Photo Rules and Index

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Photo Rules and Index

Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 12 Oct 2013 19:39

Rules for Photo Threads
There are two forums in the Ron Klages Panzer & other vehicles Section forum; the discussion forum, which is the main forum, and the Photo Thread forum. We have divided the section into two forums to seperate the photo database and the discussion into two sections. Both section holds a tremendous wealth of knowledge, and by seperating the subjects, the members will be able to more easily find threads that match their preferences.

Please observe the following additional rules when posting in this section. The general forum rules still apply as well:
  1. Unless they illustrate a specific argument being made in a discussion thread, all photographs must be posted in the photo thread section. Photos that does not follow this rule may be moved or removed without warning, depending on the moderator's time constraints.
  2. If you wish to start a new photo thread not covered by the previous subjects, send me a PM. Do not start a new thread with the prefix '► ', as this will make it impossible to ensure that all photothreads are covered by the index.
  3. Use the attachment feature to add photographs, rather than linking to them using the [img] tag. This is both for legal and practical reasons, as the host may not like hotlinking, and may change the image at any time. Posts with dead images maybe deleted without warning.
  4. Photo threads may be re-named, split, re-arranged and otherwise mangled at any time without warning by the moderator, to ensure that the threads match the description as well as possible.

If there are any threads I have missed, let me know by PM, and I'll add them.

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