Willi Fey Kill Claims

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Miles Krogfus
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Willi Fey Kill Claims

Post by Miles Krogfus » 12 May 2015 21:53

In the 1980's, Fey sent me a dated list of his victory claims, then I mailed him a preliminary list of the Allied units he may have faced in the areas of these claims. He failed to follow up by researching actual unit war reports, and published my info in garbled form in a book without informing me. Paul Egger stated to me (as his GCiG award document states) it was on COMBATS (August 6 and 7) that they together shot 18 tanks, Fey getting 11. Willi did a very successful job of turning himself into a highly decorated Panzer Hero after the war.

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Re: Willi Fey Kill Claims

Post by Michael Kenny » 12 May 2015 22:41

Yes I remember you said that on Yahoo Tankers Forum an age ago but deleted straight afterwards! It is well known Fey and Egger had problems getting along with each other.
Fey very clearly stated the action with the 14/15 Shermans was one incident and the Egger citation in the SS 102 book (page 401 Das Reich Tigers, Wolfgang Schneider) says it was Egger and not Fey who knocked out 18 tanks in company with a broken down Tiger-which must be Fey. The original German document for Egger (from Dec 1944) is shown in the book and it says Egger remained in position with the broken down Tiger when friendly infantry retreated and knocked out 18 tanks 5 vehicles and 3 AT guns. I find it difficult to believe 2 Tigers (1 broken down) acting alone and in position for 2 days could do that.
There is no mention of Fey in Eggers citation saying he (Egger) knocked out 18 tanks.

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