8,8 cm PzGr 39 Performance

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Re: 8,8 cm PzGr 39 Performance

Post by Tenkist » 10 Sep 2022 23:23

Timber wrote:
28 Aug 2022 00:14
Tenkist wrote:
10 Aug 2021 18:06
Mobius wrote:
31 Jul 2021 16:17
Here is an interesting simulation of the 88mm.
Some people use professional software like a toy. This simulation has nothing to do with reality and the creator has no basic knowledge in this area. If you want to find simulations that have something to do with reality, only here.

Don't see it as any more toy'ish than Djemian XYZ's videos tbh. Both creators are just plugging in figures to generate what'ever results they think look right.

Djemian has some pretty laughably unrealistic videos on 7.5 and 8.8cm PzGr.39 that are easily debunked by simple comparison with rl test results as well.
Do you have any knowledge of metal behavior at high strain rates? Rather not, since you don't see the difference. Equating these two simulations just because your numbers don't match is an extremely primitive approach to a very complex subject. You can distinguish several signs of proper metal behavior and it was perfectly shown in few videos (simulation vs reality) so the models work, a question of thousands of hours of testing to adjust the parameters... but 99% of people don't know gold from crap, so there's no point in wasting hundreds of hours getting parameters because no one will appreciate it anyway.

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Re: 8,8 cm PzGr 39 Performance

Post by critical mass » 16 Sep 2022 11:49

I think everything can be made in finite element simulations to match the results. There are plenty of variables. The correct way of using these tools is not to run a simulation and take the results at face value but to controll the unknown variables and repeat simulations on known data samples so that You can get a better understanding about which set of variables have what sensitivity on the posterior result. That way, we may not arrive at prognosis but we can rule out unreasonable assumptions. Fine for me.

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