Tiger I armor plate quality

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Re: Tiger I armor plate quality

Post by Yoozername » 11 Feb 2020 21:21

The report above is interesting but it seems to deal with Non-German munitions? They talk about the windscreen being screwed onto the cap. In German Pzgr, the windscreen is a press-fit crimp and would yield easily. I really doubt it is going to impart much of anything to the main mass.

This image is an actual 8.8 cm Pzgr that has been cut open with 1/4th the projectile removed. Note the crimping of the windscreen, the thin material of the windscreen also. The mass of that cone is miniscule compared to the rest of that projectile. The mass would push through the crimping and ride through the windscreen.

The M62 drawing above has a hollow area under the windscreen perhaps 4X the German one. The German Pzgr uses sloping sides on the cap to act as a 'windscreen' necessitating just a small cone on top. The US projectile has somewhat uniform cap thickness that might decap the projectile when attacking sloped armor.
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