PB186 PB638 PB650 PB846
01/02/45 Monchengladbach HK617
01-02/02/45 Seigen LM215 NF912 NG197 NG275 PD346
01-02/02/45 Ludwigshafen JA715 ME302 ME648 ME863 NG391 NG460 PB256 PB572 PD385 RA502
02-03/02/45 Karlsruhe LM100 ME298 ME759 NG241 NG307 NG381 PA195 PA223 PB210 PB306 PB743 PB840 PB848 SW251
02-03/02/45 Weisbaden HK610 KB725 KB750 KB792 NG119 NN708 NN722 ME326 ME744PB807 PD286 PD312
03-04/02/45 Bottrop ME316 ME366 NN739 PB301 PB505 PB569 PD221 PD378
03-04/02/45 Dortmund HK688 LM685 ND801 PA158 PD419
04-05/02/45 Bonn KB787 ME334 PA219
07/02/45 Wanne-Eickel ME434
07-08/02/45 Goch KB818
07-08/02/45 Ladbergen ND961 NG455 NN724 PB181 PD316
07-08/02/45 Kleve NF925
08-09/02/45 Krefeld HK620 HK650
08-09/02/45 Politz LL911 ME299 ME314 ME353 ND554 ND696 ND912 NG385 PB382 PB737 PB759
13-14/02/45 Dresden LM682 NF932 NG234 NG353 PA185 PB183 PB686 PD232
14/02/45 Altenbeken NF937
14-15/02/45 Rositz LL966 NN721 RA517
14-15/02/45 ChemnitzKB741 LM623 LM725 NF996 NG113 NN803 PB287 PD394
14-15/02/45 Minelaying PB899
18-19/02/45 Minelaying NF907 PA216
19/02/45 Wesel PD336
20-21/02/45 Dusseldorf PB701
20-21/02/45 Dortmund KB804 KB809 LM726 ME456 NF975 NG183 NG267 NN785 PA179 PB471 PB530 PB671 PB722 PD421 RA501
21-22/02/45 Worms PA978 PB668
21-22/02/45 Gravenhorst LL741 LM548 NE165 NG321 NG327 NG329 PB295 PB568 PB666 PB690 PB804 PB814 RF138
21-22/02/45 Duisburg LM105 ME335 ME367 ME735 NG464 NG468 NN715 NN744 PB573 PB652 RA516
22/02/45 Gelsenkirchen NG450
23-24/02/45 Horten PB588
23-24/02/45 Pforzheim LM273 ND506 NF909 NF998 NG266 PA161 PA237 PB538 PB595 PB780 PB815 RA515 RA523
25/02/45 Kamen LM740
26/02/45 Dortmund ME450
27/02/45 Gelsenkirchen NG175
01/03/45 Mannheim ME447 NG184 PD272
02/03/45 Cologne HK769 LM723 NG501 NN800 PB158 PB854 RA524
03-04/03/45 Minelaying LM750
03-04/03/45 Ladbergen LM677 ME442 ME453 NG170 NG204 NG325 NG469 PA197 PB806
05/03/45 Gelsenkirchen NF972 NN775
05-06/03/45 Bohlen LM654 ME386 NF918 NG230 NG401 NG410 PB644
05-06/03/45 Chemnitz KB778 KB842 KB845 KB858 ME320 ME333 ME392 NG240 NG458 PB475 PB557 PB563 PB872 PB921 PD375 PD403
06/03/45 Salzbergen ME365
06-07/03/45 Sassnitz NG396 PB610
07-08/03/45 Hemmingstedt ME361
07-08/03/45 Dessau JA857 KB797 ME388 ME418 ME428 ME503 ND735 NF913 NG186 NG324 NG346 NG457 NN741 PA995 PD268 PD278 PD363 RA500 RF120
07-08/03/45 Harburg ME474 NF988 NG182 NG286 NG308 NG416 NG417 NN768 PB417 PB537 PB699 PB852
09/03/45 Datteln PA254
11/03/45 Essen KB834 KB853 LM207 NG201
12/03/45 Dortmund LM131 PB187 RA508
12-13/03/45 Minelaying ME449 NG233 RA503 RA526
13-14/03/45 Gelsenkirchen NG263
14/03/45 Hattingen PB471
14/03/45 Dahlbruch DV298
14-15/03/45 Lutzkendorf LL902 LL948 NG177 NG398 NG399 NX567 PA214 RA546 RF153
14-15/03/45 Zweibrucken NN777
15-16/03/45 Misburg NE119 NG287 NG488 PB516
15-16/03/45 Hagen KB814 KB815KB835 KB870 KB846 ND849
16-17/03/45 Wurzburg LM260 ND869 NG352 NG503 ME454 PD231 RF176
16-17/03/45 Nuremberg LM749 ME307 ME317 ME496 ME526 ME848 ND644 NG169 NG336 NG492 NN758 PA234 PA265 PB117 PB153 PB642 PB785 PB816 PD207 PD275 PD393 RF145 RF154 RF181RF188
18-19/03/45 Witten PB451
18-19/03/45 Hanau ME548 NG491 PB155
19/03/45 Gelsenkirchen HK608 RA532
20/03/45 Recklinghausen PB667
20-21/03/45 Heide KB786
20-21/03/45 BohlenME441 NG386 PA196 PA259 PA973 PB845 PD425 RA530 RA560 RF132
20-21/03/45 Halle LM653
21/03/45 Bremen PD117
21/03/45 Munster LM733 NG449 RA564
21-22/03/45 Hamburg ME372 ME522 PB251 PB521
21-22/03/45 Bochum NG466
22/03/45 Hildesheim KB777 KB808 KB832 ME451 PD365
22/03/45 Bocholt HK773
23/03/45 Wesel NG171
23/03/45 Bremen DV245 LL755
24/03/45 Dortmund NG114 PB853 PD320
25/03/45 Hannover KB874 ME521
31/03/45 Hamburg KB761 KB859 KB869 KB911 NG345 PB468 PB517 PB958
03/04/45 Nordhausen NG237 PA190
04/04/45 Nordhausen ME308
04-05/04/45 Harburg ME452 NG229 PB949
04-05/04/45 Lutzkendorf LM289 ME301 ME671 ND707 PB411 PD295 RF182 RF196
04-05/04/45 Minelaying LM177 NX563 RA544
04-05/04/45 Leuna HK555 HK767 RA533 RF150
06/04/45 Ijmuiden NG271
07-08/04/45 Molbis HK788
08-09/04/45 Lutzkendorf ME385 ME478 ND949 NG235 NX584 RA531 PB374
08-09/04/45 Hamburg KB752 NG440
09/04/45 Hamburg NG342 RF121
09-10/04/45 Kiel LM632 NG447 PB704
10/04/45 Leipzig PB903
10-11/04/45 Leipzig ME423 ME472 ME739 ND631RF122 SW254
10-11/04/45 Plauen PD204
13-14/04/45 Kiel KB784 KB816 KB866 LM728 PB483 PB488
14-15/04/45 Potsdam PB377 RF143
16/04/45 Swinemunde NG228
16-17/04/45 Schwandorf PB403
16-17/04/45 Pilsen ND733 NG414
20/04/45 Regensburg PA285
22/04/45 Bremen HK770 LM285 ME424 NF994
24/04/45 Bad Oldesloe NF955
25/04/45 Wangerooge KB822 KB831
25/04/45 Berchtesgaden LM756 NX585
25-26/04/45 Tonsberg RA542
26/04/45 Exodus PD339
27/04/45 Exodus NN718
08/05/45 Manna NN806

............... :roll: I hope I mentioned all 3249 lost Lancasters :wink:

The photo of British heavy bomber Avro Lancaster (1942-1946, 7378 copies)
is from http://www.dday-overlord.com/img/avi/avro_lancaster.jpg

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Post by BIGpanzer » 07 Feb 2006 03:13

This seems very strange but I couldn't find exact statistics of US B-17 losses.......Any help, please :|

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Post by Milorg » 07 Feb 2006 17:53

try this for a start

good luck

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Post by BIGpanzer » 17 Feb 2006 00:02

Thanks for the good link, Milorg.
I am collecting at the moment the info about B-17 "Flying Fortress" losses during WWII. Will post it soon.

Here is one photo - http://www.allaces.ru/ge/pil/wennekers/wennek2.jpg (B-17, which was knocked down in May 1943 by German ace Hans-Gerd Wennekers).
Despite the excellent defense armament (6-13 MGs) US B-17s were knocked down quite easily by German night fighters and AA fire because of relatively low flight altitude and not very optimal air formation during bombing operations. For example on 17 August 1943 USAF lost 60 heavy bombers B-17 from 376 (16%) during the single raid over Regensburg. On 13 July 1943 during the raid over Kiel 22 from 66 B-17 were lost (33%). Quite often 8th AF lost over France/Germany near 100 heavy bombers B-17 every week with the crew 9-10 men each. 14 October 1943 (raid against Schveinfurt) was the "black thursday" in B-17s history - again 60 bombers were lost (305th BG lost 13 B-17s from 16), near 200 were heavily damaged, but could return. 15.08.1944 25 Fw190s attacked 13 B-17s over Mosel and knocked down 9 of them during one minute (23 crewmembers were killed, 58 bailed out), the rest 4 bombers were very heavilly damaged but could return back. The heroism of US pilots from the 8th AF was at very high level - none of the bombers returned back during the air battles.

The most successful B-17 ("Memphis Belle" B-17F no. 41-24485) could make 25 combat flights (to compare - one British Avro Lancaster completed 139 operations, see above).

Nevertheless, Boeing B-17 was the main and best US heavy bomber in Pacific in 1941-1943 and in Europe since the beginning of 1944, also they were used by RAF in Europe and Africa. Soviet B-17s (25 repaired B-17G, damaged during the raids against Germany from Soviet airfields) never used in combat flights during WWII.

Japanese "Zero" pilots said that B-17 could resist a huge amount of hits and it was hard to knock the bomber out. Only 20 direct hits of 20mm shells could destroy B-17 for sure.

B-17 was a very good heavy bomber and very high losses were the result of tactics mainly but not the construction of airplane. But it should be noted that B-17s quite easily fired after AA shell hits, also airplane armor (27 plates) was absolutely useless during the front attacks of German fighters. On the other hand - powerful defense armament protected B-17 quite good (but not against high-speed Me-262s), also bomber could continue to fly on every two engines.

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Post by Michael Emrys » 17 Feb 2006 02:47

BIGpanzer wrote:I am collecting at the moment the info about B-17 "Flying Fortress" losses during WWII. Will post it soon.

Despite the excellent defense armament (6-13 MGs) US B-17s were knocked down quite easily by German night fighters...

I have to jump in here with a few corrections. Although the B-17s (and B-24s) did face night fighters from time to time, it wasn't an everyday event. For the night fighters to have flown both day and night missions would have put an excessive strain on both men and machines, reducing their efficiency and increasing casualties beyond what could be sustained.

...and AA fire because of relatively low flight altitude...

I'm wondering if either you or your source has confused the RAF Bomber Command with the USAAF here. The B-17s usually flew at altitudes around 20,000 feet or more, which is actually relatively high for WW II bombing.

and not very optimal air formation during bombing operations.

I'm not sure what this means. The "Box" formation was carefully worked out to maximise coverage of every quarter by the planes' MGs.

For example on 17 August 1943 USAF lost 60 heavy bombers B-17 from 376 (16%) during the single raid over Regensburg. On 13 July 1943 during the raid over Kiel 22 from 66 B-17 were lost (33%). Quite often 8th AF lost over France/Germany near 100 heavy bombers B-17 every week with the crew 9-10 men each. 14 October 1943 (raid against Schveinfurt) was the "black thursday" in B-17s history - again 60 bombers were lost (305th BG lost 13 B-17s from 16), near 200 were heavily damaged, but could return. 15.08.1944 25 Fw190s attacked 13 B-17s over Mosel and knocked down 9 of them during one minute (23 crewmembers were killed, 58 bailed out), the rest 4 bombers were very heavilly damaged but could return back. The heroism of US pilots from the 8th AF was at very high level - none of the bombers returned back during the air battles.

The B-17s, like all bombers, were vulnerable to fighters. You'll notice that the heaviest losses were when escorting fighters were not present. The key to success for the bombers was to provide escorts.

The most successful B-17 ("Memphis Belle" B-17F no. 41-24485) could make 25 combat flights (to compare - one British Avro Lancaster completed 139 operations, see above).

This may be misleading. The actual record for total missions by a single B-17 was quite a bit over 25, though I don't have the precise number at hand. But many B-17s lasted more than 25 missions.

Nevertheless, Boeing B-17 was the main and best US heavy bomber in Pacific in 1941-1943...

You need to check that again. I think the B-17 had more or less disappeared from the PTO by early 1943 to be replaced by the B-24, whose longer range made it better adapted to the Pacific.

...also they were used by RAF in Europe and Africa.

But not very much. The RAF didn't like them for bombing and I think quickly relegated them to exclusively flying airdrops to resistance groups. I'm not aware of them operating them in Africa at all, although they might have.


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Post by JonS » 17 Feb 2006 03:42

Michael, 100 Group also used them for EW, but all told I think there was only a squadron or two of B-17s in RAF service.

Even in 8th and 15th AF, I don't think they were overwhelmingly predominant. Total B-24 production was - IIRC - quite a lot higher than that for B-17s, and by most metrics I believe the B-24 was actually a better bomber. In Mid 1944 8th AF had one Bomb Div exclusively B-17, one exclusively B-24, and one about 50/50 mixed.

Memphis Belle was the first B-17 to reach 25 missions (and was promptly shipped back to the US), but I too am confident that there were many others that subsequently reached and surpassed that total. Especially from late-44 onwards.

Linky to B-17 use in RAF.

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Post by Michael Emrys » 17 Feb 2006 04:01

JonS wrote:Michael, 100 Group also used them for EW, but all told I think there was only a squadron or two of B-17s in RAF service.

Right. Thanks for bringing that to mind.

Even in 8th and 15th AF, I don't think they were overwhelmingly predominant. Total B-24 production was - IIRC - quite a lot higher than that for B-17s...

But a lot of B-24 production went into ASW and the Pacific theater.

...and by most metrics I believe the B-24 was actually a better bomber.

Heh, heh. That statement can get you into a lot of hot water in some quarters. If you want to get into specifics, by all means do so and we can take it from there. :D

In Mid 1944 8th AF had one Bomb Div exclusively B-17, one exclusively B-24, and one about 50/50 mixed.

My sense of it is that in the ETO the B-17s outnumbered the B-24s about 2:1, but that's off the top of my head and could be off by several percentage points. In the 15th. AF, I think it was almost all B-24s.


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