Hungarian Anti German Resistance Movement at End 1944

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Géza Árbocz
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Hungarian Anti German Resistance Movement at End 1944

Postby Géza Árbocz » 01 Feb 2006 12:11

I readded recently the Book of Gostonyi Peter about the Hungarian Army (the Hungarian name is A Magyar Honvedseg a Masodik Vilaghaboruban Europa) where I found a reference to some organised mvoement against the occupation of Hungary by the German forces together with Szalasi particpation.
Can anyone give me more details of this movement, specially with the participation of the high management persons of the Nitrokemia company, which main office was used for the meetings of this resistance movement, which the hungarian short name of MNFFB)?
Many thanks, Geza

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Re: Hungarian Anti German Resistance Movement at End 1944

Postby 365tr » 13 Mar 2013 09:47

Hi Geza,

I'm also interested in Hungarian resistance movement, this article gives some info about it: ... nexplored/

Maybe you've already found out something about MFM and Geza Soos ? I would appreciate some book recommendation ( English/German, unfortunately I don't speak Hungarian)


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