Armor quality of the Tiger I

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Re: Armor quality of the Tiger I

Post by Avalancheon » 08 Sep 2019 23:38

Byrden wrote:
08 Sep 2019 17:18
It is Tiger "241" of s.Pz.Abt. 501.

Byrden wrote:
08 Sep 2019 17:24
That book refers to Tiger "231" of the 501st, knocked out on 31 January 1943 on the road to Robaa. It was tested to destruction in situ by the British.

Fascinating. So in Tunisia, the British did ballistics tests on a total of two Tigers: Tank #231, and tank #241.

In another incident, they also cut out an armor plate from the hulk of another Tiger, and fired a couple of shots at that as well.

They seemed to take these test results more seriously than the Americans, given their push to re-equip themselves with the 17 pounder gun.

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Re: Armor quality of the Tiger I

Post by Michael Kenny » 09 Sep 2019 03:15

As I read it this Tiger was in the front-line and could not be towed to the rear. After a brief and hurried technical examination it was completely demolished to prevent any possible German recovery.

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