75 MM Monobloc PzGr

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Re: 75 MM Monobloc PzGr

Postby Yoozername » 26 Aug 2017 02:31

That seems to be in agreement with what I posted. Also, as far as manufacturing, to weld these projectiles and produce them in great quantities, would be very inefficient.

critical mass
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Re: 75 MM Monobloc PzGr

Postby critical mass » 28 Aug 2017 07:18

True. The original approach was to create a better shell, one which is less likely to deform or break up durign impact, thus, utilizing most of it´s theoretical performance and fitting to the german penetration requirements to stay intact fit to burst. Composite projectiles allowed relatively easy large scale production of such shells in absence of perfected heat treatment. Once the heat treatment improved, the advantage of the composite shells ceased, indicating incremental improvements in metallurgical skill and manufacture of both, composite and monobloc to a certaind degree had to be executed in parallel.
Also, it may also have to do with section thickness of the to be hardened nose and thus with the calibre of shell. For smaller sections like 37, 50 and maybe 75mm projectiles, which can tolerate more hardness, it was sensible to use higher alloyed nose pieces. 75mm beeing roughly borderline here, guessing by the fact that later, monobloc Pzgr39 replaced the composite in production and that 76.2mm Pzgr 39 rot and 88mm Pzgr 39 typically was monobloc, as were 105mm and 128mm Pzgr.

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