105mm KWK L/70 and derivates

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105mm KWK L/70 and derivates

Postby critical mass » 02 Sep 2017 08:56

I put a brief summary- based upon primary source data- of this ordnance item in english here:


for the exceptional penetration performance, I refered to penetration curves included Lilienthalreport 166 referring to "AP performance for those presently [1943] in manufacture", which include the 10cm Pzgr. rot (15.6kg weight) curves.

original design V0 with L/66 rifle length: 1025m/s
revised V0 with L/68 rifled length: 1075m/s

My personal estimation on why the projectile was changed to 10cm Pzgr L/4.3 (18.0 kg weight) with a revised V0=1000m/s (original V0=965 m/s) is related to the higher V0 of this anti tank gun. The curves for the 10cm Pzgr rot end at ca. 950m/s. Because the explosive cavity is rather large and the cap relatively small, I´d expect that higher velocities might also induce a higher probability of projectile deformation and / or break up. Thus the change towards a projectile with thicker cap and/or smaller high explosive cavity will entail satisfactory function (=penetration intact) while negotiating higher impact stress.
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