Armour penetration simulations at youtube

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Armour penetration simulations at youtube

Post by Thoddy » 14 Jan 2022 19:33

I have seen comments from Peasant and Mobius in a comparison capped vs uncapped Pzgr 39 at high obliquity attack.

As far as i can assess, especially the projectile without cap behave clearly wrong in the early stages of the penetration process.

At low obliquity (up to about 30 degrees) the penetration performance of uncapped and capped projectiles against sufficent thick plates is approximately the same (as long as the uncapped projectile didnt shatter), as the mass of the cap doesnt participate in the penetration process, as it disintegrates early on. (The cap may prevent projectile breakage/shatter) allowing for succesful penetration against thicker plates.

At high obliquity the situation changes.
The cap "produces" a impact mark(if the cap is of sufficent hardness ) on the armour plate and despite its disintegration it prevents the projectile from turning towards plate. The projectile therfore did not scoop much on the surface and proceed trough the plate on a shorter way.

The lack of accuracy can be seen if one compares the behavior of real projectiles on impact
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