leibstandarte tigers

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leibstandarte tigers

Postby phillip burke » 28 Aug 2017 20:04

Hello all, i came across an article in which one of the ideas floating around was that the two tigers with Porsche turret handed over to 1st Company 101 in august 44 came from the 1st Company 503,obviously last tanks from retreat,personally i think most of these tanks have been accounted for, which leaves 3rd Company 503.Has anyone come across anything regarding these two tigers, 101st says it left one of these behind at Fontenay-St-Pierre and this according to TIF is Tiger 322,with Porsche turret.Any info appreciated,next question,in the book on Peiper by Agte a caption on page 293 to the bottom photo reads ''Prime movers of the recovery section of the 5/SS-Panzer Regiment 1.'' but looking at the photo it looks like two Famos ,second with the crane ,towing a tiger 1, with a third Famo bringing up the rear,prob Italy 43,does anyone else agree with my interpretation or are my eyes playing up.

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