German discarding sabot rounds

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Re: German discarding sabot rounds

Post by Paul Lakowski » 16 Feb 2019 04:25

Iluminas wrote:
14 Feb 2019 22:45
Paul Lakowski wrote:
14 Feb 2019 00:40
In the 60s/70s there was a Canadian research paper on using uranium carbide instead of tungsten carbide in APDS rounds. While it showed little material performance advantage over WC, it was more dangerous to used. I immediately though of the Nazi in WW-II. Was there any Nazi research done on this as substitute for WC ?
u may want to read up here

also in the last attachment poste by Critical

37222/43 g

the last bit:
more intensive processing for Uranium as subsditude for HK rounds.

rough translation
Thanks for that!

I will read it later.

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