Heinz Rondorf serve in Jagdpanthers?

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Heinz Rondorf serve in Jagdpanthers?

Post by Mark of Cain » 27 Feb 2018 02:29

Hi all,

Rereading Franz Kurowski's book, Panzer Aces German Tank Commanders of WW2 has a reference of Leutnant Heinz Rondorf serving in Jagdpanthers after his stint in Tigers with the 503rd Tiger Abt. I know Kurowski's works often come under scrutiny about units, actions and the novelesque nature of his works.

Does anybody have any clarification that Heinz Rondorf who served in Tigers in the Sch.Pnz.Abt.503 went onto serve with Albert Ernst in Jagdpanthers before they finally finished up in Jagdtigers for the Sch.PnrJag.Abt.512 at war ends?? I have read the combat history of 503Pnzr Abt with a photo of Heinz Rondorf presenting a bottle to Hauptmann Scherf in front of a Tiger heavily camoflauged in brush that appears to be Normandy and if one follows the timeline of photos (if correct) it would place it sometime in July. This flies in the face of Kurowski's book claiming Rondorf to be serving with Ernst on the eastern front going into combat on 11th July with Jagdpanthers at Olita??

If Franz Kurowski's events are incorrect does anybody here have knowledge of what Heinz Rondorf was doing at this time eg: serving with Tigers with the 503rd in Normandy or something else?

Heinz Rondorf appears in early 1945 with the 512 Jagdtiger Abteilung until the units surrender in April at Iserlohn.

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Re: Heinz Rondorf serve in Jagdpanthers?

Post by Wayne Turner » 15 Oct 2020 23:48

Try this thread, it seems he may have moved to Jagdtigers at the end of the war with Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung 512

https://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums ... ost2221866

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