Ponape Type 97 Tanklette Restoration

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Ponape Type 97 Tanklette Restoration

Post by Marcus » 15 Apr 2002 17:40

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How were the tanks discovered?
In the hillside were a number of large trenches cut like revetments and into these were parked the Jap tanks. In 1995 the Adams decided to cut the hillside level to extend the batching plant and the tanks were exposed and hauled out and put in a line. Four were still where found when I first saw them. After the war the US Navy took over the land. When military operations wound down the Navy stored a lot of vehicles on the land near the tanks. When everything was put up for auction, Carlos bought the lot but never did anything with it and so it rotted into the ground and the jungle took over it.
The tanks were then picked up and moved to another area we prepared to get them away from the work area. Four T95s were put under cover which were deemed the best ones to be used in the complete restoration to original of one T95 tank. One other real crappy T97 is also in a shed. Two tanks had totally complete interiors with all gauges etc. Kids got in recently and smashed all the gauges in one of them so I welded the other closed so nobody can get in until it is needed.

Every tank still had full mg magazine racks full of 30rd magazines. Many were totally rooted but many also came out like new with all original blueing and working springs etc. Most tanks were still full of tools and spare parts and wood boxes and main gun spares etc. All this has been saved and is stored.
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Post by Logan Hartke » 16 Apr 2002 03:17

That's really neat, Marcus; that entire site is neat.
For some reason, though, your link didn't work. I don't know why, but I'll try to re-post one.

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