German opinions on Panther tank or crew experience.

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Re: German opinions on Panther tank or crew experience.

Post by delete013 » 18 Dec 2019 15:45

Peasant wrote:
17 Dec 2019 22:18
delete013 wrote:
17 Dec 2019 16:52

What I would wonder about this statistic is what exactly was counted under scoops. Stuart tanks have namely a remarkably high statistic for hull, 6 pens and 6 scoops. I kind of doubt that their armour could stop any usual AT-weapon that Germans used.
I believe those could be from the german 2cm flak/kwk guns, their frontal armor was quite safe from them and the side armour from beyond 500m, without use of APCR rounds.
There appears to be some (rather bitter) discussion here.

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